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  1. Peter...I think that it is a good idea. As part of the Grayling study, taking the Alberta Fishing Education Program, was a requirement. It does not take that long to complete and there is a lot of good information to learn from. I took the course, took me about 30 minutes, give or take, and I received my certificate in the mail in less than a week. There were things within the program that I was not even aware of, so I learned a few things. Glad I took the course.
  2. Well, since I first arrived in Edmonton, Alberta in the year 1980...I finally, I mean finally caught my very first Athabascan rainbow...very, very, very excited. The Embarrass is a vey nice river/creek (many different entrances)...do not overlook this gem...you will have to bushwhack in, but it is definitely worth the trip in...go in with a minimum of three as a group, share the experience, share the knowledge, share the fun and hopefully you will pass on your experience with others. Believe it or nor not, as mentioned above... it took me 29 years of fishing the correct river/stream to accomplish this feat...in my best "Yoda Voice" …Happy I Am"...
  3. Welcome back Quentin...same old farts to hang around with... but with new twists...you will will see when you get here...some very up-coming talented tiers putting on the challenge to the old codgers...great to see {energetic young talented tiers that we need}… just what we need to keep us on our toes so to speak...see you soon...
  4. Barry...congratulations on winning the first place award for your book...your fishing knowledge, your photos, your stories...your experience...and last but not least, your willingness to help and assist at a moments notice to those of us who are new into this sport...is greatly appreciated. Again...congrats.
  5. Ken...glad to hear that all that hard work paid off.
  6. ...flies are bagged and tagged...ready for the swap...couldn't decide on which pattern for the swap, so both are going in as one unit...
  7. ...finished the other set of chironomids...they don't look too bad...they are named the red/black chironomid...I'll make a decision shortly on which pattern I will be entering...
  8. ...got mine all tied up...but not happy with the results, so I am going to tie up another set, only different and see how that goes...
  9. ...Dennis...why am I thinking kreelex...
  10. I have finally decided that I will be tying a completely new chironomid pattern (have not seen any fished or heard of any in this area yet)...very nice looking pattern that I think will work perfect for the waters that we fish...I will also include the descriptive and expletives of how to fish (as described by the author) when the the fish are lunkered down and won't take anything that you offer, this fly will make your day...name and description will be included with the swap...but I will let you know that the popular sizes are #14 to #10 and tied on a scud hook...if it is an actual rquirement to name the fly, then I will do that... but I would prefer to keep you all in suspense...
  11. ...yeah sure...I'll bite into this one...
  12. Looks like I am out, cant take time off work and this weekend I have to make a trip out of town to Hinton. Please share any info and pictures, as I was really looking forward to participating in this event. Good luck and success to all participants Paul.
  13. Ken, As you know, I'm in. Paul Fitt
  14. ...makes you wonder if it is safe to fish anywhere now...hope they catch the idiots doing this
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