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    So, I'll just get right to it. My name is Oliver, moved to Edmonton 4 years ago from Chilliwack, only really picked up fly fishing last year and really fishing in Alberta at all last year. Back in B.C. I spent most of my spare time fishing, near the river or doing volunteer work for fisheries related projects. I was a salmon/sturgeon/steelhead guide for three years in the Fraser Valley. I spent hundreds of hours per year during my last 5 years in B.C. doing volunteer work, mostly with the Greater Georgian Basin Steelhead Recovery Plan (GGBSRP)/ B.C. Conservation Foundation (BCCF) and the Fresh Water Fisheries Society. I'm a noob of the highest caliber when it comes to fishing out here but I do have a lot of volunteer hours under my belt with fish sampling, electroshocking, stream rehab projects, stream flow monitoring, water sampling and brood stock fishing. I'm not sure how often you guys meet or what kind of time requirements are expected but I would love to get back into giving back to the resources that I use most. Thanks.
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