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  1. So guys what line would you use on the 7'6" 3wt? TF
  2. Wow, guys I am overwhelmed with the responses and thanks a bunch. Dennis I was looking for a shorter rod as some of the areas my father and I get into the casting room is very limited and I prefer to have my hook on the water rather then in the pine tree behind me. Also, when you're hiking through some dense foliage those 9 footers seem to have a tendency to lead you rather then you lead them. So I thought the 7'6" 3wt would be a could choice and judging by your guys' responses there seems to be a concesus. Jim, I would love to build my own rod...one day. My time is not abundant at the moment even trying to be an active member in the club as well as online has been dificult but I appreciate your advice and may look into it in the future. I've read lots of articles on it and it doesn't seem that difficult, I'm a pretty meticulous person so I think I would get good results. Vince, I know the Sage rod you speak of as I was false casting it in the Fishin' hole the other day. I don't know boys, I had my hopes up of getting my hands on the Temple forks rod while the Hole was having its sale but they were all out of stock. I may now have to wait for Santa or the Spring show in March to pick one up. Thanks again for all the advice and when I do finally get one I'll let you all know what I decided. Cheers, TF
  3. Vince, don't let the nymphers convert you. Stay "High and Dry."
  4. Thinking about purchasing another rod for fishing smaller streams. I was looking at the Temple forks 7'6" 3 wt. but I am wondering if that might be too small? I went to the Fishin' hole sale today and they were all out of them, apparently in the whole city. I have a 9' 5wt Temple Forks rod and I am very happy with it, which is why I was looking at that brand. I was hoping to stay under $250 as well. Any suggestions as to what kind of set up I should look for (rod, reel, line)? Thanks, TF
  5. How far do you want to drive? PM I have some suggestions.
  6. DR Thanks a bunch. I got your PM and it helps a lot. I am hoping to get out but the weathernetwork is calling for 90% shower on saturday in Fox Creek. Might have to be put off until next weekend. TF
  7. RB, I saw this post but its from two weeks ago. I was referring to anybody recently going i.e. this past weekend. You think conditions would still be good? Forgive my ignorance but I'm asking based on my experience on the Macleod as it has been very slow this late in the year on past fishing trips.
  8. I was looking at possibly going fishing this weekend, weather permitting, although it doesn't look too promising. I was wondering if anybody has heard how the Edson area or the LSR has been. I was in Edson at the beginning of the month and fishing was good but I am not sure how it would be fishing now? My fishing partner was thinking of the LSR but I've never been and we would just be doing a day trip any pointers on where to go? I've been searching the boards but there doesn't appear to be too much action. TIA Tyler, TF
  9. FW, sometimes things don't come out as easy as they went in. In the case of this fish yes I did get the hook out of its throat but that resulted in its demise. So rather then attempt to remove it I might have been bettter off cutting the line or just cutting the hook. I've hooked a few fish in the side before as well and the hooks didn't come out so easy, that I might have been better off just leaving the hook again or cutting it, rather then stressing the fish even further. Maybe Im doing something wrong when trying to remove them with my forceps. I always use barbless maybe I just haven't mastered the wrist action yet like some of you older guys . Cheers, TF
  10. Thanks DR, that helps me feel a bit bitter. I understand what you are all saying and appreciate the advice. If it happens to me next time I think I'll go with my instincts and cut the line. He had swallowed it but wasn't bleeding yet so he probably would've made it. I think I should invest in a small pair of sidecutters. I had not even thought about cutting the hook off before, I only knew about cutting the line. TF, Tyler
  11. Just wanted to find out from the club members what they do if a fish swallows the hook deep? On my fishing trip this last weekend (see Fishing Reports) I hooked a Grayling and he took it deep and I've read in the past that if this is the case that you should just cut the line and the hook will rot out. However, I thought it might be better to try and dig it out (for his sake and not wanting to lose the hook). Well I got the hook out but I don't think the fish made it as he floated belly up downstream after trying to revive him for 10 min. and probably ended up pike food. I feel terrible about this mostly because it was a grayling. Now I haven't kept a fish in over 10 years so is this one mortality no big deal? When deciding if your going to pull the hook or cut the line do you consider the species at hand? Say if its a grayling or athabasca rainbow compared to a whitefish is there a ranking order? In hindsight I should've just cut the line and gave him a better chance. Looking for your opinions. TF, Tyler
  12. I would like to open this topic back up if I may. Im like scratch on this topic "sitting on the fence." It sounds like (correct me if I'm wrong) that Wally would like to open up the comraderie and "homey" feel of being part of a club by knowing each member somewhat on a personal basis. However, I feel that you should consider the security info. of posting certain things about yourself on the internet. Wally, when this website was first started with the forum the members that joined were given the option of posting a personal profile of themselves and what flyfishing means to them. Only about a half a dozen people created one, which maybe indicated that people are reluctant to post that much information about themselves. Perhaps that option of creating a persoanl profile on the NLFT website could be opened up again? At this time though I don't think it hurts to maybe sign off your posts with your first name after your online alias. Cheers, TF Tyler
  13. Monday my Father and I decided we would head west to try for some grayling. We started our journey on the Macleod where the sundance enters and no dice, not a single thing. We were in discussion about whether or not to try the Edson R. that has been mentioned on the board the last few weeks but first I had to try the Sundance Cr. itself. Good decision I might add. Yes, RB, I lost my Grayling virginity as I caught and released my first grayling, my father also caught some. Our bushwaking down the sundance yielded about a half dozen fish between us. We have some good photos that Ill have to get around to posting eventually. My father caught the biggest of the day which was around 12"-13" and a real beauty, man what an amazing fish. After the Sundance we decided to go check out the Edson R. Im pretty sure we met up with some of Dave R's and Vince's bovine friends but the river didn't give up anything for the half hour we spent on it. It was a great day with some weird sunshowers thrown throughout. To Vince the Grayling Hunter we'll have to hookup one of these days as I am in love with these fish now and some pointers and advice on better water would be much apreciated by my father and I. Unless RB would allow me to lose my virginity again on his secret fishing hole And to anyone else, how do you fish the Macleod. To me it seems shallow in the area we fished full of big boulders and I don't see to much area for fish to hold. Do you nymph it or cast dries? Or is there a certain time of year to hit it? I remember a few years back everyone was saying how hot it was for whitefish but Ive yet to be impressed. Beautiful river but where are all the fish? Cheers, TF
  14. Getting ready to leave tomorrow morning. Off to Fernie I go, and yes all you naysayers I am paying the fee to catch some big cutts. Also, going to explore some lakes in the area. Will let you all know how I do when I get back in a weeks time. Have a good long weekend. TF
  15. Is Elena putting whats left on ebay or would she consider having another garage sale? If not and I am still interested acquiring some materials should I privately contact her? I wish I would've had time to go but other things got in the way. TF
  16. Well it took me a good hour but I finished rolling all the change in my piggy bank. It was about 1/2-2/3rds full so I figured what the heck lets see how rich I am. Well the total sum = 106.50 plus $45 American in birthday money from my grandma. So I guess Im rich. Planning on using it for my pontoon boat, hopefully, although when I read RB's comments on how much of a pain in the a$$ they are for day trips it kind of makes me wonder if I am making the right choice. Will let you guys know what I get eventually. TF
  17. RB what kind of pontoon boat do you have?
  18. Yes, us Albertans are screaming bloody murder right now. Yes, it is a cash cow and it smells like $hit. I agree that it is a stupid reg. change and if you guys actually picked up the BC regs you would see how many bodies of water this includes. As far as my family goes. We planned a whole week in Fernie this year. Since the reg changes we've cut it down to three days. You're all probably thinking im stupid but the Elk holds some sentiment to me as it is where Ive pretty much developed my fly fishing. My dad and I are going to suck up the extra $20 and pay it and while were in the Fernie area we're going to go explore some lakes that aren't covered by the regs. Fernie is a beautiful area and there is more to it than just the Elk R. RB ive fished the Elk the last 5 or 6 yrs evertime around the end of July beginning of August. I think only once have I seen any kind of "crowds." Ive fished tons of stretches where I am left by myself and can probably count the number of people on the river. The only real crowds are some of the guides drifting through. Yes, if you happen to be there on a long weekend you will notice more people but there is still tons of water to fish. Fish it once RB and you will fall in love. I am talking about days where 30+ fish are possible, cutts in excess of 20" and always the oppurtunity for big bulls. Its a beautiful river and I am not going to lobby against BC for their BS, I am going to limit the amount of time spend in those areas where the Classified waters exist. TF
  19. Ive seen it tied as well. And have tied a couple myself. One of my first club endeavors actually as there was a presentation at JP Highschool, where Denny was demonstrating.
  20. Ian and Pierre, Ive been going for about the last 5 years sort of a father son tradition. Every year they get more boats and less outdoor sports. This year was probably the worst. Ian you're correct it was boat city and the only real fishing exhibitor was the Fishing Center. I remember a few years back when Westwinds? out of calgary was there advertising flyfishing stuff. And I remember when both the Fishing hole and the Fishing center were there. Ian Barry's a good guy and he seems to have pretty good rates, never been with him on the river however.
  21. Im going to cry BS on that one. Although he has the maturity level of a 13 yr old he certainly isnt 13 . Me on the other hand, Im 19 is that too old? Definately have some rust to be worked out. Welcome to the club. TF
  22. Dont know if Ill be out tonight Dennis, plan on staying home and finishing my KISS flies. Also, the girlfriend is coming over and she wants me to teach her how to tie, that could be an adventure in itself, lol. And actually boys I got an awesome swap idea for when were done the KISS one, and Darren gets his magic tool wrapped up, and you guys are done the stage one put on by SH. Ill announce it in the next couple weeks and I will give everyone ample time to tie b/c I probably wont get to tie mine until after exams. Cheers, TF
  23. LMAO, I love you Scratch. Ya I love opinions having voiced mine apparently. The start of this thread was in no intention to be a dis towards the club members who work and own the other shops. You are right it is more of me being tired of superfly than actually hating their product. And with Wholesale sports, the Fishing Center, and the Fishin' hole, I got caught up in my anger b/c everytime I go into one they don't have what I want or need yet they have ice augers, ice tents, spin casting reels, jigs, and spoons. You are right you need to establish a competitive market, hell ive taken two Economics courses this year. I would just rather have a one stop flyshop then bouncing from those other three and perhaps sway the people that do buy their flyfishing and tying stuff there to my shop. The name products Superfly carriers are not crap I guess I should've thought that statement out better, I don't like their bulk materials ie) the patches of furs, etc. I will admit that I do like the american stuff but yes your right again costs come into play I wasn't asking Doc to hang out at my shop. I was just comparing it to places in Calgary where they run a guide service out of their shop. I thought it was a good idea to have a local guide and educated man to advertise his services. With the mail orders, what I meant was having people come to me to make orders rather than persue it on their own. To close: I thank you for the enlightenment Scratch thats what I wanted, you sound like you have quite a swagger for business. Once again excuse the young ignorance and the ambition within. Apologies go out to anyone Ive offended: Darren, Lorne, Michael at the 'Hole. Yes I am in the KISS swap if they allow people with "Foot In Mouth Disease" TF
  24. Actually DR, I am just finishing up my first year To say the least I feel kind of embarassed to be complaining this bad and trying to set myself a concrete path this early in my life. Thanks for the advice and I have heard it countless times, but it doesn't seem to register. Even my Dr. told me to stick with it and he said "take it from a guy who put in 12 years, its worth it." I'll go discuss things with some councillors on campus after I get through my exams in april.
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