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  1. So did some one happen to lose a bottle? What happenned to Italy in the World Cup? Can you imagine the team reception when they arrive home?
  2. One more excuse to buy more fly fishing stufff. Congratulations
  3. Is not one of the criterea for weight selection the size of fly you are fishing?
  4. The name is Chungo Creek Outfitters, they have always had their sign on the FTR turn.
  5. That access last year was closed. You had to go farther north. Watch for the sign that says ????Outfitters. I will try and get better directions. If you hit Brown Creek you've gone too far north.
  6. Even though it is cloudy you can still get a sunburn. Do you carry Sunblock in your vest?
  7. We went up to Michele a few years ago. We flew out of the base of the Cline River. It was about an 11 minute flight. We stayed overnight. There are only fish in the Lower Lake. You basically fish where the water braids come down to the Lake. Fish early and late for the best fishing. Check the regulations as I don't think it opens until Aug. Coral is the other lake and it is the headwaters of the Big Stone. It is also a more expensive flight as it is farther.
  8. Michael Dell will demonstrate the art of SPINNING DEER HAIR. He will tie the well known Deer Hair Fly the GODDARD CADDIS.
  9. Once again NLFT_TU members step forward with volunteers. As busy as this club is, it is always amazing to the the continued support of the membership in stepping forward to volunteer. On behalf of the Trout Unlimited Dinner Committee a huge THANK YOU for all of the Chapter Members who assisted in the TUC National Conservation Dinner & Auction. The Dinner generated in excess of $100,000 in revenue once again. In the 25 year history of the Dinner over $1.3 Million has been raised in Edmonton to support Conservation. Once again THANK YOU Volunteers.
  10. May 5 Meeting Rick Leblanc will be tying PIKE flies with some of the newer materials from Superfly. As well Brian Bleackley will have a quick presentation on Casting for Life.
  11. Thank You Ranger Bob for your technical expertise in doing the live podcast last night. Northern Lights once again ventures into uncharted waters with the professional expertise of our members. Thank You again. Brian
  12. pls1rat_tailedmaggots_1_.pdf Mystery Solved RAT TAILED MAGGOTS See attached from Peter Morrison
  13. Due to circumstances beyond our control unfortunately Rob will not be tying tonight. In his absence I will demo the UNIBOBBER including a free sample for everyone. BONUS Tonight we wll also have a presentation by Peter Morrison on FLY FISHING FOR ARCTIC CHAR IN THE CANADIAN NORTH.
  14. Michael Dell with a gorgeous Blackstone Cutthroat Post a favorite fishing photo of yours.
  15. The province of Alberta has 2 free fishing weekends per year. On this weekend you don't require a license to fish. One is in July to coincide with the National Fishing weekend. The other one is the Family Day Weekend. This year Feb 13-15 is the Family Day Free Fishing Weekend. This applies only to those water bodies that are open to fishing as per the regulations. The benefit is that you don't require a license to fish.
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