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  1. Hey Lance... Doood... can I bunk with ya this weekend? if you have the space?
  2. It was WELL worth the trip. Boxes and boxes of tying materials and equipment, not to mention quite a few hand built (by Roman) rods. I walked in and saw the Dynaking Barracuda vice and it was a had-to-have! All in all a very productive visit.
  3. How are we doing for volunteers? Do we need additional 'assistant' tyers?
  4. Your best bet is to go in and speak with the manager at the store you want to work at. Flyfish sounds a little bitter... ignore his bad experience. I'm sure you can learn a lot and get work experience at the same time! Not to mention you get to talk about fishing and hear about some of the best fishing spots around. Good luck.
  5. I'm a little less picky when it comes to fly shops. I just want to go in, have a look around at the tying materials, find what I need (yeah right... want) and get out. Conversation is not a requirement. I realize that retail stores can get busy and that there may be other customers in the store that need help as well. I for one will check out any flyshop I come across, regardless if I heard they are arrogant or not.
  6. I hate to say it, but maybe yet another QuickBase is in order. Maybe we should talk to Peter to find out if he can keep it updated.
  7. Let's do the time-warp again. It's just a jump to the left. And then a step to the right. With your hands on your hips. You bring your knees in tight. But it's the pelvic thrust That really drives you insane. Let's do the time-warp again.
  8. RB and Scratch... when do we get to see the new pin!?
  9. Hey Piper... keep an eye out once the ice starts coming off. Many people will be posting when and where they will be fishing. If you can make it let them know you will be coming down. I'm sure none of us would mind a good conversation and maybe we could arrange getting you a membership as well. Look forward to fishing with you!
  10. One other suggestion I would make is to make sure you have a backup of your original images before you start to resize and post online. Once you have resized the image and saved it you can't make it bigger again to print it off.
  11. I for one could live without the discount if it meant having more fly shops in town, though I doubt that NLFT members are going to sink the Fishin' Hole with their discount cards.
  12. Being my first time working on a dam removal I thought it went great! Hard work, but a good time was had by all. I learned that 4mm neoprene waders are rather hot in 30 degree weather! 6 Dam's was my count and I'm sure there were several more partially broken dam's that could be removed as well. It's quite possible that we could do another day of work on the water. We'll see. I'm in if there is another day scheduled.
  13. Great spot! Many risers there last night. Only had to cast 20 feet from shore to hook into a few goldeye. Good size too. proof Thanks Scratch for takin me down there!
  14. The 12km/h reg pertains to vessels 'of size' due to the wake they leave going any faster then 12km/h. These boats leave no wake and do no damage to shoreline, therefore I doubt they will be banned due to speed regulations. I personally don't have an issue with sharing the lake with this hobbyist club. We're much the same thing. We fish, they race. Are there boats noisy, smelly and environmentally damaging? Yes, but no more so than the fossil fuel guzling machine you arrived in. I think we should have Dennis and/or Mike Dell speak with the boat club president about our concerns. They may be unaware of the issues. Creating or fueling animosity between these groups won't do either any good. If we inform the boat club and they are not sympathetic to what we are attempting to accomplish on Muir Lake then that's a different story. Can't we all just be friends?
  15. I agree. A list is acceptable. "Who has what" list would be a little more difficult to maintain, though there are many ways we could accomplish that. A laptop at the meeting to 'sign-out' and 'sign-in' books and videos would be one way. We could then simply update the list by uploading a word or excel doc. Only issue would be if a laptop doesn't show up with the latest file it wouldn't get updated that week. I guess the only question is How many books/videos are we talking? Would it be worthwhile to produce a simple DB to handle sign-outs, reviews, formats, etc.? Cool? Yes. Practicle? Remains to be said.
  16. This isn't about fishin' so I figured we could take suggestions about the Website and Forum here.
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