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  1. Of all the luck, Vince that Rod should have gone to someone who could really appreciated it. That's a perfect prairie or little red deer river rod, to place a nymth and just where you want it on the edges of the foam. I know, you don't know any thing about this, but who knows one these days you'll breakdown. Any how it is a fine rod for a fine fellow.
  2. If I had your money Vince, I would Burn Mine. I was thinking of Building a 3 weight this winter, any advice on a blank
  3. Yes and a story to tell your grandchildren
  4. Call this number and they may be able to help, Environmental Office 4999-98 Avenue, Room 200 Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2X3 Telephone: 780-951-8600 Fax: 780-495-2615
  5. now if you want fun, and easy to cast, can work with it all day, than get a 0 weight
  6. The Matis interm Agreement links to the two agreements are on page two. http://www.aand.gov.ab.ca/PDFs/Metis%20Har...act%20Sheet.pdf
  7. you will noyice it is not just the fly shops, but the restaurants to.
  8. Hansens is in the south west, about 9 avenue and 2 street if you get a chance stop in at the store in Cochrane I was going to rate the stores in Calgary, but since it has been a while, I had better not. I always enjoyed Bow River Troutfitters, freindly, and when they had a sale it was great.
  9. Happy easter to everone The posting looks great, I guess it is Time to clean the equipment up, when can a fellow get out on the river
  10. I like the picture with the leaves on the trees. You can sit a watch it it makes you fee nice you can almost see that big one on the end of your line. now the one in the snow, not many warm and fuzzes
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