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  1. Hi Don, Did some experimentation with the leech back a few years ago. Catatonic was quite a large word to yell across the river, since I drank club soda, Roman thought I was drinking tonic water hense the name green tonic. The regular (weighted)worked quite well tied the way you tie it a true lake fly for the Rocky area, Alford and Struble as well, seen Lloyd Shea catch a few fish with it. The light was my version for the creeks, chucking lead was way too heavy, tied with a single marabou with fine green wire and the body teased with a dubbing brush. Worked well from the North Ram, Elk, Vetch, Prairie etc... work o.k. at other watering holes. Quote - O.K. River Keeper of the Stauffer..this only works if you know whow to fish it. If you hate watching paint dry, this fly is not for you... ... Works well with an indicator at about 8 feet about the fly. Cast and let it sit till the cows come home..(the secret). Keeping your line tight dont move the fly. Give it small twitches every few minutes. This works really well in early spring.
  2. You! refering the masses that haven't fished the green tonic. Green Tonic (regular) or Green tonic (light) with out all the calories, (unweighted). Bet you didn't know this existed Don. The fish I talked to all prefered the regular stuff....
  3. O.K. River Keeper of the Stauffer..this only works if you know whow to fish it. If you hate watching paint dry, this fly is not for you...
  4. Happy Puppy Day..scratch...seems like everyone and everthing is having offsprings. It may be nice to celebrate the new one .at Muir Saturday evening
  5. Wee's gots a problem in this here lake... What are Koi? The common carp is the forerunner of our present day Koi. Koi are not big goldfish. The goldfish is a distant cousin to Koi. Where did they come from? The Japanese name for Koi is Nishikigoi. Nishikigoi were developed by the Japanese over 200 years ago. Where do you keep these fish? These gorgeous creatures usually live in lushly landscaped fish ponds outdoors. The ponds are constructed to provide adequate oxygenation and filtration of the water. These ponds make an excellent landscaping addition to a garden. How big do they get? The average Koi can grow to 24 - 36 inches! The size of the pond, the amount of aeration, and feeding methods will affect the growth of the fish. It is not uncommon for a small Koi to grow 2 - 4 inches a year in a backyard pond.
  6. oh yea! !!!.. flycasting for Koi...flytying for Koi.....Nymphing for Koi... poontooning for Koi... carp fishin' at its best at Muir...can't wait...!
  7. Successful Stillwater Fly Fishing Food For Thought Some years ago the rod maker Sage ran an advertisement in an American fishing magazine which quoted a famous fishing guide from Idaho. The guide said: "The way I see it, there are five stages a fly fisherman goes through. As a beginner, he just wants to catch fish; then he wants to catch lots of fish. Soon he evolves and just wants to catch a big fish; then, he wants to catch lots of big fish. Finally, he wants to catch the uncatchable fish......" Scratch you owe me an elusive fish... As for me, sitting in a float tube hauling fish after fish is very boring, but its a hoot watching other people do it.... keep those fish counts comming..
  8. A fluke! Scratch its was all science, keep fishing those fancy flies, we need a few educated trout..... The March Brown pattern has been tied by fly fishers over the centuries. As far back as the 1600's it is recorded as being a fly pattern of choice in England. The fly is known by many different local names like Brown Drake, Dun Drake or Cob Fly. This fly pattern unusually works when there are no hatches. It seems to function as a universal attractor pattern for dark insects. G.E.M. Skews wrote "..is an excellent fly and as generally tied, quite a poor imitation of the natural fly and quite a passable one of almost anything else." The Way of a Trout with a Fly Skues, G.E.M.
  9. flyfish


    looks like Dark Ultra Chenille
  10. Don't forgrt to try a Bibugger...
  11. Say hi to Big Beardery White for us...Bill Robinson floated two weeks ago from police to flats, no fish at the highwood. Tree farm had good fishing. Fish seizes were smaller than usual, runoff about to start soon, lots of snow at bow lake .. Have a great float, let him do all the rowing....
  12. Some thing tells that the minnos will be in shell shock and stay close to shore where they were released this morning. This should bring the broodys in closer for better look..so no need for the Santa Maria say's Christoper Columbus. Lawn Chair casting at it best!!
  13. I guess you need red dwarf for trolling purposes. Don't temp me I still have the forced finns as well as the float tube on hot standby...
  14. Digging up the backyard for a few red chronomids, gots to fill the Hills Bros. coffee can once more, will remember to bring the berkley cherrywood this time, there's a good chance I will be out to watch how real flyfishermen fish lakes for fresh tamed farmed trout. Ah..ha.. P.S .... I won't tell Norman McClean.
  15. "Chucks..." You flyfishermen are the greatest, just when I thought I had you all...... who's going out tonight for the minows minus the brood stock?. Can I bring my lawn chair an cow bell. By the way the geek always takes blame...eh..eh..eh, if I was there it would been us both.... Since you gentlemen were out fishing, I was doing a little poaching of my own..can't show you fish that would be incriminating, but got some spots and honey holes for our trips in the summer...aaaah.
  16. Did we account for Six Classes of know GPS Errors Ranging errors are grouped into the six following classes: 1) Ephemeris data--Errors in the transmitted location of the satellite 2) Satellite clock--Errors in the transmitted clock, including SA 3) Ionosphere--Errors in the corrections of pseudorange caused by ionospheric effects 4) Troposphere--Errors in the corrections of pseudorange caused by tropospheric effects 5) Multipath--Errors caused by reflected signals entering the receiver antenna 6) Receiver--Errors in the receiver's measurement of range caused by thermal noise, software accuracy, and inter-channel biases You may be stunned, we may be fishing before May 1st I am surprised they even followed up, thought they would be out riding their new quads. Doesn't matter anyway the fish were introduced into this lake to be fished out only a matter of time! Seems like the Report-A-Poacher sticker means I am a poacher report me... taking mine of my truck.
  17. Wednesday night... let's go chase the stocker truck from shore after work shall we. I need the pin back. With those numbers being reported I wouldn't be at all surprised if a "keeper" fish is hooked this year. I believe the regs are over 50 cm right? A quick Google reveals: 50 centimeters = 19.6850394 inches http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=50+cm+...le+Search&meta= Close! Very close! PS - I just pimped out my astrophotos to NASA and the Canadian astronomy magazines with links back to the NLFTF. I will let yah know if anything gets published. Try to get the big one before Wenesday (stocking day) once stocked the big ones will be feasting on the fingerlings, and should be more difficult to catch....
  18. The county of Parkland has placed Muir Lake on the endangered list of protected water bodies, solely for the protection of others. Anyone caught in and around this endangered site on Sunday will be prosecuted to the extent of the water and trout law. Many have lost love ones in the past who had fallen from a little know addiction still under study - troutfever…this little know affliction will be extensively tested by a well know scientist on Sunday. One of the know Symptoms are an enraged specimen running in rage waving a long stick moaning the Martian expression cronomid. Please be advised… scientific reserch may take weeks to collect usable data.
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