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  1. I am heading over the pond today. I am hoping to get a day to do some fishing but as per normal I probably won't get one. So to keep the gods from messing with me I am going to leave the rod at home and that way they can't stop me and I can blindside them and get the day. So hoping for the best I will just stop in at a fly shop and get the local info and maybe pick up a new rig and hit some of the water. Aaron
  2. Wedge pond is pretty small so you can get away without using a tube or anything. I have always had fun fishing there. In the summer I just bobber fish with a prince or other nymph on the end and sit and enjoy the scenery. I haven't been there for a couple of years so I do not what it is like now..... Aaron
  3. After seeing the report from the last trip I would LOVE to head down there...... But the big blue beyond is calling again and I am heading out of country. If I do any fishing I will try and get some pictures and keep you posted. Have fun on the weekend. Aaron
  4. I am going to try and make it down there. I had a load of fun on the last one I went to. Can I bring port instead of scotch????? The only problem is that I do not know how well it will mix with five-a-live...... I will be there unless that darn workin gets in the way!!! Aaron
  5. Sorry I didn't get back to you before you went out there..... But that is the spot! When I was there it looked like very nice water. I did not have to explore too much upstream as I was catching fish after fish right where I set in....But the water upstream looked really nice. Almost like the Red Deer just down from the dam....about knee to waist deep water that is moving quite well with lots of larger rocks that are easy to wade.... Aaron
  6. I caught some massive bulls right where Muskeg river flows into the Smokey. The hard part is getting there...sort of.... Just head north out of Grande Cache towards Grande Prairie. Just before and I mean just before you get to the power plant hang a right and go across the bridge....it is allowed! Then follow the road to the left and stay left...then shortly you will come across a little blue bridge that crosses the Muskeg River. I have fished at the mouth and at the little back eddy just upstream of the bridge. I did not venture too far upstream as at the time there was a foul odor in the air and I did not want to come across a grizzly.....AND NOT IT WAS NOT ME....although it could have been....I was camping after all. Aaron
  7. It is amazing that with all this warm weather that there isn't anyone going fishing???????? Well I was thinking about going tomorrow to the Red Deer. I know this is late notice but if you are interested call me on my cell 719-9501 So hope to hear from you....... Later all, Aaron
  8. Robin, The Aussies are about as regulated as we are here. They cover both the fresh and the salt chuck. Even breaking the salt into a few zones with different bag and size limits per species. And man do I wish I could get away for a couple of days to join you......hmmm....nope can't do this weekend. It's my old mans birthday party this weekend.....but maybe next weekend..... I will post here if I can make it out.....by wednesday I would know. Later, Aaron
  9. I would be interested in going on either Saturday or Monday. Having the turkey on Sunday. Let me know, and by the way I do not care where......as long as it is somewhere where the fish are and the bears aren't! Aaron
  10. Well guys sorry to say that I will not be joining you this weekend. I have another commitment I can not get out of. So enjoy and take lots of pictures....oh what look who I am talking to! Aaron
  11. I will definately have to stop in the next time I am in the area..... I have heard that it was nice fishing but I could never get enough time to fish it. Great pics by the way....looks like very nice water to explore! Aaron
  12. I am so there! But I have a golf tournament to go to on Saturday....then off to Kamloops on Sunday. But I am bringing along the ol' float tube....I'll just sneak it on the plane as business stuff...... :lol: Hope the weather will be nice there.....gotta LOVE business travel sometimes..... Have fun guys and let me know if the BOBBER ROCKS are still there or if they got washed away Aaron
  13. I do not know if you would need that extra paddle to meet the regulations. Wouldn't the duck feet count as the extra paddle?....Hmmmmm.
  14. I have caught walleye on clouser minnows in the past when fishing for pike. You can catch perch on almost anything that you would catch a trout on.....with the exception of dry flies........I have caught them in the lake mostly on hare's ears and on small minnow patterns and on a stripped in black gnat wet fly. Aaron
  15. Now I know where your secret lair is!!!! BWaHahaAhhahaHAhh cough........... Ouch that hurt!
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