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  1. Since it's unlikely that I'll be at the meetings in person to view this document, could I please get a copy emailed to myself. I will DM my contact information in case it hasn't been relayed from TUC. Given some other involvement I have with Non-Profit Executives those financial clauses as listed in the thread do not raise huge concerns for myself. The only other way around would be to require all the individual Chapters to be Non-Profits themselves and then register up to TUC with it's own unique Non-Profit. This increases the submission paperwork required by each of the chapters for auditing, and additional follow-up on any funds dispersed from TUC to the Chapters for auditing and also the policies and procedures in place. To function under one, simplifies the process immensely. As long as the Chapter maintains an active feedback/involvement with the TUC Executive then our interests will not fall by the wayside.
  2. Since I won't be around to propose in person. I have the following suggestion. "Weekend" Club Trip Grande Cache Region (mid summer timeline) Camp Options: - Alberta Parks Pierre Greys Lakes - Crown Land random camping in a gravel bar just across from the camp entrance - There's also hotels in town for those that want a fluffy bed at night Fishing Options - Pierre Grey Lakes - sheltered, good in windy conditions - Victor Lake - water source for town, gas motors restricted so less pressure than neighbouring Grande Cache Lake - Grande Cache Lake - larger lake, motorized boats allowed but prone to valley winds for waves - Sulphur River just off town ... big bulls - Muskeg River ... small trout but picky eaters - Sheep Creek ... need a quad or 4x4 to access fishing spots further west in drainage Pending NCNT Roll out - Berland Drainage - lots of good holes/streams for those fisherman willing to hike it - especially into Wilmore away from the OHVs - Kakwa Drainage - grayling!
  3. Since I'm unable to make the Mar 7 meeting... What sort of time/knowledge commitment are you looking for from volunteers at the Sportsmens Show? I'll need to brush up on my woolly bugger pattern, but I'd be willing to contribute a friendly female face since I'm planning to be down for the weekend. While I'm definitely no pro, I do stock my fly box mostly by my own hand now.
  4. UPDATE: Unfortunately I've been rostered to work that week. Will have to try another time. I'll let you know once I have my summer work roster. After that, it'll take some extreme temperatures and wildfires to keep me away.
  5. Thanks for the info, too bad about Totem not carrying. I was going to be in Edmonton in a couple weekends so was hoping to give it a look if they had one. The length doesn't bother me as that's what I'm used to with my current kayak (12'6"). I was interested in the weight handling cause it's double the weight of my current sit inside style, so while it would load onto/off my car easy (Thule Hullavator Pro system, very handy - even for trucks with canopy boxes) I'd still have to track it to the water, and was hoping to avoid the dolly wheels.
  6. I was wondering what most people use while out on still water? Been mostly out on streams and rivers, but I don't want to get skunked again like most of last summer with run off and muddy waterways. I have some kayaking experience so I was looking into investing in a sit on style kayak designed for fly fishing. http://jacksonkayak.com/blog/kayak/mayfly/ Thoughts? Experience with the above model or another? Thanks in advance.
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    Greetings from the far reaches of Grande Cache! Looks like I won't be able to enjoy those Wednesday meetings in Edmonton ... but I'm thankful for some of the recipes and info that have been posted up here and on the website. Fairly new to the sport but have embraced it hook, fly and tippet. Christmas was good to me with some rod investments, and have been dabbling weekly at the vise replicating flies and trying to learn new techniques. More of a moving water person myself ... but looking to dabble in some lake fishing this coming summer. Cheers!
  8. I'm glad to see some of the concerns/suggestions raised in this letter. With these closures two rivers in my vicinity that I love are being closed (Berland and Kakwa) - ironically found out about them too late to contribute to the feedback when visiting a business in Edmonton. It's difficult to accept these closures given the quantity of water that is being pulled from nearby (ex./ Cutbank River) or the reduced staffing levels of enforcement officers (CO and F&W) to patrol (Willmore Wilderness). I've waited 2 hours for Fox Creek (of the Berland Drainage) to clear after OHVs drove through upstream of where I was fly fishing. Without mitigation of these other recreational factors, complete removal of fishing is not going to facilitate healthy recovery. The proposal of a special license or draw is of interest to myself, it would enable fishermen to legally be out on the waters and be able to report poachers, so we can still be additional eyes and hold each other accountable.
  9. Gonna to have to get to Moonshine early if I want to give them a go ...
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