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  1. Hi all, I thought I could come to you all for some advice. At work we are looking to do a survey for Prussian carp in various waterbodies. Electrofishing will not work so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding how to catch these guys?? A HUGE thank you in advance to everyone!!!! Alex
  2. Hi all, here is the new logo that will be voted on at the May business meeting. If you will not be available then please get a proxy to a friend that will be there. Please note that the logo chosen is the FIRST option with a blue fly. my apologies for posting the old version. Alex TROUT UNLIMITED CANADA NORTHERN LIGHTS FLY FISHERS (1).pdf
  3. Thank you for your insight, Dave. I appreciate it. It's valuable to remind people not to take the event for granted.
  4. Hello all, The executive and members have been looking at the January seminar from all angles, and have decided that we should re-evaluate the January Seminar. A survey has been created for everyone to voice their opinions. There is an introduction to read and opportunity for everyone to write their open, honest, and constructive feedback. We would ask that everyone please remain respectful when providing answers. Thank you in advance for your participation! We want to see where this event can go. You can find the survey here. Edit: Can everyone that hasn't responded to the survey please do so before Sunday at midnight? Thank you to those that already provided their insight!
  5. Here are proxy forms for the April business meeting if anyone needs them. Proxy Form April 2016.pdf April 2016 proxy.docx
  6. Here is a schedule for the show this weekend. We are a little slim for Thursday and Friday - if anyone could volunteer last minute, we would greatly appreciate it! You would be reimbursed depending on how long you stay for. Remember that a minimum of 4 hours and receipts are required for a reimbursement. Thursday: Terry Dyck Brian Hepner Dave Parker Gregg Friday: Terry Dyck Bill Evans Gregg Damon Dyer Saturday: Bill Evans Paul Fitt Les Campbell Karen Harris Dan Tulik Brendan Cardiff Alex Molenkamp Barry Wright Gregg Lloyd Shea, all weekend: Barry White Sandra Tremblay Ray Germin Michael Dell Sunday: Gregg Paul Fitt Karen Harris Dave Good Dan Tulik Alex Molenkamp
  7. Hi everyone, As promised, here are 2 copies of the club's constitution. I have attached the original charter. I have also attached a copy with the proposed changes. The inputs are highlighted in yellow. Some deletions have a strikethrough (this was due to suggestions made by Peter). When the executive made deletions - they were not left in the document. There were not many deletions, if there were, they were one or two words, or grammatical changes. As stated, any additions that the executive included are highlighted in yellow. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions (secretary@nlft.org). There will be printed copies available at the business meeting in April. Alex Proposed Charter Modified Jan 2016 with changes.pdf Original charter.pdf
  8. Hi all, I have attached a rough draft of the Boat & Sportsmen's Show schedule. It would be great if we could get some more people to cover on Saturday and Sunday (the week days too). I predict that the show will be the busiest from around 11am until 6pm or so. There are two approximate shifts above the Saturday shift. If you are able to volunteer, please send me an email at secretary@nlft.org. **Please remember that any volunteer must work a 4hr minimum shift in order to be compensated.** I am also asking for club members to send in any pictures they would like to be featured at the club table. I am going to be displaying pictures on an electronic photo frame and would like to include pictures of fishing, fish, flies and club events (otherwise I will just fill it with pictures of Mike & I). One or two of these photos may be included in the new informational pamphlet I am creating for the club. By sending me these photos, the owner agrees to the photos being displayed at the show, and/or, being printed on the pamphlet. I apologize for the long post and greatly appreciate your co-operation! Alex secretary@nlft.org 2016 bss sign up.pdf
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