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  1. Bird nest webcam Over ten million people are tuning in to watch a pair of bald eagles and their eggs. Doug Carrick, 73, set up the camera 18 months ago after watching the birds near his home for 14 years. The female eagle, on Hornby Island in Western Canada, laid two eggs but one has disappeared. In total more than 100 million fans have clicked on the live footage hoping to see a chick arrive. According to The Sun Doug said: "The reaction is unbelievable. I've added three servers to cope with demand." After getting government permission, he asked a climber to install the camera near the nest -120ft up - while the birds were on their annual migration. At first Doug ran cables to his TV and video, recording the best moments including the female laying two eggs last year. When he showed his footage to biologists, they offered to set up the web link. Doug added: "It was great when they laid the eggs. Last year they had two chicks but neither survived. We're hoping for better luck this time round." {{ EDIT: ADMIN REMOVED SPAM ADVERTISING }}
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