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  1. We'll be there. Got my eye on Terry's oak table!
  2. I tied these in a size 16. They worked well at Muir Lake for rainbows. :-)
  3. Mongoose


    I was tricked into thinking it was going to hail like it did Saturday. Really am itching bad to go though.
  4. Mongoose

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    Thanks everyone for your inviting comments. I am enjoying being a part of this club.
  5. I like the looks of this fly. I am going to tie a few and try them. Thanks!
  6. Mongoose

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    Hi everyone. I am a new member to Northern Lights Fly Tyers. I have attended the seminar at Grant McEwan with Phil Rowley and Ed Engles and came out last Wednesday for the Tenkera fly rod discussions. Fly fishing and tying flies are my favourite hobbies. I also have been quite involved in photography for a number of years. I have really enjoyed the fishing and tying discussions with this club and would like to get involved with the occasional event. I am not available every Wednesday evening as I have to work afternoon shift sometimes. I look forward to being a part of this club and meeting everyone. Dave Good
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