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  1. Hope you all have a great time. I'm going to head another direction to try to redeem myself from my hiking trip last year. Leaving Saturday morning. Cheers
  2. Hello folks, Please find below a link to a survey regarding Athabasca Rainbow Trout. The survey is from the Feds, probing whether or not the Athabasca Rainbow Trout should be listed as a Species At Risk under SARA. https://www.registrelep-sararegistry.gc.ca/default.asp?lang=En&n=0768A55C-1 The survey will be in place until February 9, 2016. Apologies if this has already been posted, or if I posted it in the wrong section.
  3. Hey folks, From what I have heard, no decisions will be made on Tigers until October(ish). The area bios have requested some time to deliberate on where to put them. It's pretty exciting.
  4. Wow. Just wow. That was a great read. And everybody found out I wasn't working when I busted out laughing at the forgotten landing net. I'm jealous, as always. Glad you made it back with that Old TImers and all. Cheers, Chad
  5. Well, almost a year later, same damn thing happened... Woke up and every thing is white again. But this time we got about 6 inches and still falling. Power lines are down, trees are down... I knew it was too good to be true. But power's still on at work, so yay for me... And to top it all off, the tree outside my office window is flipping me off. Calling me an April Fool I guess. In case you can't see what I see. It's clearly giving me the bird. This tree has attitude.
  6. Chadillac


    Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the IF4 dates this year? Missed last year, and don't want the same thing to happen again this year. Trying to plan ahead. Smart right? Or did I already miss it? Cheers, Chad
  7. Thanks for posting this Neil. Gives me something to read instead of write reports. HAH!
  8. ooo, please do!! I look forward to it.
  9. Well as per usual, work and life created the perfect obstacle for me again this year. But I have to say, I have grown to accept it and really enjoy the handful of hours I am given each year to go fly fishing. Typically I get one week a year. I try to plan weekend trips but they never pan out, as work all too often pops up as I'm about to head out the door. We usually try to go someplace new, but this year, I had a score to settle. Even got a couple extra buddies to join us who hadn't been on a back-packing trip before. Gotta say, they went all out. I know I packed way too much food in and a couple useless items. But in the end, I was still 10 pounds lighter in the pack than those two guys. Next year, I'll find something else I didn't need to bring. We had a total of 6 guys out this year (only 5 at once), so there were a few more stories to be told around the fire. It was a late drive out to our staging location on the Friday, about 8 hours from home (Lac La Biche), so we didn't get there until roughly 1:00 on the Saturday morning. Had a rather short and uncomfortable snooze in the world’s smallest truck. But as the daylight hit us, we were eager to pack up and hit the trail. We were a little less eager the further we went... The funny thing about hiking upstream is it is exactly that... up! But I knew in my guts that it was all going to be worth it. We stopped for a quick snack and photo op along the way at a stream we like to call Lunch Creek. After about a 3 hour hike, we got to our camp. I know, it's not far, but did I mention it was all uphill? We set up camp, did some housekeeping and quality of life treatments to our camp site, gathered wood, and hung our food. Turns out none of us are very good at throwing rocks over tree branches. After about an hour of laughing at how poorly the last guy threw the rock, I am proud to say it was I who claimed victory in the now annual "grub hanging rock toss". We "threw" together a quick z-haul and the job was done. The next giggle was produced by one of the rookies on the trip. We eventually stopped laughing that he actually brought Jiffy-Pop when we wanted some. From now on, there is always room for Jiffy-Pop. For the rest of the day we sat and eye-balled the river and laughed around the camp fire. The next morning was a bit later of a start than I would have hoped for, but it was a start. We put all our gear together and decided to head upstream. Not much more to say than it was exactly what I thought it could be. Fantastic! (Years before we had come to this same spot, but we ended up hitting it a high water. The fishing was limited to a small channel fed by a spring. The nice thing was we could sight fish, but there was very little fishable water.) HAM BONE! I caught the first fish of the trip, a small cutthroat, and then sat back and watched my friends all hook into fish. They all managed to get into one pool and all hook up. There were two back-back double-headers. And the biggest fish of the day went to one of the new guys. One guy ended up with sore feet due to a poor choice in footwear, so he and his brother decided to head back and fish around camp. The rest of us continued on upstream for a couple more kilometers. The fishing continued to be great. Nothing all that big, but lots that were willing to entertain. The days fishing came to a close as we laughed at my buddy throwing sticks at an overhanging tree, trying desperately to retrieve the fly it had stolen from him. He never got it back. We gathered 'round the fire once more, ate Jiffy-Pop and recounted the day’s events. Monday morning was chilly. It stayed cloudy and rained off and on for the majority of the day. Four of us gathered our gear together and headed downstream. The water was a little skinnier below camp, but did have some nice pockets strewn about. The fish were a little more picky, but eventually they came around. I ended up with the big fish of the day, but it was still smaller than the one my friend caught the day before. We didn't fish as long this day, as the weather threatened us with torrential rain, it never came, but boy did it get windy! Tuesday we hiked back out to the trucks as two of the party had to go back to work. But we had one replacement join us. We fished around the staging area on Tuesday and Wednesday. As would be expected, it was terrible. So many vehicles/quads cross the river here and there is exponentially more pressure here than where we were previously. We fished hard with limited success. Thursday the 3rd guy left and the remaining 3 of us hopped in the truck and drove way downstream. It was about a 2 mile hike in from where we parked. Oh, and I forgot my camera… We had a slow start, but it soon picked up. One guy landed about a dozen in under an hour. A few cutts, a few rainbows, and a few hybrids. I wasn’t quite so lucky. But I did manage to hook up a large bull trout. It was easily the biggest one I had ever caught. After a lengthy battle, I got it between myself and shore. Didn’t fit in my net, so I had to corral him. I knelt down beside it and prepared for a picture (My buddy had his camera). But with the slack in the line, the hook slipped out of his lip and he was gone. I made one desperate attempt to block him with my net, and it broke. I sat on my knees in the water, shook my head and stared at the rain clouds looming overhead. For the sake of being polite in this forum I will say that I simply said “darn” in a rather stern voice. But I think we all know what I really said and that I yelled it. The other two boys were speechless. And then they giggled. And then we laughed. I asked if he got the picture. Nope. Hank 'n' Rees It started to rain and we had to get on our way before we couldn’t make the climb out of the valley. We got back to the truck and heard that the forecast called for snow. The decision was made to hurry back to camp, blitz our gear into the vehicles and make the 3 hour trip back to civilization. We had planned on pulling out the next morning, so we weren’t too upset by the plan. We grabbed a hotel, went for supper and a beer, and slept. Next day we headed home. What a week. I wonder what next year will bring. Can’t wait. Sorry for the large post. Cheers
  10. Excellent! I am envious of your frequent adventures.
  11. Thanks for the report. Unfortunately for me, work is sucking up a bunch of my time this year. I am still hoping to get out and give a hand though. One day everything will line up.
  12. That's where my mind went. Back in the day when CBC ended.
  13. Perhaps Dan was a Log Roller in a former life?
  14. Glad to hear you didn't get too wet. I plan to get out to the Freeman this year, and am going to make a serious effort to actually do it. I have tried to head out that way in the past few years, but work seems to always ruin my plans. I'll have to pick your brain about spots.
  15. Looks like fun was had by all. The walking along the log jam looks a little precarious.
  16. Interesting theory Don. Though I feel like if this was the case, they would have told the officers about it right away so they didn't have to deal with all the head-aches of contacting the violators they fined and seized gear from only to give it back and send refund cheques. My thoughts on it anyway.
  17. I did it, but perhaps a more effective approach would be to petition the feds to fix their oopsie when they amended the Fisheries Act. And to do it in a timely manner.
  18. I trust there will be pictures posted of your first outing? My home pond is still a big fat ice cube. May as well have a salted rim and an umbrella... Maybe after this weekend.
  19. Excellent, I am definitely interested in helping out with this in any way I can (time permitting). Who do I contact, or did I just do it? Is there some sort of hazing that is involved in becoming a volunteer? Do I need to be anointed with magical waters from the Pembina? All jokes aside, I really hope I can peel away and come give a hand when and where it is needed. Cheers, Chad
  20. Nice! Thanks for sharing Dennis. Can't say I'm not jealous. I went out for my first outing of the year to Grotto pond and then the Bow and Policemans Creek near/in Canmore last week. I've never caught a brown before. Still technically haven't, though I did manage to catch a line of someone who broke off. Ended up landing his/her brown. My guess is they were snagged on a rock and broke it off, once tension was off, the hook and bait fell to the bottom where this little guy grabbed it. He swallowed the hook, only the top 1/3rd of the hook shank was visible, clipped it off and sent him on his way. So, I handled and land a brown, but still haven't caught one. This was all at Grotto pond. I missed 2 and snapped one off on the Bow. This was the first time I've fished the Bow as well. I wanna go back. Lots of fish in Policemans, but man are they skiddish! We only had an hour of light, so we got hosed on that one.
  21. The pessimist in me would argue one spring storm closer to winter. It feels like its been a long one. The weekend is looking good though.
  22. That time in between Winter and Spring when you feel like strangling the jerk who jinxed us! We got 4 inches over night and it's still coming down. RCMP closed all the highways around us too.
  23. Well, I had a few hours to let it sink in on the drive home last night, and I can't thank you enough for pulling my name outta the...pot! If you couldn't tell, I was completely floored when my name was pulled. Tough to describe how excited I am. All I can tell you at this point is, the rod is resting comfortably beside my bed. In fact, I think I slept closer to it last night than my wife. That's normal, right? Now I have the dilemma of finding the perfect reel. This isn't going to help the fishing itch. Again, Thank you. Hell of a first meeting to attend! Cheers,Chad
  24. I absolutely agree! It was great to learn a little history about the project. Are there any plans to make the information public? Is there a report/reports available?
  25. Great, thanks. Got mildly confused when I saw the announcement under "upcoming events" on the homepage say the 25th.
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