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  1. If the Browns are stocked will the "keep" rules apply as they do for Rainbows? or Will people be allowed one trout over 50 cm, or 2 or 3 browns of any size and a couple of bows any size that they didn't realize had different regs or were different fish?
  2. Had a look at Muir - sad sad sad. It is disheartening to see the water level so low. The only good thing is that it looks like it would be a good time to do a bit of shore clean-up and maybe put a dock or platform at other spots to launch belly boats etc. i.e. near the south power line or even on the other side close to 275. I am willing and able to help if someone is going to do it. Gerry
  3. I am interested in your beginners fly casting clinic. Who do I contact to register? Bonnie
  4. According to the Audubon Society Field Guide, it is a Red-Blue Checkered Beetle. Desc: 3/8" elongate, almost cylindrical, with many upright fine stiff bristles. Mostly dark blue-black, sometimes purplish or greenish: with 3 orange to reddish crossbands Habitat: meadows, fields, and gardens: adult on flowers and foliage: larva in nests of wasps and bees Range: east of the Rocky Mountains: also straying into Idaho and BC Food: Adult preys on thrips and other small insects and eats pollen. Larva feeds on the larvae of wasps and bees Life Cycle: eggs are laid on flower. Larvae attach themselves to bees and wasps, ride to nests, and prey on or parasitize their larvae. Beetle larvae or pupae overwinter. Adults emerge in midsummer
  5. I think we may all consider bringing our boats - canoes, aluminums etc and simply "fish" off the end of the dock for a couple of hours or until they go away the next time they are supposed to do this. If there are enough of us I am sure that they won't be able to race. Alternative will be to hurry the banning of all motors except electric ones on the lake. Gerry
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