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  1. Psssssssssssst, hey John, did you tell him about the Spratley Nymph? Terry
  2. Don't come down to fish the Crow either. Here's what Lundbreck Falls looked like yesterday. Terry
  3. Sure can. As it happens, I have a small collection of flies that were actually tied by Bob. There is an Atomic Ant in that grouping. As far as the Green Drake Emerger is concerned, I will do a photo of one that I have tied -- should be close enough. I should be able to get this done in the next few days. Terry
  4. Another notable Alberta fly tier who merits addition to the list is Robert Cormier (co-author and illustrator of the excellent book "Mayflies"). Two of his contributions that come immediately to mind, since I always carry some in my fly box, are the Atomic Ant and his Green Drake Emerger.
  5. Vince, I'm thinking you saw the word "pie" and automatically saw visions of anchovies. I don't think Garhan was referring to pizza.
  6. I recall seeing them in Wholesale Sports. Anyway, I am puzzled why you're interested Dan. Don't you carry a flask of Pisco as your water substitute? Terry
  7. No I don't. In fact I'm hitting the Crow today without a license. Geezers rule. Terry
  8. Don, I'm just thinking that areas like the upper Oldman, Racehorse, and Dutch for example, might become the same quality of fishery as the Livingstone is now. I know there are a lot of other factors involved beyond retention limits, but as things stand right now, the Livingstone is head and shoulders a better fishery than the other rivers I mentioned, and I guess I'm naive enough to think it's mainly due to it having been C&R for some time. Even though the reason for the C&R regs is to protect the small population of westslope cutties, an improved fishery might be a collateral benefit. Terry
  9. Actually, starting with the 2013 regulations, the Oldman and all its tributaries are catch and release (i.e. Racehorse, Dutch, Vicary, Daisy etc.), and to the south, the Carbondale and all its tributaries(i.e. Lynx, etc.) are catch and release for trout. That makes most of the best rivers and creeks in ES1 c&r, which as far as I'm concerned has been a long time coming. It's being done to protect the westslope cutthroat, which is admirable, but the collateral effect will be to enhance the fishery, especially if there is appropriate enforcement.
  10. Here are my thoughts: 1. Everyone should have to buy a license, including seniors. And I R one. Charge less if everyone really thinks seniors need a break. Personally, I struggle with the concept that $26 to fish for a year is somehow prohibitive. Most of us spend more than that on gas for a typical day on the water. 2. Increase non-resident fees to bring them in line with what other provinces charge. 3. Do not fiddle with the options for 1 day and 5 day non-resident alien licenses or adding options other than annual licenses for Albertans or Canadians. Such moves will have one effect, which is to reduce total revenue from licenses (see item 5). 4. Consider making some waters Classified, as in BC. Possibilities would include The Crow and the Livingstone. Albertans would be able to buy an annual classifed waters license, others would pay by the day, just like in BC. This would generate a ton of money (see item 5). 5. Most important of all, would be to find a way to use increased revenue from licenses to fund increased enforcement. I know that's never going to happen, given how governments like to throw all their revenue in one pot, and then spend it on their favourite boondoggles. Whew, that feels better. Terry
  11. I have a vague recollection of the Carson Lake special, although I never fished there. My recollection coincides with Garhan's, in that lots of green comes to mind. I also have a feeling that the fly is mentioned in the book by Russ Thornbury that was published back in the 70's I believe -- the memory gets foggy as one gets old. Unfortunately I don't have the book, but somewhere in my files, I have some photocopies of various pages of interest. If I find them some day, I'll check for any mention of the CLS.
  12. Actually, it was a slip of the keyboard -- I meant Mr. Bulltrout for Bert. I do have a passing aquaintance with the Dr. Bulltrout you refer to, having met him a few times on the Crow. Anyway, it's a small world. Bert and I share a keen interest in a secret lake in these parts that has some pretty nice rainbows that we hunt in the spring before he gets going on the bulltrout. Terry
  13. Gary, sorry to hear about your accident. It looks like a great trip though despite that part. Also, that sure looks like Dr. Bulltrout, aka Burt from Calgary, who's holding the bull trout with the chewed off gill plate. Terry
  14. Sorry I missed the actual big day, but what the heh, why not celebrate for a few days anyway. Happy Birthday! Terry
  15. DamStraight -- with regard to the wife/flyrod issue, you might appreciate the following, which I lifted from another FF forum. Terry
  16. Sadly, not Terry either!!!!!!!!! Ok, who is the mystery winner?
  17. Thanks DD. No fishin today -- just shovelling show. The fishing has to be coming soon though. Terry
  18. Have a look at the FlyBC forum. There a number of threads dealing with balanced leeches and some good patterns have been posted. Here's one that I think looks deadly. http://forum.flybc.ca/index.php?showtopic=35761&hl=balanced+leech Terry
  19. Vince, speaking from personal experience, I'm not concerned about quick dry underwear -- it's a quick dry wallet that I want. I also am having trouble getting my head around fishing with Dennis, while he's in commando mode -- a scary thought that. http://forum.nlft.org/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.png Terry
  20. Some great fishing in those parts -- no question, and August is usually pretty good. However, don't forget, it's $20/day for a classified waters license. I don't think there's much in the way of campground right at Fernie, so you might want to look at Sparwood. There's a really nice campground there, and it's a more central location. There's some good stillwater fishing in those parts too. Terry
  21. Ken, I guess that's the part that I got wrong. I thought it made more sense that the club logo link would take one to the club homepage. Anyway, for sure a minor matter in the overall scheme of things. Terry
  22. While the computer gurus are upgrading things, here's a minor fix to be made. The club logo at the top left of the forum page is a hot link which I assume is intended to take one to the club's homepage. However, it just brings you back to the forum. BTW -- nice club website -- good job to whoever did the work. Terry
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