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  1. Hi Reading my own post I realise it looks as if I am try to sell the stuff I mentioned. As most anglers would do if any of it, or any advice, would be given gratis. Sorry I should have made that clear. Welshmike
  2. Hi All My name is Mike and as is clear from my User name am from Wales ( currently living in Thailand ) I am a trout fishing addict having had trips this year to Chile Patagonia, New Zealand ( done about 10 times ) Tasmania and most recently Montana. Will be coming to Southern Alberta , for 3 weeks arriving mid July and will base myself in Calgary. Two reasons for posting. Firstly obviously I seek as much advice on the Fly fishing in that area, but also to assist any other members who may be going to any of the areas I mentioned where I could hand over maps, books and usual booklets picked up along the way. Also I should add Uk and Ireland both of which I have fished extensively. I know how difficult, and expensive it is to get info, thus my offer. Got the Jim MClennan book, it was how I got the forum site. Cannot wait for July Tight lines Welshmike
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