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  1. Thanks for putting on another great show guys. It was well worth the drive from Calgary.
  2. Just wondering if the seminar this weekend is still at Grant McEwan? or did the location change with the rescheduling? Thanks alot.
  3. There is not much time left and the latest word is that this will likely fail if we do not get on this. If you want to see any more delayed harvest fisheries in Alberta its extremely important to get your email sent in immediately. Also spread the word to family and friends because their votes count too. We need as much support as we can get. Here is the contact info again: Terry Clayton, Area Fisheries Biologist Sustainable Resource Development E-mail: terry.clayton@gov.ab.ca THE DEADLINE FOR LETTERS OF SUPPORT IS MARCH 15, 2007. Thanks.
  4. Is is a tear? or is there actually a piece missing? If its just a tear then it can be repaired very easily with some aquaseal or your repair kit. If an entire chunk is completely missing it may not be fixable, but I would still give it a try. It will not take long to try patch it and you've got nothing to lose if it does'nt work. Just remember to go as thin as possible with the aquaseal, that way you can always apply more coats over top of it. Hope this helps.
  5. Westslope Cutthroat. Most of them down there have some rainbow genes mixed in as well (cuttbow), but the spotting on that one looks predominantly cutt. Very pretty fish.
  6. That's horrible news. Maybe we can put a little auction/dinner/fundraiser together in the next couple weeks? I can donate a custom rod if needed, I have a little 7', 4wt. that's half done right now. I started building it for the TU auction this spring but did not have time to finish it. I just need to wrap on the guides and it will be good to go. Let's get something going to help him out.
  7. Still lots of ice at Muir. Morinville (usually the first to open) is still ice covered as well. Its going to be at least another week before the potholes start opening.
  8. Hey ABH, where are you going fishing in BC? I have the same week off in April but I was planning on spending it down south on the Crow and maybe the Lower Oldman for some Bull's. Bullshead opens April 1st so I was going to give that a day or two as well.
  9. I guess I picked the wrong stores to check! I thought Barry always delivered them to Canadian Tire first? or am I mistaken? Anyways, I'll go pick it up tommorow. thanks for the heads up.
  10. Where did you find it? I went to Canadian Tire and The Fishin Hole tring to find it and neither had it yet.
  11. Who is selling the tickets? and can somebody hold one for me? I should hopefully be working normal hours again very soon so I should be able to make next weeks meeting. I've only been able to make it out for two meetings this year , but I'm hoping that will change very soon. Thanks.
  12. Very interesting and informative meeting last night. For those that did not make it there are some reports on the net that outline the project really well. This one takes a few minutes to download but it has some nice before and after shots. Hardisty Creek Recreation Project Somebody should also let Don Andersen and Barry Mitchell know about the TD Friends Of The Environment Fund if they have not heard about it already. I think Barry's Mcleod River project would be right up their alley if he's still looking for funding.
  13. I think Barry took one or two photos. :lol:
  14. That's good to hear. I was worried the potential dollars that could be made there would be too much for the county to resist. I guess we've got nothing to worry about then.
  15. I think I have one Michael, I'll check later tonight.
  16. I will gladly put money into a FESA donation box or pay a parking fee if some or all of the money goes towards FESA. In fact I think it would be a GREAT idea to charge a couple bucks for parking (providing that some/all of the money goes to FESA or specifically to the Muir Lake Project) rather than relying on a donation box. Now that the project is up and running, money from parking could easily pay for the upkeep of the Muir lake project and FESA could focus their attention on other projects. My only concern is that the county will start charging a parking fee and then keep all the money. The thought of it just rubs me the wrong way because of all the work FESA has done out there. I don't think the county should be profiting off of all the people who have volunteered their own time and money to get the project going and keep it running. I may be wrong (Tim or someone else please correct me if you know different) but I honestly can't see the parking at Muir staying free for much longer, it's just too busy and surely the county can see the potential dollar signs. I know I myself have donated and bought items at all the fundraising events, picked up garbage around the site, and helped with the areators. Hundreds of others have done the same and much,,much more than I have. It's just frustrating to think that the county would profit off of all the time/money that so many have put into the project and that fundraisers/donations would still be required every year to keep it afloat.
  17. It will be nice to have it upgraded but I agree with RangerBob. It won't be long before it's pay to play.
  18. I left at about five on Saturday and it was still there.
  19. It's near the Castle River ski hill and the fish are golden trout. The hike is only about 4km but the elevation gain is wicked. It should take about 4hrs. to hike in.
  20. Just putting out a feeler to see if anybody is interested in hiking up to Barnaby Ridge sometime after the long weekend.
  21. I fished it once many years ago and got skunked as well but I don't remember the roads being a problem at all. I also got the crap scared out of me when a helicopter came cruising by just over my head. I had my tube right in near shore and didnt hear a thing until it was literally right on top of me (it was cruising just above the treetops and they must have muffled the sound). One minute I'm casting to the edge of the lily pads all calm and relaxed and the next the sky is exploding right on top of me. It took me quite awhile to calm my nerves and just as long for my buddy to quit laughing. He said I looked like the tasmanian devil from the other side of the lake with all my spinning around and arm flailing trying to figure out what was going on. Good luck if you go but keep your eye on the sky!
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