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  1. Brian: Put me down for a khaki denim shirt, a fleece vest and a hat for now. If the sizing is "generous" I'll take mediums, otherwise size large for both the shirt and the vest. I'll see you at the Aug 22 meeting unless you can email me and we can connect sooner. thanks, Mike
  2. Been on the road fishing Vince. Just got back from 8 days of fishing around Kamloops and up into the Cariboo - incredibly hot (never had a day cooler than 35C) and the fish were biting in 20' of water all day long. Had the guide at Elysia Lodge on Quesnel Lake demonstrate "buck-tailing" for lake trout. Off to Gravenhurst, Ont at the end of the week for another week of chasing the fins. Only downer so far has been Tisdall Lake - every fish landed had either lice or open sores showing through their scales. 15" down the road at Mckinley it was completely different - boated 3 very healthy trout in the 3lb range. Didn't catch any kokanee at all on this trip though... Mike
  3. Due to a work committment I will not be able to attend this swap meet unfortunately. However, I'm still interested in acquiring surplus tying equipment and/or materials (assuming there is anything left after the meet.) I have purchased a tying vise and some bobbins, as well as some thread in the basic colours (brown, black, olive) and a couple packages of hooks so I'm looking for fur, feathers and what-have-you. If any of you have some swap meet leftovers that you feel are still useful to a beginner then drop me an email and let me know what you have and what you want for it. thanks, Mike
  4. Vince and Dave hit it on the head - using even a cheap, cheap fishfinder/sonar will help you determine what the bottom looks like. After you become familiar with the lake you can leave it behind to save weight. Weeds showing up on the finder take hooks too...just not so much fun! :lol:
  5. A quick peek will tell you if the fish is lip-hooked or if it's inside - if it's deep inside and not bleeding then nip the line and free the fish. Attempting to roll or twist a hook out from down past the tongue area requires handling the fish more, possibly doing more damage and increasing it's odds against surviving the encounter. Losing a fly isn't such a bad thing compared to losing a resource, right?
  6. I have the same opinion as Wally - you're either fishing for meat or C&R. If he inhales your fly/lure that deep and you're C&R, cut the line and make the odds of surviving the encounter more favourable for the fish. There are some very good surgical-like tools out there which can improve your hook removal technique and require less handling of the fish as well. Mike
  7. I'm in the market for pretty much anything to get started with tying my own so dig deep for that beginner stuff that you've outgrown.... Mike
  8. I just returned from a trip to the BC Interior where my father and I did quite well at a small lake on the Bonaparte Plateau but then we decided to tempt fate and try the lake of "lunkers"....Roche Lake. We tried anything and everything to no avail - they would follow the fly half interested but not strike. To illustrate how bad it was - I actually anchored my pontoon later in the afternoon in approx 3-4 feet of water right where the shade and the sun met along the shoreline and watched numerous big (honest to goodness 30" fish) lay still on the bottom silt right between my pontoons. They would dart out and up, breaking the surface right next to me and then return to the same spot! The noise sounded like a large rock dropped into the water! Chronomids to leachs to boatmen - nothing interested them. I even tried jigging a leach pattern along the bottom right in front of one of the fish - it moved over a few inches and stayed put! They definitely preferred the real deal and not my synthetic meal offering. Not wanting to give my old man a good laugh and realizing I still have a lot to learn about flyfishing are the only reasons I didn't jump into the water and go UFC on that fish. There will be a rematch.....
  9. I have to agree with Scratch and Grizz.....the days of living a bucolic life are fast slipping away, if they're not entirely gone now. As mentioned, it's no longer a far fetched idea that "someone" would collect personal information about you, for reasons you didn't personally authorize. Additionally, by simply scanning these posts you can see that a group of members were meeting to go fishing last weekend....people out of town, away from their homes. I tend not to advertise my comings and goings in both my personal and my business life, which is my choice. Do any of you advertise that fact that you will be away from home on business travel or vacation over a public bulletin board? How much information is too much for the "web"? Is this paranoia? Living in fear? Whatever you wish to call it, it is a widely held position amongst the majority of people these days, and is a sad comment on our communities and our society. I understand that Wally cannot possibly make it to every single club meeting to be able to put a face to all the names/signatures/avatars, nor can many of us. I'm a relatively new member, having only joined this past May, and many of you don't know me from Adam. I have introduced myself to some of you at the regular meetings using my given name rather than my log-in which is proper for a face to face introduction, but for correspondence over the "web" using an "alias" allows me a bit of a firewall between myself and someone I've yet to meet and form an opinion of. I know that doesn't sound very warm or "Canadian" but that is today's reality. Maybe Ranger Bob can devise a "uber-nerd" solution to give all a sense of security....? :lol: Until that happens I'll continue using my alias on the site... but if I come across someone in Edson or elsewhere wearing NLFT gear you can bet I'll come over and introduce myself.
  10. Brian: If you're getting to Osoyoos via the Penticton route its well worth your time and effort to check out the various streams and rivers in the Rock Creek, Midway, Kettle Valley and Greenwood areas. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Mike
  11. I made a point of getting over to Wholesale today to look at the Skeeter models, including the Spey Cast - it was impressive. I liked their anchor system better than the Outcast models. A few different options (like seat padding), maybe a larger rear rack and I think it would do the trick. Nothing some part swapping and time with the welder couldn't fix. Thanks for the tip Richard...
  12. There must be a few out there that own a pontoon boat (7-9 ft varieties) - any advice for a potential buyer regarding handy features to have, models to avoid like the plague etc? I like the idea of a motor plate but beyond that...... mike
  13. How about "traditional" flies (non-bead head)? Any basic patterns/sizes/shapes to suggest?
  14. I'm one of your newer members, and brand new to fly fishing. I have seen some very interesting "bead head" flies at the meetings but see very little of this type at local fly shops. What fly patterns/types/colours would be considered "must haves" for a newbie?
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