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  1. It's not a fighting butt as in the little nub you press against your belly when you have a big fish.These are full on 2 handed rods so the bottom handle is an actual hand grip.You knew that though right?
  2. That river is perfection and the fish that thrive in it beyond purity.It should never be fished with anything other than a DRY FLY.If you want to hoike out fish from a river go to the Bow in Calgary. Just my own opinion,love it or leave it.
  3. I love catching these guys.
  4. My father told me many years ago..."Doesn't matter if you have the right tools if you don't know how to use them". I've found sharing flies with fellow anglers has been a great way to have good conversation riverside and make new friends. Thank-you for the response Dipper.
  5. So here's what I've been up to over the winter.I DON'T ICE FISH!! Whatchagot that's new?Show me your box. Besides catching lots of fish I really like looking at other guys boxes that I meet on the rivers and lakes.Lots of great ideas come from expanding my knowledge of what's out there being fished. Anybody know if ice is off at Muir? Encountered quite a few places last year backwoodsin' it that these troutspey rods are going to be necessary.Quite excited about the numerous lyes? that'll open up now that back casts are no more.
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