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  1. Hope you all have a great time. I'm going to head another direction to try to redeem myself from my hiking trip last year. Leaving Saturday morning. Cheers
  2. Hello folks, Please find below a link to a survey regarding Athabasca Rainbow Trout. The survey is from the Feds, probing whether or not the Athabasca Rainbow Trout should be listed as a Species At Risk under SARA. https://www.registrelep-sararegistry.gc.ca/default.asp?lang=En&n=0768A55C-1 The survey will be in place until February 9, 2016. Apologies if this has already been posted, or if I posted it in the wrong section.
  3. Hey folks, From what I have heard, no decisions will be made on Tigers until October(ish). The area bios have requested some time to deliberate on where to put them. It's pretty exciting.
  4. Wow. Just wow. That was a great read. And everybody found out I wasn't working when I busted out laughing at the forgotten landing net. I'm jealous, as always. Glad you made it back with that Old TImers and all. Cheers, Chad
  5. Well, almost a year later, same damn thing happened... Woke up and every thing is white again. But this time we got about 6 inches and still falling. Power lines are down, trees are down... I knew it was too good to be true. But power's still on at work, so yay for me... And to top it all off, the tree outside my office window is flipping me off. Calling me an April Fool I guess. In case you can't see what I see. It's clearly giving me the bird. This tree has attitude.
  6. Chadillac


    Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the IF4 dates this year? Missed last year, and don't want the same thing to happen again this year. Trying to plan ahead. Smart right? Or did I already miss it? Cheers, Chad
  7. Thanks for posting this Neil. Gives me something to read instead of write reports. HAH!
  8. ooo, please do!! I look forward to it.
  9. Well as per usual, work and life created the perfect obstacle for me again this year. But I have to say, I have grown to accept it and really enjoy the handful of hours I am given each year to go fly fishing. Typically I get one week a year. I try to plan weekend trips but they never pan out, as work all too often pops up as I'm about to head out the door. We usually try to go someplace new, but this year, I had a score to settle. Even got a couple extra buddies to join us who hadn't been on a back-packing trip before. Gotta say, they went all out. I know I packed way too much food in an
  10. Excellent! I am envious of your frequent adventures.
  11. Thanks for the report. Unfortunately for me, work is sucking up a bunch of my time this year. I am still hoping to get out and give a hand though. One day everything will line up.
  12. That's where my mind went. Back in the day when CBC ended.
  13. Perhaps Dan was a Log Roller in a former life?
  14. Glad to hear you didn't get too wet. I plan to get out to the Freeman this year, and am going to make a serious effort to actually do it. I have tried to head out that way in the past few years, but work seems to always ruin my plans. I'll have to pick your brain about spots.
  15. Looks like fun was had by all. The walking along the log jam looks a little precarious.
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