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  1. I will be there just before 6, I also talked to Cody today and informed him of what time we are all meeting.
  2. Good to see this started, so far for the list of volunteers are: Dennis, Cody, Steve and Vince. 2 more people would work however if we could have 3 more it would be great.
  3. I will not be able to attend, good luck to all and enjoy the weather and fishing!!!
  4. I have had both, all wood handles. The mesh net is light, easy to pack as the mesh is not ridged, however once the mesh is wet it will not dry ( unless you don't catch fish) and if visited lots might start to smell like fish requiring a soapy bath. Barbless or not flies would always find a way to get caught and tangled in the mesh after a release. The rubber net will not smell like fish or stay wet after landing a fish, flies are easy to pick out of the rubber however the rubber mesh ( if heavy) will not pack as nicely as a mesh counterpart and has added weight that could bother your neck/ shoulders if on a quick release. All in, I would fish a rubber net for both wade and boat fishing. Benefits out weigh the cons. Good luck on the purchase!!
  5. I am interested in going for the day ( Saturday) if anyone is interested. Post here or PM and we can sort out the details...
  6. I would love too, but I HAVE TO stay in cell phone reception as the baby could be born at any time. Hence I will be going to Calgary for the day. Good luck and post how the trip went as I know of another fishing group going on the 18 th.
  7. Sounds like a great Day! Glad to hear about your adventures and the willing participants to test your newest bench creations.
  8. Just opening a chat to see if anyone still around this weekend is interested in fishing stauffer this weekend.
  9. It would be the only real trip I could do before the baby is born. Anyone know how the flows are right now?
  10. Will anyone be heading out to the Blackstone river the June 27-29 weekend? Let me know I am thinking of heading out...
  11. Anyone been out around stauffer/ Clearwater area?
  12. Confirm, ken and Jim will be presenting on the grayling survey
  13. A big thanks to everyone who helped out with the Boat and sportsman show this past weekend. This weekend, March 22-23, Cabelas is hosting a fly tying event. We are setting up our booth and will once again call upon our wonderful members for volunteers for both days. Please sign up on the furom or contact Steve DiGiuseppe on Wednesday or via email.
  14. Thanks George, I will mark you down for Sunday.
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