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  1. Thanks Everyone! I really should drop by more often. I need to get Cole on a vise asap and then we'll hit the creeks. In the mean time, he's keeping me up late so I can tie a lot of flies.
  2. Awesome Dave! Glad to hear that you some new spare parts. It's a heck of a ride isn't it. All the best in the recovery and remember no sex for at least 6 weeks.
  3. Congrats on the new Kidney Dave. All the best buddy, and a speedy recovery in time for the fishing season next year.
  4. Wow Paul, those are an amazing collection of flies. Nice work.
  5. Umm,,,, It won't let me join Lance.
  6. It brings a tear to my eye. I'm glad to see you had some of the ussual Midnight Madness luck. Great looking fish guys.
  7. Good luck tonight guys. Wish I was there to continue the tradition.
  8. Wow looks to have dropped a good deal. I'm sad to have to miss the tradition. Cold or not, you guys had better make it out there. That night in 2005 was darn cold. With the airation holes, the ice should leave a bit quicker.
  9. Too funny. You know something is amiss when the wife doesn't even bat an eye. lol
  10. Great pics Pauline. I sure do miss being able to head down to the club functions. great works guys.
  11. Wow, That's horrible. $hit like that makes no sense. I hope for a fast recovery for you Scott.
  12. Loon has a fly dip product that you can submerge you flies into and let them dry. I also used to use a silicon spray that worked well. I use gink for the most part now though, as it works well for me. My only complaint with gink is that it's hard to squeeze out the right amount when it's cold.
  13. Size 24 humpy's... That is crazy. Nice ties Dennis. I have a bunch of small hooks sitting here, but I'm not sure they will ever see thread...
  14. pacres


    Ya, that is a bit ummmm. Debarb and wear glasses...
  15. Dave, I'm hoping you get well soon, and make a speedy recovery.
  16. Sugar Glider right? So how is the fur for using as dubbing?
  17. Wedge is a nice spot. I went earlier this year. The grayling in there are nice and big. I was using chironomids, and it worked well.
  18. Cool I had a lot of fun taking part last year. :lol: So who won this year's contest?
  19. I'll be there to tie a few flies as well. This will be my last meeting, as I'm moving out to Ontario for good. If anyone wants to get together for a beer afterwards, that would be cool. See you there.
  20. That's a good arguement for using the Chomie. Nice Pics. http://www.superfly.ca/fly-patterns/fly-pa...n:-chromie.html
  21. CHeers Doc. Hope you had a nice relaxing day.
  22. Hey Joe, I've lots of luck on chartreuse clousers for walleye.
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