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  1. I Just want to thank all thank all the people that volunteered their time to make this years event such a success. I also want to thank all the people the donated things for the auction. Then of course I want to thank everyone that came out to enjoy the evening Hopefully it will be bigger and better. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  2. Sounds interesting Dan. Maybe one would have to check it out. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  3. yes we have Tigers see attached photo I had to go out and try may hand at these. caught 8 lost a few biggest was very close to 18 inches. first attached picture was the biggest and prettiest. All caught using a Black Cactus Chenille Woolly Bugger. It was a great several hr. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  4. price change of tickets to $10 per person Dennis S. Pres. NLFF/TU
  5. Ticket price changed to $10. a person. Dennis S Pres. NLFF/TU
  6. It's that time of year again for our major fund raiser The Silent Auction. There will be some major changes this year, First will be location. The new Location will be Kenilworth Community Center at 7104 87 Ave. Edm. Lots of parking. Cost per ticket will be $15. To bring the cost of the ticket down we have gone to a combo Sandwich & wine & cheese affair. We are also presenting a live auction on some of the donated items. Bring your Spouses along with friends. This affair is open to all. start 5:30pm Wine & Beer 6:30 Goodies are put out. 7pm start of live auction We will be having our usual fish pull along with a 50/50 and a few games along the way. It should be fun night for all. Tickets can be purchased at the club at Queen Mary Community Center 108 Ave. & 117St. See every one there. Dennis S
  7. It's that time of year again for our major fund raiser The Silent Auction. There will be some major changes this year First will be location. The new Location will be Kenilworth Community Center at 7104 87 Ave. Edm. Lots of parking. Cost per ticket will be $15. To bring the cost of the ticket down we have gone to a combo Sandwich & wine & cheese affair. We are also presenting a live auction on some of the donated items. Bring your Spouses along with friends. This affair is open to all. start 5:30pm Wine & Beer 6:30 Goodies are put out. 7pm start of live auction We will be having our usual fish pull along with a 50/50 and a few games along the way. It should be fun night for all. Tickets can be purchased at the club at Queen Mary Community Center 108 Ave. & 117St. See every one there. Dennis S
  8. The Sept 23rd meeting has been change back to the club location. Mainly do to it getting dark too soon and the Goldeye have started to migrate down stream. Program will be a member generated talk about local favourite fishing spots. Neil will use his map program of local lakes during the discussion. See all at the Club Sept 23 Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  9. It was a beautiful day for fishing. Rick& I decided to Tenkara it for the day. I got to use my new and improved rod. We started out fishing dry flies but the fish just weren't looking up. We switched to nymphs and actually hooked into a couple fish. All tolled 4 & 1/2 fish caught. Rick caught 3 biggest 300mm which hadn't been caught or tagged before(it is tagged now) I caught a cookie cutter copy to Ricks 300mm in the same pool. It had not been tagged either, but is now. The half was a short arm release I had with a grayling that looked like another cookie cutter to the other 2 already caught. All these fish caught in the same pool. We both lost a couple that our nymphs were bigger than the fish. I was using a size 14 Tenkara style hares ear and Rick a size 16 Evil Weevil. The water was a balmy 52 degrees when we started (great for wet wading, Me) and 55 degrees when we left at 4pm. We got back to the vehicle just in time. The weather was a changing quick. The Wind picked up big time and started raining when we pulled out for home. Tight Lines always Dennis S
  10. First meeting Sept 9th. Just a bull session. Tight Lines Always. DennisS
  11. Well where to start or maybe where not to start. Actually on the whole the 2wk trip to Rock Lake wasn't to bad. First yes Dan pictures were taken but as usual I need to figure how to get the pictures off the camera. When I do I will post a couple. No fish pictures as fish were to small for them to hold me up to take pictures. Fishing to me was great but to others maybe not. I didn't get out on the lake at all. I had my chances but decided to do more stream fishing instead. I fished the Rock Creek/Wildhay. Try to be politically correct because the stream coming out of Rock Lake is called Rock Cr until the Wildhay connects a bit east of the Rock Lake Camp Ground. Caught lots of both Rainbows and Athabasca Rainbows. I caught several very pretty rainbows with vivid black spots all over the whole fish. Like I said the fish were to small for them to hold me up to take pictures. Tan Fat Albert was the fly of choice with the tan Chernobyl & CFF a close second. I took a day and went down stream to explore the Wildhay and was awarded with a great day of Grayling fishing. Most were over 11in and caught several in the 14+ inch range. They were very aggressive and fought very will. Several were out of the water more than in the water. Again here the Tan Fat Albert was the fly of choice. To bad that the Wildhay is such a drive as this could be a very productive Grayling stream in the lower sections. I did not do any fishing for Bulls got rained out. I was going to give the Sheep & Copton both have a rep for big bulls at this time of year. It was peeing down rain that day and I had 40km of gravel road to travel to get to these Creeks. I opp'ed out on that venture. The big surprise was the Rock Lake Lodge it was a great place. They had a restaurant & lounge that was opened to the public from 7am to 10pm They had great food and everyone was very friendly. If your out that way by all means stop in say Hi. Wild TV are the owners and they have done a great job on the lodge. Nick(Manager) was great and was full of info on the area and is still learning. He is just getting into fly fishing and so I did give him a few flies to top up his supply. They will be out to Stoney Plain this weekend to the Wild Outdoor show. I hope to make it out to see him there. It was still a typical Southwick camping trip if something could go wrong it did. As usual we spent our normal $150. for a new battery. Again had a pooched battery just can not stop them from crapping out each year. I think new trailer maybe in the star for next year??????? The real fun came when we were getting ready to leave. It was peeing down rain and the dam awning would not roll up. It took over an hr. I finally got it rolled up enough that I could tie it down so it would blow away. Both Brenda and I were like 2 drowned rats. Finally got out to Hinton stopped to flush out the Gray & Black water and I was in such a hurry to get a bite to eat that I left the door to the storage open in the front of the trailer and it jammed in between the trailer and the truck tail gate and bent the door all to hell. So as I said time for a new Trailer??????? Camping with the Southwick's can be an adventure. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  12. Dan where did you end up. What kind of fish were caught. Where the Pic's (Tongue in Cheek) Dennis S
  13. Peter thanks for the heads up. Tight lines Always Dennis S
  14. Paul so sorry, work has been so crazy the last while I don't no which end is up or down. Nice hill for sure. At least you had the bonus of the strawberries. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  15. Dan great pictures. It sure was a hot day out there. Thanks for the heads up on DC12. Rick and Brent(Hinton) and myself did DC10 the Bridge on Wolf Lake road. We had done this on before with little luck. We got started around 10:30 I was the only one that decided to wet wade glad I did. Water temp was at 17C so not much room for cutoff Temp. head up stream As before lots of nice looking water but no fish in it. Saw ton's of Stonefly husks no stoneflies. It was getting close to 19C when were came up to a small log jam with maybe 4ft deep pool which looked promising. Rick chucked in a CFF and had a fish on. He got it in to where he was reaching for it and he threw the hook. Just a bit of cussing. I worked down a bit to a fallen tree crossing the stream. I was casting into seem with a Fat Albert and had fish taking a swipes at it on most cast but couldn't hook up. Finally one got tired of playing and smacked the fly really good. Fish on he put up a good scrap got him to net finally and measured out at 10inches. Brent meanwhile wonder up stream a bit. Rick did manage another 6incher maybe. We stopped for a bite and then headed back up stream and came up to a very slow stretch and was surprised to see the odd rise. Come to find out the stretch was very silty but had some pretty good depth. Brent manage to hook his first which was nice to see. It to was around the 9inch range. We could still see fish rising further down but the water temp reached the Magic 20C so we head back to the vehicle. We got back at about 2:20 and the temp was up to 22C. All the fish caught had never been caught in the survey groups as all none of the finns had been clipped. Too us it was a success as fish caught in a spot that we had fished before with no luck. If we get this spot again will fish it a bit different. Oh guess what I didn't fall in unlike like someone else in the group Right Brent. We all had a good laugh once we knew he was alright. Good day and Good Fishing Buddies Thanks Guys Dennis S
  16. Rick and I will be there Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  17. it was all in the technique in landing that puppy. Lucky I had the Guru of landing fish to walk me through the landing of that baby. It was release with loving care into the bush behind me. Yes Ken and Jim thank you for the great work and planning in this outing it went off with hardly a blip. Stay tuned to the escapades of the 3 Graylingteers Still trying to catch my breath from that harrowing climb. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  18. For sure a storying coming on this one. And yes to praying that the top would come down to me. It was a good day and the climb is not for the faint of heart. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  19. Got myself up out of bed nice and early to make another attempt at conquering the Mighty Clearwater. I figured I didn't need much to make this better than the last trip out. I figured it would be a great day if I could just remember my net. I didn't set the sights to high. Made it out by 9:15. No one was at the big run by the bridge, great. Got all wader up and double checked to make sure the net was attached sure enough it was there. It was going to be a great day. Then came the time to decide what flies to take with me couldn't make my mind up so took them all. Vince you would be proud of me. 9 fly boxes later I was satisfied. I was just putting the finishing touches together when a couple of guys came from up stream a plopped themselves right in the Bridge Run. Well there went that spot. I headed up stream again hitting the first fishable runs. First cast sure enough wham hooked up on a big piece of Canadiana(log) Crap. Had to re-rig up again. Pulling out another egg sucking leech. Made a couple more cast Wham again. Kiss another Leech good bye. I already started to decide that this wasn't going to be a good day on the old fly box. My supply of 6 egg sucking leeches was starting to look somewhat depleted and I had only been on the stream for half hour tops. So this time I puts on a egg sucking woolly bugger and headed up to the next run. I manage to make it through the full length with out losing my fly. No luck fish wise either. Not sure but did I mention that it was a Beautiful day, no! really it was a beautiful day. Now I did see something that kind of intrigued me. I notice a young couple come out onto the far shore. It looked kind of odd as he was carrying just the fly rod and she was wearing the vest. Figure that was kind of odd or for him maybe great I guess. Neither had waders or boots on. He starts out to cross the river and damed if she doesn't trot right behind him. Got thinking that sure is tough or pretty dumb. The young lady got about half way across when I hear her say that her legs were numb he never looked back just kept going. They finally gets out on the other side and they head up stream. Never saw them again. I just shuck my head. I love wet wading but not at the high 40 degrees. I fished for another bit decide to sit down and have a snack then broke down and decided to switch to nymph fishing. I went to a Whitlock squirrel nymph tied on a Klinkhamer hook. and a evil weevil type for the dropper. I strained the run in front of me with no luck. So I headed up stream to the next spot. This one was a spot where the river kind of split and created a decent pool with an old stump in it. I flipped the line out and let it drift out around the stump and just as the fly was drifting out the back end of the pool whack fish on. It didn't last long and it spit the hook back at me. Dang didn't even get to see what it was and not even sure which fly it took. I strained the pool but couldn't entice another fish. I did switch the dropper fly because I noticed that the one I had on was bent. I sure was feeling better what more could one ask for I remembered my net this time and now fish on. I was way ahead to the game this time out. So I headed up to the next pool. This one was a bit of a challenge but thought what the hay it was a fabulous day. Whats the worst that could happen lose more flies. Not to worry I had 9 boxes. There was lots of wood in the pool and it was wide but short because of a log jam. It was shallow then dropped over a lip into the pool. The major flow was up against the far bank then another flow was on same side as me. I walked out so I was standing in between both flows. I cast several time along the seam of the major flow but nothing. I then let a couple drift down the lesser flow on my side nothing gain.Believe it or not I had manage not to loose a fly yet. The last place was right in front of me so I tossed my fly up stream and let it drift past me and drop over the drop off When Wham the indicator disappears I tighten the line dame Canadiana again when all of a sudden Canandiana started shaking it's head. Holly crap I got a fish on. I tightens up and up goes the rod tip. Then I remember the many discussion I've had with my fishing buddies rod tip to the side put more pressure on the fish. I says Den get that rod tip down and play this smart. Then I come to the conclusion that this is no dinky fish I have on, He is scrapping pretty good and using the fast water really good. Then I finally see flashes of sliver and then I finally get to see the fish. Wow not bad but still really couldn't till if it was a Rocky or Brown. After another couple of minutes I finally get to hand a very nice health Brown. Man what a beauty. He was a good 17 to 18 inches with a hooked jaw. (Dan Sorry No Pictures) I very gently put him back in the water and watch him swim away. I notice that I had hooked him on the Squirrel nymph that also was a first. Man did I mention it was a really beautiful day. I almost decided to go home right there and then but decided against it and went further up stream. Stopped along the way and finished off the sandwiches that my Daughter had so nicely made for me the night before. Bless her sole. Each sandwich must of weigh a pound each. If I would have realized that I would have eaten them before I headed out and the pack would have been 3lbs lighter. One can not look a gift horse in the mouth I guess. Once done I headed up stream again. I came up on another very nice looking pool. I flipped the line out into the far seam and let the fly drift down and wham down goes the strike indicator and yes fish on again. It puts up pretty good scarp but not as good as the Brown. I finally gets it to hand. I very nice 13in. Rocky I figure not bad for this water. I slip it back into the water and did a couple more cast and wham again fish on. Again another Rocky this one was about 12in. Again not to bad. I also caught these on the Squirrel Nymph. That was the fly of choice for the day. That was about it Wow did I mention that this was a beautiful day. I had such a big smile on my face that you would have thought my throat was cut from ear to ear. I figures it couldn't get better. It was close to 3pm and it was going to take a bit to get back to the car. So I decided it was time to head back. Heading back I touch on a couple of spots again but no more luck. Got back to the car packed up and was off. Come to several conclusion this day. First off yes the Clearwater has some nice Browns, that was my first out this River. Next and the most is how much I like my Loomis 6wt rod. Not sure why I have not notice this before. My next rod just might have to be a GLoomis. It was a beautiful day. Dennis S
  20. I will get it posted to show the winner It was drawn last night and the winner has been contacted. I'm not 100% on the name. I don't think he was a club member for sure. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
  21. count me in. Can not wait to get started. Again Ken thanks for all the work on this project. Dennis S
  22. I too have to say a big thank to both Ken & Jim great job and lots of hard work. I also am looking forward to another year of fun and resource. Tight lines Always Dennis S
  23. Come on Vince, here Teddy Teddy oh so cute. Tight Lines Dennis S
  24. great pictures guys. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Pretty fishes you have there. Tight Lines Always Dennis S
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