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  1. On Sunday May 1 we will gather at Muir Lake to go around and collect garbage.  Meet at 10 am.  We will provide garbage bags.  Bring gloves, rubber boots and reach extenders if you need them.

    After the clean-up we will have a barbecue for participants. 

    Then we can go fishing for opening day. 

    Sign up at Eventbrite.  This event is free but please get a ticket so we know how many are coming.

  2. This will be a roundtable discussion about "Disaster Recovery on the Stream"    When things went bad, what did you do?  Share your stories about times your fishing trip went cattywampus, and what you did to recover.  

    As always everyone is welcome to attend and contribute.  

    Zoom instructions:  http://www.nlft.org/Zoom

  3. Zoom Meeting:  Feb 23 at 7:00 pm (Mountain Time)  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Zoom info at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom

    Tying With Snowshoe Rabbit Feet

    Snowshoe Rabbit (aka. Varying Hare) is an excellent choice of materials for dry flies and emergers. However, some tyers find it somewhat problematic to work with. In this session, Sheldon will take you through the basics of selecting quality materials, what parts of the foot are best suited for wings, tails, etc. and then tie a variety of patterns to demonstrate both the methods and versatility of this highly buoyant material.

    Pattern List (partial)
    The Usual (and some variants)
    Snowshoe caddis
    Snowshoe Wedge-wing
    Snowshoe spinner
    Snowshoe emerger
    Snowshoe shuttlecock
    Snowshoe IOBO  

    Please see pattern recipes below.

    About Sheldon

    Sheldon is an award winning fly tyer, past president of the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club, inductee in the Canadian Fly Fishing Museum and an avid fly angler. He was fly tying editor of the Canadian Fly Fisher magazine and a guide with the Grand Guides Co-op. He has sat on many advisory boards, committees and is a member of various conservation and fishing organizations. Now retired, when he's not spending time with his family, he’s fishing!


    Materials List:

    The Usual (and some variants)
    Hook     dry fly, sizes 18-10
    Thread  red or bright orange
    Tail        snowshoe rabbit foot hair, from the heel
    Body     rabbit dubbing, colour of choice
    Wing     snowshoe rabbit foot hair, from the toes, haystack style

    Snowshoe Caddis
    Hook     dry fly, sizes 18-10
    Thread  red or bright orange
    Body     rabbit dubbing, colour of choice
    Wing     snowshoe rabbit foot hair, tied back

    Snowshoe Wedge-wing
    Hook    dry fly, sizes 18-10
    Thread  match to body colour
    Tail        hackle fibres
    Body     rabbit dubbing, colour of choice
    Wing     snowshoe rabbit foot hair, single wing over the back
    Hackle   dry fly quality, appropriate to body colour

    Snowshoe spinner
    Hook     dry fly, sizes 18-10
    Thread   match to body colour
    Tail         hackle fibres
    Body      rabbit dubbing, colour of choice
    Wing      snowshoe rabbit foot hair, tied spent (I like dun dyed foot for this)

    Snowshoe emerger
    Hook     curved, light wire grub hook, sizes 14-10
    Thread   match to body colour
    Tail         Krystalflash (root beer or pearlescent), short
    Body      rabbit dubbing, colour of choice
    Wing      snowshoe rabbit foot hair, tied back, short

    Snowshoe shuttlecock
    Hook     curved, light wire grub hook, sizes 14-10
    Thread   match to body colour
    Tail         Krystalflash (root beer or pearlescent), shor, optional
    Abdomen rabbit dubbing, colour of choice
    Thorax   peacock herl
    Wing      snowshoe rabbit foot hair, tied in between abdomen and thorax, pulled up over thorax and tied parachute style
    Hackle    dry fly quality, tied parachute style, optional

    Snowshoe IOBO(It Ought to Be Outlawed)
    Hook     dry fly, sizes 22-16
    Thread  match wing colour
    Body      snowshoe rabbit foot hair
    Wing & Back snowshoe rabbit foot hare from instep pulled up over body and tied upright over hook eye

  4. Feb 2  at 7 pm  Tyana Rudolfsen from DFO will talk about the Native Trout Study and in particular the Athabasca rainbow trout.

    Feb 9 at 7:30 pm  Tie and Talk

    Feb 16 at 7:30 pm Tie and Talk

    We are changing our schedule slightly for a special program on

    Feb 23 at 7 pm  Sheldon Seale on tying with Snowshoe Rabbit Foot.

    Mar 2 at 7 or 7:30 to be confirmed we will have a speaker from Fish and Wildlife in Alberta Environment and Parks

    Mar 9 at 7:30 Tie and Talk

    Mar 16 at 7:30 Roundtable on Disaster recovery on the Stream

    Mar 23 at 7:30  Tie and Talk

    Mar 30 at 7:30 Program TBA 

    Everyone is welcome to attend our Zoom meetings.

    Logon info is at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom

  5. Alberta Conservation Association is having a contest for kids.  
    Missing our Kids Can Catch events? Try our Kids Can Catch Giveaway instead!

    Have your child or anyone in your family draw an ice fishing picture, fill out the form at the link below, and upload a photo of their artwork.
    Each entry will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of 50 family ice fishing kits! Each kit will include 2 ice fishing rods, a tackle box with tackle, hand warmers, and a multi-tool.

    Entries will be accepted from January 24 to February 5, 2022.


    Special thanks to the giveaway sponsors: Cabela's Canada, DOW, EQUS, and Altalink.

  6. At the AGM on January 19, 2022 we decided that our meetings would start at 7:30 pm (to give people time for supper, etc) with the exception of times changed for speakers or events when unavoidable (e.g., speaker from a different time zone).    Any differences in start times will be highlighted in our publicity, forum, calendar and Facebook pages.  



  7. CDC backswimmer

    Thread   6/0 black (white)

    Hook   10-12 scud

    Tag     Pearlescent tinsel

    Wing case   brown CDC

    Body   your choice color of CDC (olive, brown black)

    Legs   brown or pumpkin sili legs


    CDC micro bugger

    Hook  #12 or smaller nymph hook

    Thread     6 or 8/0 color your choice

    Bead   gold tungsten to match hook size

    Tail     marabou color your choice

    Rib      copper wire (optional)

    Hackle   CDC (your choice)

    Body      straggle string or micro chenille


    Tenkara CDC fly

    Hook    12-14 standard dry or wet hook

    Thread    glitter thread color your choice

    Body       glitter thread

    CDC          color your choice

    Hackle    hen (wet fly) or partridge

  8. Just a short note to let you know what we have planned for the new year.  

    Jan 5 Dennis Southwick will be tying CDC flies.  Pattern info will be posted in a separate post.  

    Jan 12 and 26 will Tie and Talk sessions.  These sessions will start at 7:30

    Jan 19 will be our Annual General Meeting

     Feb 2 Matt Teillet of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans will talk about the Native Trout Study

  9. Thanks to Dave Robinson we are going to have a special ZOOM meeting on Dec 15 sharing the screen with the Haig-Browns.  

    The meeting will start at 7:30 pm (Alberta time) and we will be using their ZOOM channel.   For signon details please contact Michael Dell at communications @ nlft.org or DM through this forum.    Or if you receive our member's newsletter that will be coming out soon, then the details will be included there.  

    The guest tyers will be Dave Robinson and Florin Sabac.  

    Pattern #1:               Rabbit Strip Tube Fly and (if time) Spey Fly

    Hook:                         #3 or #4 Short Shank Straight eye Hook

    Vice:                           Pro Tube or HMH Mandrel

    Tube:                         Pro Tube or HMH  3” long dual diameter

    Thread:                     3/0 or 6/0 White

    Underbody:             Pearl Braid

    Tail/Body:                 Olive Rabbit Strip

    Hackle:                      Olive Rabbit Strip

    Head:                         Orange Gel Spun Fritz

    Bead:                          Silver or Orange Tube Fly Bead


    Comment:    If time permits I’ll tie a Spey version using marabou and chenille

    Tube flies are useful when getting short strikes.The trailing hook is inserted into the rear of the tube.  After a hookup the fly slides up the leader

    Pattern 2:    Red Dragon 
            (Bill Nation pattern from the 1930-40's, 
            from Jack Shaw, Fly Tying for Trophy Trout)

    Hook:           Mustad 3906 #6-10
    Thread:      Uni or Danville black 3/0
    Tail:             Teal flank fibres
    Body:           rear silver tinsel, front red seal dubbing
    Wing:         Chocolate brown duck flank (Hooded merganser, dyed Mallard), 
            folded if you can, rolled otherwise
    Topping:     Goose shoulder or wing quill dyed red
    Hackle:        Badger soft

    Pattern 3:    Thunder Creek minnow 
    (from Russell Thornberry and Peter Grimshaw,  Fishing in Jasper National Park, see also https://globalflyfisher.com/streamers/thunder-creek-flies )
    Hook:     Long shank streamer hook #
    Thread:     Black Uni or Danville 3/0
    Body:          Rear silver tinsel, front bullet head hair
    Eyes:         Glued on or bead chain
    Wing:     Brown over white with a black stripe in the middle, or use a few strands of flash

    Notes: 1.     Tie hair in facing forward and secure to hook all the way to the eye. Fold back and secure 1/3 to 1/2 down the shank. Finish off with red thread.
               2.     Coat head and red gills with head cement. If using glued on eyes, use epoxy coating.
               3.     Eyes are an optional feature, not used by Thornberry and Grimshaw.
               4.     Personally I like the two tones of colour naturally occuring on bucktails.




  10. Our Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 at 7:00PM (MDT) via Zoom meeting ID 668 142 7482, password 306090.  If you are unable to attend, please complete the attached proxy form and follow the instructions in the document.

    agm proxy 2022.pdf

    All current members are invited to attend our AGM via Zoom 

    Anyone who wishes to stand for Executive please contact Michael Dell at communications  @ nlft.org 

    NLFF Exec Duties2.pdf

  11. We have one more formal meeting on Wednesday Dec. 1.  Sarah Marshall from the Athabasca Watershed Council will be talking to us about their organization and issues facing the Athabasca drainage. 

    Information on how to join our Zoom meetings is at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom
    Everyone is welcome to attend.  

    We will have the Tie and Talk meetings on the second and fourth Wednesdays, with a possible special event on Dec. 15.  

  12. Zoom programs for November-December 2021

    Wednesday Nov 3 at 7 pm.    Identifying minnows with Shona Derlukewich  https://www.schooloffishid.com/ 

    Wednesday Nov 17 at 7 pm   Cows and Fish   https://cowsandfish.org/

    Wednesday Dec 1 at 7 pm  Athabasca Watershed Council  https://awc-wpac.ca/


    Informal fly tying sessions for club members will be held on 2nd/4th Wednesdays of the month (October 13 and 27; November 10 and 24; and December 8 and 22).   Join the Zoom Session to chat and tye along with other club members.

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