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  1. Remembering a fly-fishing Friend I first meet Roman in early 1980, fishing the pond at Cardiff one late summer evening; I made about 15 casts with my new Mitchell combo from the Fishing Hole, and lost 15 flies creating a rather small tsunami. Countless hours of viewing that House of Hardy casting video rented from Denny’s fly shop was not paying off. Roman came over and literally broke the ice and pointed out a few techniques, not because he was a caring school teacher he is just that kind of guy. I made one more cast created a few new wind knots, desperately trying to undo these knots looked over at Roman and there he was releasing a full grown 18” rainbow. I was in the company of a fly-fishing purest. Well the rest is history from the regular Saturday morning coffee secessions at the Fishing Hole to fly-tying afternoons at Denny’s. Treks to almost every tributary in the Rocky Area, Mountain Parks, Bow/Red Deer, Crowsnest, Elk, Douglas Lake Ranch Gerrard rainbows and our last hiatus Wells Grey Park. Touched by too many, Reg Denny, Lee Wolff, Lefty Kreh, Pol Jourgensen, Paul Kaufman, Sylvester Nemes, Steve Rayjeff, Brian Chan. Not to mention good friends who traveled in three’s Mike Lawson, Gary Lafountain, and Jackson Hole One Fly Jack Dennis. Wulff invented the western dry fly Jack Dennis perfected it – doesn’t everyone have a copy of Western Dry Flies? Noted for great custom rod building, rod blanks in those days were considered rejects by the great rod manufactures so he built and fished with Hardy’s, R.L Winston, Orvis, Thomas & Thomas and our favorite a Sage 4 piece 490 RPL. Many years pasted, many club activities served, The Edmonton Trout Club, TU, FFF. I did the family thing and Roman excelled as an avid rod builder/production fly-tyer, author, FFF certified caster, Crowsnest guide phew…too much to mention here. With Hook and Hackle in the south, and not much present in the way of fly-tying offered in the other clubs the NLFTC was born after a trout club meeting at the regular watering hole at Smithy’s in Kingsway Garden Mall. Roman being one of the founding 5 or 6 disciples at this gathering. Roman has done a lot for fly-fishing in Alberta and well recognized world wide. There was a lot more in our fly-fishing journey…..too much to tell. His legacy will live on in his custom rods and flies. Will always remember the great fishing escapades... your favorite was the Crow and now that you are looking from up above, I will have to start counting my catches on a cigarette pack. I still have to beat 63 fish/hr. Roy….
  2. OMG.. could that be Roy. The one and only the star hustler.... I guess if Mr. Johnson's bamboo don't catch any fish one can always use it to pick your teeth, isn't that so Dave. You boys are having way too much fun...
  3. Looks like a great show, hats of to Dale, RangerBob & Michael.
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