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  1. I'll probably get there Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to see you all.
  2. It is public land and you have to pay the new ripoff tax to camp there
  3. I'll be heading to the Oldman on Monday 17 Aug. Will probably stay at the Dutch Creek campground.
  4. Anybody planning to be on the N Ram on opening day June 16?
  5. Read the agreement. It is a contract and what it says is what it means. No more and no less. Paragraph 18 states "The assets held by any Chapter are the property of the Corporation." Paragraph 36 states "Upon expulsion, dissolution or suspension of the Chapter, all assets belonging to the Corporation shall be turned over to the Corporation forthwith." A contract does not recognize "no desire on the part of TUC Corporate " to have any legal argument. Paragraph 4 gives TUC the right to expel a Chapter for whatever cause it deems reasonable with no recourse for the Chapter offered in this contract. I don't know how you can say that "nothing is lost unless we disaffiliate" . It is lost the moment we sign this agreement. I think you will find that any agreement that gives all of our assets away will require a full quorum vote at a General Meeting.
  6. I have carefully studied this document and find it terrible.NLFF will lose everything. All assets held by NLFF will become the property of Trout Unlimited Canada. This includes all bank accounts and their contents, our library and because an organizations name is an asset we lose ownership of that as well. Because this contract results in the loss of all our assets this matter will have to be discussed, voted on and approved by the membership at a General Meeting before it can be signed.
  7. I'll be heading there on Thurs 31 Aug for 3-4 days. I'll be camped in the old overflow on the west side of the Trunk Rd at the bridge. If anyone wants to join me you are very welcome to come.
  8. TJD

    North Ram

    I am heading to the N Ram on Monday 26 June if anyone wishes to join me. I'll be there for 3-4 days weather and river permitting. Terry Dyck tjdyck@telusplanet.net 587-983-6848
  9. First of all, you can count the number of private members bills that have passed in the last hundred years on one hand. Secondly, this would end all meat production in the country completely. If you think that is going to happen I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. There is not a hope that this bill will ever see the light of day.
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