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  1. Hey Guys, Congrats to you all. Mike does deserve a big Hoo-Raah for all his efforts. I am less than impressed with all the other TU Edmonton Chapter members. I spent years as the treasurer and to see TU Edmonton go to crap in the way it did certainly doesn't shine well. But having NLFTC take add TU to the club will be a good thing. NLFTC is a great club and TU will do well with it. Cheers, Alberta Al Grombacher
  2. Hey Doc, Ask Phil if he still uses a Spring Creek Pram? If he does, ask him how he likes it. Cheers, Alberta Al in Saskatoon
  3. Hey Lanny, No way. Alberta is heaven. But I am liking that micro-brewery and the duck hunting on the salt lakes. I'll be Alberta Al in Saskatoon Cheers, Alan
  4. Rick, It is a beauty creek. Cheers, Alberta Al
  5. Rick, There are extensive fishing logs from several guys that regularly haunt all points of SC. There were at least a couple of noted seasons where a sudden drop in catch was noted in a given year and the following years. I've seen some of the work. I think the resultlant drop in catch, bugs, and fish was probably due to some one shot point source contaminants. Probably a nasty pesticide (insecticide or maybe an herbicide) or a dump or small spill in the oil patch near bye. One of the other fellas might have some more info on the study. The problem with these type of sources are that they go down stream, dissipate quickly, and often aren't noticed until after the fact. Cheers, Alberta Al in Saskatoon
  6. Lanny Boy, Happy Birthday. What are you now - 50? Cheers, Alberta Al in Saskatoon
  7. Hey Doc, It is going well. The job is good, I work right next to a microbrewery and a gun shop is right across the street. The duck and goose shooting has been good. My Toller had a good brawl with a gander, and Lundie won. Keep me updated, and I'll try and make it to a meeting. Cheers, Alan
  8. Hey Doc, When are you going to start having some meetings in Saskatoon? We have a good microbrewery in town for beers afterwards, and think of all the roadkill that the guys could pick up for a materials swap at a NLFTC meeting. Alberta Al in Saskatoon
  9. Wrap from the base of the section to an inch over where you can see where the split ends. Make sure the wraps are tight. Flexcoat the wrap. It should be OK. Alberta Al in Saskatoon
  10. Hey Woolly, Glad to hear you are on the mend. Alberta Al in Saskatoon
  11. Hey, That was only one of the three sturgeons hooked that day. I was busy getting rich - gold and garnets! Cheers, Alberta Al
  12. Hey Lanny, Looks good. Nice catepillar!!!! Cheers, Alberta Al
  13. Hey Scratch, Is there a season on cormorants in Alberta? Lanny is ready. Lundie is willing to retrieve them. Cheers, Alberta Al
  14. Hey Dave, As you know, me being a kilt wearing, sword carrying Highlander - it will be mandatory for Lanny to have at least 5 bottles of God's gift to the world under the counter right next to the Cubans. Lanny told that we'll even sell a few flies in between the red wiggler sales. Cheers, Alan
  15. Hey Folks, Dang! The lots aren't right on the water. I was going to buy one if it was right on the water, then I'd put a big dock in, and have Lanny be the manager of my "Bait and Beer" shop. Cheers, Alberta Al
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