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  1. I ran across this video by Steve Cooke on catch and release science that I thought would be of interest to everyone here.
  2. I enjoyed the minnow talk last night. I didn't have this photo handy to ask to what this fish is. After the talk, I think it might be a pearl dace. Can anybody confirm the id? I caught this on a dry fly in a tiny stream near Lodgepole. Thanks
  3. Washington state prohibits anglers from taking wild steelhead and salmon out of the water for a photo before the fish is released. After watching YouTube this morning, perhaps it is time that Alberta implements a similar regulation for at least bull trout. I'm not sure how it would work for other trout since on some water you are allowed to keep trout.
  4. Here's a couple videos that may be of interest to some here A conversation with Barry an update on the North Raven
  5. A lot of great patterns in that book. I need to get tying now
  6. I ran across this video of the owners 406 Fly lines discussing their thoughts on fly lines and why they got into the making fly lines. It a long video but I thought some might enjoy it. http://www.bamboorodmaking.com/VRG/20200808_VRG_Brodhead_Fly_Lines.html
  7. I enjoy the zoom talk by Ruben Breitkreutz last night. My two cents on fly lines that there are so many tapers and "features" to choose from that you have to cast the line with your rod to know if it's what you really want. I believe you can no longer use the line weight on your rod and match it to the weight on a fly line and end up with combo that you will be happy casting.
  8. Great photos ! thanks for sharing..... I would be interested in a virtual get together. I'm not sure if I could do a tie along with my phone but a round table topic sound like fun.
  9. This download is much better than one I had found on the government site. The government had downloads for each zone but without the maps.
  10. I need some inspiration to get tying for the upcoming season. What's everyone tying?
  11. It's the right call and I support the decision
  12. Michigan State is trying to reintroduce Grayling back into a few streams. Perhaps Alberta can learn from Michigan's attempts at reintroduction. Here's a link with some information and initiatives https://www.migrayling.org/ Below is from the web page The Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, announced a proposed initiative in June 2016 that aims to bring back an extirpated species to the state – Arctic grayling. The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative seeks to establish self-sustaining populations of this species throughout its historical range in Michigan. The initiative has more than 45 partners collaborating on the reintroduction. The next steps include identifying interest and abilities of partners, collecting baseline data, initiating the building of broodstock and stocking efforts. The Manistee River watershed, once known as a premier grayling river, will be the first location for reintroduction. The DNR will work closely with partners as the proposed Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative moves forward. The Little River Band, located in Manistee County, has been engaged in extensive research for potential grayling reintroduction for several years.
  13. Yes the flow rates are very high now. It looks like there is about a 2 days between the start of the rain and the rivers rising sharply
  14. I was looking at the Alberta Environment river flow rates website and ran across some of the locations have cameras showing the river. Does anyone know if they plan to add cameras at more locations? It is super useful. The ram river looks pretty low despite the rain. I'm surprised the flow rates are not up that much with all the rain.
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