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  1. One of the best seminars I have attended. Packed with information that will change my fishing. Thanks to all who delivered such a good weekend!
  2. Phil's website is http://flycraftangling.com/ It has a contact link for Phil and also lots of good information on fly fishing. Tight lines Bill
  3. Wonderful I do always need one more rod, after all once I retire I will need rods for all situations. Will be back to Edmonton on Monday and hope to fish Muir on Wednesday, with any luck in a new boat with the new Minn Kota. Sorry I missed the wind up evening, Calgary was not nearly as much fun, not to mention the lack of anchovies!!!! See you all on the water. Bill
  4. Yes the Bow fishing was slow but the trip with Barry was great. Learned a lot about what I do wrong when I am casting, far too much to cover here. Attached are some images of the trip, four pictures of the one fish that did not get away. Also three of Dave working a pool. One of the nice things about the trip were the range of different fishing styles we got to do, wading, drifting, nymphing with and without indicator, streamers, dry flies. A trip with Barry will definitely help your fishing as well being just a great day on the water and real learning experience about the Bow and the changes it has gone through over the years.
  5. Interesting link to Utube video of Skeet Fishing. Tight Lines Bill
  6. Hi Dan I went and it was a lot of fun. Got a wonderful wild blueberry pie among other things! Watched Vince eat several steaks, good ones at that. Well organized as usual and successful at separating me from my money in a painless fashion for a good cause. Kudos to all those who put it together and made it a success!
  7. The 12-Impossible-Step Program for Anglers I might think Bill Schneider's suggestion of a 12-Step program for fishermen is a good idea, except that it would impossible for me or any of my friends to follow. For example, Step 5: "Admit first to yourself, then to the Fishing God and then to a loved one or close friend, the exact nature of your wrongdoings, out loud, shamelessly, unrestrained. That means all the laughable exaggerations about the length of your fish, the lame excuses to your spouse about why you needed a new boat or rod, and those reprehensible lies to your boss about why you weren’t coming into work." In New West magazine. (Thanks to TroutUnderground for digging this one up.) From http://www.midcurrent.com/ Tight Lines Bill
  8. Oddly enough I have had more than a rum or two for the whole membership! And that does not count the beer, champagne etc. But back the cold tonight. Tight Lines Bill
  9. Hi from the warm south. No way to fly fish near the resort and all the charter outfits have no fly option available. On the other hand the rum is plentiful as is the Presidente beer so all is not lost. Was tying a few flies the other day and became the center of attention with the guests and staff. Should have brought more small hooks to do ear rings with as they were a big hit, most popular pattern is the black with crystal flash accent on a #10 with the hook broken off at the bend, second choice was orange with no interest at all in the olive. More different materials would help too. Well back to the rum now. Tight lines Bill
  10. Hi Almost any grease will work but it may be considered being bait if it is from animal sources. Tight Lines Bill Gouge PS Dave give me a call if you are still on line.
  11. Dennis I thought you were the perfect guide letting me get the fish! It was a great day on the water and interesting fishing even if there were not hundreds of fish. Have to admit one fish was so large that when I set the hook it was pulled right out of the water and up onto the bank behind me, managed to get it back to the water unharmed. Just wish I was able to get out for more trips like that. Tight lines Bill
  12. Finally back in town for a meeting and it is the last one of the year! Pizza for one please. Bill G
  13. Hi just wanted to thank Brian Hepperle for a great clinic. Also to say that you learn even more when you are helping than just attending, the couple of times I have assisted I have learned more and improved my casting stroke much more than practising on my own or attending, no it is not just me getting older, so any of you who want to really learn more try helping out at the next clinic. Bill
  14. Just wondered if a location for the August 11 fishing on the Sask river was finalized yet. Bill Gouge
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