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  1. Peter, I think your letter addresses many of the concerns regarding the proposed NCTR closures (I am aware that it may be postponed). TU and many other groups advocating for the remediation and stewardship of our streams can and will only have meaningful change if we address all of the problems simultaneously. I would like to post this letter on Alberta Outdoorsmen forum and am asking for permission to do so. As part of my personal commitment to be more involved and informed, I have joined Trout Unlimited. Thank you.
  2. Thanks Peter, I am planning to attend the meeting. I have reconsidered about posting the meeting information in the Alberta Outdoorsmen forum, as I'd like to discuss the concern I have with the FSI model in more detail. If too many people attend it may be hard to have productive conversation. I've created a "mock-up" to explain how I think the FSI model works, which I will bring Wednesday. The disclaimer is that I am going on the limited information that was presented at the January 16th meeting. I am hoping to discuss and get some clarity. If the information presented on the 16th was
  3. Gentlemen, My name is Randy. Last week I started a forum discussion on Alberta Outdoorsmen regarding the North Central Trout Recovery program. I understand this is a contentious issue and have read the Trout Unlimited response to Alberta Environment. I am asking for permission to post the meeting information for Jan 24, 2018 on to the AO forum discussion. I believe we are facing a critical time in our province as to how we govern our water bodies and believe as more people become aware of the issue at hand, our government will be forced to provide increased clarity to any proposed man
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