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  1. I was ( or in some sense still am) an Uncle at large. I was matched with David McCagherty when he was nine. The goal of the program is to provide a male role model for boys from father-absent homes, similar to Big Brothers. The program recommends you get together about weekly. Activities would include anything either of you enjoyed. David and I did tons of things together. I watch him play hockey up to midget and we went to Oiler games, both of us big Oiler fans. David played Community and school soccer, eventually moving on to senior mens where he and I played on the same team, which he even
  2. Merry Christmas to all the NLFT folks. Hope Santa was good to yoi. http://www.tundracomicsftp.com/comicspub/daily_tundra/daily/2017-12-25.jpg
  3. Both proposals sounds good to me, particularly the Dolberg one. In the past that lake has produced very large fish, but the increase in the bucket brigade, whove been known to show up with several kids and take their limits in addition to their own has degraded the fishery.
  4. Having attended the semiinars for several years and now, living in Victoria, have no access to such seminars, I strongly recommend that you continue holding them. 'Yes, you may have to get creative about getting presenters, but the information they provide to fly fishers, new and experienced, is invaluable. Regardless of the better weather i Victoria, there are few freshwater fishing opportunities in the area in January. For example, this year the Cowichan was inaccessible due to heavy snow and many local lakes were ice covered. The Victoria boat show doesn't happen for a month or more. Thus
  5. Rod. Welcome back to The Island. Nanaimo's only an hour and a bit away from Victoria. (If Malahat traffic is light). So we should be able to get together now and again for a fish. Send me a pm with your new address, phone # and e-mail Dave
  6. Hope you guys have a great start to the fall season.
  7. Dennis: You might want to put a date in the post itself. * BTW: Wish I was there to help out. This sounds like a great idea. Where are you advertising? Cabellas, Fishin' Hole, Wholesale Sports? Possibly camping and boat sales places like Martin Equipment, Riverside, Totem Outdoors, Campers Village, etc You also might try the "events" section of community newspapers and the "coffee news" Dave
  8. Surprise and saddening. Lorne was a good guy and ran a nice shop. 52 is way too young.
  9. Unfortunately haters gotta hate and will vent in any public forum regardless. Ditto the PETA sycophants who simply don't understand the valid place angling has in our society and the human psyche, as well as those who have their own agenda and will plunk their soapbox down anywhere. Fortunately there were some on line commenters on the Journal article that tried facts to put things in perspective. As far as going forward is concerned, there needs to be a milt-pronged approach. Firstly ACA and Alberta Environment need to find a short term solution better than not aerating or the inadequate one
  10. Good luck to all those working the Sportmans Show. The show and the learn to fly fish seminars are two of the things I miss the most from not being in Edmonton. The boat and fishing show in Victoria is a very pale imitation. Mostly deep water boats and gear stuff. No more than a handful of fly rods. To be expected in this salt water crazy area. Hope to catch up with the Haig Brown guys on a fly tying night next week. I finally have a Wednesday night free to attend. I miss their regular monthly meeting again tonight due to a conflict with a Victoria Philharmonc Choir performance. We're singing
  11. Kristi: Patterns do depend on destination and target species. You do have excellent local assistance though. Talk to Rick Lang and Ross Chow. Both are saltwater experienced and good tyers. That said, you can't go wrong with a couple of universal patterns. No1 - Clouser minnow - Chatreuse over White with one strand of flash each side, epoxy head West coast # 6 3xl tied sparse and add strand of flash each side - also blue over white and purple over white Caribbean # 8 and #10 3xl tied heavier with flash and rubber legs - also orange and dark tan over white No 2 - Bucktail - Chartreuse and white
  12. Garry: I now live in Victoria. Would be interested in getting in touch. Drop me a personal message please.
  13. John: how did you like Prague? We. We're there two years ago & loved it. September 2016 we're doing a bike & boat trip on the Mosel &Saar. Was the wine any good?
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