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  1. Hey All, I just wanted to give Everyone a heads-up on Poachers at Muir Lake. Last night as I was getting ready to launch my pontoon boat at Muir Lake, I noticed about a dozen adults and children getting ready to go fishing. They then fanned out along the shoreline in front and beside the boat launch. I noticed that they all had bobbers with what appeared to be a pickeral rig set up with two levels of hooks. I did not however see what they were using. When I took my pontoon boat and launched it, I asked the two boys next to me what they were using for BAIT... and they said WORMS !! Well, I went OFF (just like the CHAMP) I then approached the adults (from a distance) and asked them what they were using and one of the adults displayed a jar of POWERBAIT. I then in a rather stern manner expressed my opinion as to what I thought of their fishing techniques and explained to them what the REGULATIONS are for this lake. I also advised them that they should also read the numerous signs throughout the park spelling out that there is a BAIT BAN here. To their credit and my appreciation, they did then go and read the Bait Ban Poster and the big sign explaining the Rules and Regulations. While I was there they also changed their set up with some sort of spinners under the bobbers. I tried to explain that they could also use flies under their bobbers, but, at that point they must have been quite mad at me...as they totally ignored me from that point, until I launched and went fishing !! I loitered around the boat launch area for awhile as I knew they would probably change back to their poaching ways...but I didn't wish to wreck my night any further, so I went fishing. Long Story Short...I decided to call Report a Poacher, and I am very happy to report this was my first time calling in and I was totally impressed with the response I received. Although I can't totally understand why the Officer who called me back was from Whitecourt, and although he was 1 1/2 hours away... he was really seriously considering coming to investigate. It's just too bad our Gov't doesn't have the funding and we can't have more Co's out in the field. I thought that maybe the local Peace Officers would come, but I was told that they don't have the authority ( only the CO's and RCMP). So, I guess it's up to the users to KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for a family or group of Phillipino people. There were two van type vehicles. One of the vehicles is dark blue (Nissan Multi ??) Alberta License plate # BCT 5909. Brian Wiebe
  2. I went there today. The only place I saw open was at the boast launch, where the ice was out maybe 5' from shore. The north end of the lake still has ice up to the shoreline. I really think 7-10 before we fish it this year. Also, I don't really think there is going to be much more water in Muir this Spring. Hopeflly I'm wrong ?
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for sales people to help out during our Xmas rush. If you have a good attitude, enjoy working in a fast paced and friendly environment, and especially like people who like talking fishing all day, I would like to talk to you. For further information, please contact. The Fishin' Hole - North 12719-97 Street PH: 475-0555 E-mail: north@thefishinhole.com Brian Wiebe - Manager
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