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  1. Same here in B.C. mostly in the lower mainland area, and right in peoples driveways.Quite a few catalytic converters being stolen as well.
  2. Back atcha from south western B.C.
  3. RobH


    Going shopping for an outboard for my 1236 G3 flat bottom. Looking for between a 6 hp to 8 hp. Looking for your thoughts and experiences with different makes. Looking at used, what should I be aware of? Besides the obvious.
  4. RobH

    Hey All!

    Not new to the forum game, I used to tie everyday for years it would wash away the stress and B.S. of work. Now that i'm a geezer there is no stress, lol. Have tied everything from lake bugs to semi classic stuff. If anyone has any questions on how I tie or why, don,t be afraid to ask that's how we all learn. I am Floor Supervisor for a company that deals in aftermarket diesel applications ie; exhaust brakes, shut-off valves, even air bags kits for suspensions. I am a CNC Programer, Robot Welder Programer, and a welder.
  5. Also check out the Lowe 1040, very stable boat. My friend has one and it fits in the box of my pickup and the box is only 5 ft 9 in. He also hangs a 6 hp merc off the back. Also if you are only going to use it on still water the Outcast Stillwater pontoon is very good, I used one for years till I finally bought a 1236 G3.
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