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  1. All useful stull Neil - thanks.
  2. And when the explanation does come out - can everyone keep it about the lake and the next steps, instead of blaming it on the NDP too? #justsayin
  3. Got an email from Barry today: On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 5:17 AM, Barry White <bowriver.barry@gmail.com> wrote: Hey I have been sick and am facing imminent surgery on my colon for a blockage. I met Moses this Spring at the boat show. He, a deaf mute, lives at a Hutterite Colony near Morinville. They have a stocked trout pond and he would like to fly fish and catch his trout. I have been in the hospital in Calgary over a month and am disappointed that I have not been able to, If you guys are interested in helping Moses solve his problem let me know. Barry If anyone is interested in this challenge I know there are two people who would be very grateful... Just email Barry if you think you could help out.
  4. You guys would have been so proud of him. He fished that section like a pro. Well. I suppose he is now. Manager of a Kelowna fly-shop better know how to stalk a brownie.
  5. Well - again I love seeing the patterns favoured for this amazing little creek. As we all know - 80% of success on that stream comes back to preparation, and 20% seems to be the responsibility of the creek itself. Yesterday, I was prepared - but she was an unruly little darlin' of a creek. Not quite ready yet folks... Photo taken looking upstream from BFW bridge. And this - of the 3rd. Seeing the water level at the 3rd bridge meant seeking out this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scratch/8619334968/in/photostream/lightbox/ and a familiar face landing this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scratch/8619336246/in/photostream/lightbox/ Hang in there kids - the season is coming!
  6. The number of things I could say is outweighed by the fact that I shouldn't. The system administrators have more than their fair share to deal with... just sayin'.
  7. Footage was captured using a combination of Canon DSLR's and Kodak PlaySports (sadly discontinued now..)
  8. I'm trying to get the priorities straightened out again. If only the club met on friday evenings... then I'd have a hope of attending once in a while. Will have to work on finding a few of you out on the water.
  9. Indeed it is Dennis as you well know. For the record, Five Alive was consumed, but vary a drop of scotch was sullied by it's presence.
  10. Just a little video from last weekend... enjoy Comments welcome.
  11. Don - I may be available to help out on one of those days. Can you confirm either day, or the event in general?
  12. AW - What dave is saying relative to your questions.... 1. Yes. This is a club forum. It was never intended to be the 'be-all' forum for Alberta or western canada. The bulk of users are club members, past and present. 2. No. Dave is not the type to 'bait' people into online flame wars. He was however reiterating the original intents of this site. 3. Where posting patterns is concerned, we're THRILLED to have patterns offered, and shared. What Dave refers to however, is clarity as to the source. If you find a pattern online, and wish to replicate it here - feel free. But provide the SOURCE. I've seen more than one pattern posted where it appeared that the poster was the creator of the pattern, when in fact the content had been duplicated from another place. (You may recall I provided that source to one of your posts.) We hold activities on this forum to the same standard we hold the activities of our members and friends in person - respect, humility and forthright conduct. Simple. So - no. Nobody is being baited, but it's clear that the forum rules of etiquette needed to be clarified.
  13. For some reason, I think you're not 100% truthful here... :wink:
  14. Even easier. Paste the url into your text. No buttons, links, or anything... Just Ctrl-V the URL...
  15. I've not tied enough, that much is certain. I've been busy with my little ones. The eldest isn't quite ready for flycasting yet, though I personally hope to get a little more time on the streams this season. Fingers crossed.
  16. I've texted you a dozen times - never a reply to text or email... starting to think I must smell funny. 884-4189.... drop me a line. Must have an old number for you!
  17. I'm not dead. I am still lurking in the halls, and see things.... I've seen more reporting of content, back and forth discussion and name calling than I've seen in 7 years on this forum. In that time we've been through some pretty extreme changes at NLFT-TU, and I'm shocked to see so much of it now. As a past member of the executive, and believer in NLFT-TU I'm glad to see the activity. I'm glad to see passion. I'm saddened to see some of the unpleasant banter - but we've all seen it before, and will see it again. Let's simply return to the roots of this forum and call it a learning experience. Plain and simple - this is a site and a forum for sharing our skills and experiences with others. Be mindful of giving credit where credit is due, be forthright and honest, but exercise some restraint when getting hot headed. Lets try to exhibit those tendencies that you wish most to see in others. The current volunteer admin team is doing their best to keep things moving in a positive direction - so please, give them their due. Cheers...
  18. So. You want to embed a video from vimeo? Unlike the 'embed' option (that I can't even see) it's a simple task. Create a link when writing your post (the chainlink icon with green circle)... paste the url to vimeo. In fact - merely posting the link in the text should automagically embed it when you post... http://vimeo.com/2976957
  19. Wishing you guys success with this year's fundraiser! Sorry I won't be able to attend, but I'm not cancelling my Riviera Cruise to be there. Hope to see you in the spring!
  20. I am saddened by the news of Rocky's passing. He was a giant spirit in a tiny package. His sense of humour will always be with me, the lewd jokes, and the tales of his time in and out of the service. Truly a loss to us all. Land a few big ones for us Rocky.
  21. I think it's time for us to start getting angry with our local government and business. Another roadway conservation tragedy will have effects for the next decade. When do we start requiring municipalities to protect waterways appropriately and ensure that the transportation of dangerous goods will be properly safeguarded? See article here: http://www.timescolonist.com/news/Malahat+...9292/story.html 40,000 litres of gasoline into a protected stream ecosystem. So long to 7 species of salmon and sport fish.
  22. A big thank you to the outgoing executive, and a welcome to the new. Running TU Edmonton / NLFT is a challenge. There are a number of interests, and many voices of support - but it's still a force to be reckoned with. I wish the new executive well, and I know they have the best interests of the club well in hand. Great job everyone - here's to a great season!
  23. You are right Vince - we do have members that don't own or use computers. And if those are the only people we want to attract to this club (I say 'we' in the metaphorical sense as I've been in ghost-mode for some time) than you are bang on. Don't publicize, don't promote, and don't spread the word. No one is suggesting that members are required to use these tools - but the Club needs to be proactive about supporting the means that are available to share our value. Without that effort, dare I say it, the club will just become the Old Timers. Attrition will take care of it in the long run. If TU Edmonton Chapter wants to see new blood, new memberships, new faces, and rejuvenation - the club is gonna have to get on board. It's 2011. 95% of grade one students are already more capable with computers than most of our membership. It's the way of things. Run away, or embrace it - that's a personal choice. For the club to continue to grow, and reach new faces - I don't see how it can't take advantage of the free solutions available in this world.
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