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    Fly Fishing, Woodcarving, Semi retired so not a full time Fly Fisher yet LOL.

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  1. Hi my handle is FiskPete, but go by Peter Patershuk. My son and I have returned to Fly Fishing this summer. I fly fished 50 years ago. What I knew about fly fishing was rudimentary and still is. By chance I met Rob Boisvert at Spring Lake north of Grande Prairie where he gave me a fly which proved to be very productive. Rod spoke very highly of the members of NLFF and suggested that I join even though I live in GP. I haven't been able to find a fly fishing club in the GP area except for a defunct web page. So I am looking forward to leaning as much as I can even though the curve seems fairly steep. I'm not sure if I will ever be able attend a meeting. So cheers, FiskPete.
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