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  1. The Phenological Fly takes the mystery out of meeting and matching the fabled insect super-hatches of the West with a proven and original approach to enhancing angling success. This guide links the appearance of the insect super-hatches (their phenology) to the blooming of native streamside wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Illustrated with detailed, full-color photographs of insects with their corresponding blooms.
  2. My brother and I went to the Blackstone on Saturday. The river was slightly off-color (maybe 2' - 3' of visibility). No rises seen all day. Only a couple of (very) small cutts on the dry. Everything else was caught with nymphs/streamers. Spoke to a couple of guys camped near the bridge and they went to Brown creek for the day. Sounds like they had similar conditions/success.
  3. I drove the Willow Creek road in June to past that spot. Agree that the road can have a lot of washboards if the graders haven't been busy. but road was in great shape when I drove it, but it can be very dusty (and slow)
  4. no,no,no. You don't fix one screw up with another. You'll decimate the aquatic organisms before they even have half a chance to recover.
  5. So basically the ACA screwed up our fisheries.....thanks guys.... btw, get some new lawyers..
  6. I can confirm that at least 1 brown survived the winter.
  7. Not 100%, just a few slivers of ice remaining. With the temps and the wind/waves it should be gone today/tomorrow. This is about 10 days earlier that I have seen it open in the last 13 years. No signs of any dead fish.
  8. Is that taken with, an iPhone ?????? ewwwwwww. Nice fish buddy.
  9. Sounds like your success at Pit 24 is identical to mine. What's up with that lake ?
  10. Draw was last night no ? Who won ?
  11. 2015 Regs just came out and not a mention about tigers being stocked
  12. It was patterned after the large chironomids found in Hihume Lake. After his retirement, the good Doctor spent his summers fishing the BC Interior Lakes, a favorite being Janice Lake. Doc Spratley passed away in 1968 but his legacy continues to be enjoyed by fly fishers worldwide.
  13. That's not Shemeluk, that's Brodyk lake. Shemeluk is just a few hundred yards to the Northeast.
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