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    Maturing with age, yea! I surprised myself as well. Thank heavens for windows auto login in . I hope I remember how to cast, hoping to take in some casting seminars! Roy..
  2. Yea! You tried this before, you just want to see what's in everyone's fly box. I not falling for this trick
  3. Cost of the first was app. $27.00, with inflation maybe $30 - 35.00 by todays cost. Roy..
  4. Hi Denis, I am not sure if its just a reprint or there is added material, I would think there should be added changes to regulations as well as closures of watersheds. Would be interesting to see when it comes out or we could contact Mitchell. For me its a very interesting read, because of past expeditions on FTR. Will see you at the show... Roy...
  5. Don't think the original is around any more, but you could get lucky. Searched on Amazon without luck. The revised copy should be out in about 3 weeks, and should be available at your local fly shop or at the Outdoor Show at the end of the month Here's a review by Micheal Dell http://www.epl.ca/EPLTheSourceArticle.cfm?article=V7-2/Trout
  6. A few day's ago I found out (most of you may be aware), Alberta's Trout Highway - "Fishing the Forestry Trunk Road" by Barry Mitchell will be in reprint, and delivery expected mid March when his annual magazine, the Alberta Fishing Guide goes on sale. I bought this book in 2001 and thumbed through it at the time (yea! I only read for information). I am now actually reading it and boy there are some secrets in this one. This takes me back to early 90's, fishing the Eastern Slopes living out of a half ton and a wet tent, extreme fishing in those days. Barry can admit to that one as well as Micheal Dell. The forestry trunk road was the place of exploration for large trout. I plan to one again explore the old tracks this year. This book will shed allot of light on our East Slopes trout streams, its worth a read before the season. Roy...
  7. flyfish


    Hi Will, Welcome to the group, I am sure there is allot you can contribute, looking forward to it. Roy..
  8. Sad news indeed Lance, it will be difficult for Barry...
  9. Yea, I'm sitting here in a stuffy office watching you, scratch and alberta al cleanup the bow. Looks like a great trip. Did you see any large rainbows heading up river. The first trip is always a primer to a good year. I will have to tye up some beaded san juan's, looks like you had great luck on them. Got to keep up with the Taylor's and family scratch and get me one of them fancy new SUV looks like it came through the rough with flying colours. What new fancy equiptment did you buy, at the show I was looking a the bottom line Sages and they looked like a well made rod at an affordable price, great balance and a fast tip, almost like the old LL's or even the RPL's, I would love to put an oversize line and watch it load up. The temple folks are hit and miss looking at a few I could see defects in workmanship at the show. I still haven't use the 2 wt. I bought last year. Being a Sager for a few years may have to go cast one to get the feel, or get a dell bamboo for an arm workout. Equiptment is so much cheaper now than a few years ago, this is a great thing. Would there be a casting workshop this year? I would like to fish everyone a fine season- remember catching fishing is only a plus...we are very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe. To us, all good things - trout as well as eternal salvation - come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy. Flyfishing is the sprit of life, I hear the call of flowing waters...
  10. Looks like I am missing another Jack Dennis Event. You great Flyfishermen have fun. Way too tired from another road trip for work. This is totally unrelated to the sprit of flyfishing, but this one is for El Presendente Ranger. P.S. about the pic - Training for upcomming shuttle mission Launch of Discovery on mission STS-121 targeted for May. I hear there is trout in Houston...
  11. Just keeping you on your toes for old time sake, mikey..just had to I did a few S/A supremes lines in the past, and melted the delicate core on one before the cool water dyes came out, did have better luck with a cortland 444 lazerline, so this will be worth seeing. Remember Jack Dennis at one of his New Zealand presentations held at Grant Macewan, that we were both at...remember the free cortland samples, and his study he did on large browns using nickleplated rod guides and sunrise orange fly lines, a great story. The amount of money we have invested in the past at the Fishin Hole, we should be major shareholders, flytying heads the list. I guess we were very slow learners indeed. And then there is downhill 50..lets not think about...a need a dodge viper.. Cheers.... P.S. If you buy the kettle, sponge bob or New Zealand dave will supply the earl gray.
  12. Mike an electric kettle is a very large investment...I know all to well, when we were looking for our first.. we were overwelmed with the diffrent makes, models, and heating capacities (some wattage thing). Now that we have saved up and qualified for the loan, I am looking forward to making the purchase soon. I also hope to renew my very lapsed membership and attend the dyeing demonstration....just hoping the purchase don't cut into the membership account. All well that dye's well.....
  13. Out on Sunday...browns getting ready to spawn...thread lightly, watch for redds...
  14. Thanks for taking one for the flyfishing team buddy...looks like the roses cost more than books!
  15. You are sooo.. right. There are even fewer FW officers out there!
  16. Nice going sponge these are the best pictures yet, all these 15 sec of fame is added up to Hrs....more pics for the astro list. I see kev has joined the list, welcome aboard Kev.
  17. CALGARY (CP) - Alberta's devastating spring floods have wiped out much of the trout in the world-renowned Bow River and biologists suggest the fishing outlook is probably crippled for this year. But they also say flooding is nature's way of regenerating river habitat and that will be good news in the long run. "The fish that spawned this year are likely washed out," said Brian Meagher, a biologist with Trout Unlimited, who surveyed the disaster from the air Wednesday. "As well, all of the small fish that were born last year are probably either in severe trouble or they're done - that's the problem for this year," said Meagher. "But in the long-term, it's a good thing because it's going to clear up the river system. It will clear out a lot of the weeds in the river, clear out a lot of debris and expose new spawning grounds for the future." Two weeks of heavy rain and widespread flooding has left many parts of southern and central Alberta looking like disaster zones. Coursing water has washed out bridges and roads, cut new pathways for many rivers and creeks and left a new footprint for many properties. Extensive damage to Fish Creek Provincial Park, Canada's largest urban park, will take years for the vegetation to recover. But manager Jim Stomp says the park's landscape will never look the same, noting that 40 per cent of the 110 kilometres of pathways have been wiped out. Another 25 per cent require major repairs. "A lot of the (pedestrian) bridges were totally removed, the abutments are gone and the banks they were sitting on are no longer there," said Stomp. "And the banks, in some cases, are perhaps 40 feet wider than they were before." Each year, between 2.5 and 3 million people visit Fish Creek, a vast swath of forested area at Calgary's deep southern tip. There are some positive environmental aspects to the flooding. Biologist Vivian Pharis of the Alberta Wilderness Association said the rush of water will help the riverbottom cottonwood forests in southern Alberta, which require flooding to promote growth. "The cottonwood forests are going to be happier-maybe we'll see some resprouting and new growth there," said Pharis. In and around the Oldman River basin, near Lethbridge and Pincher Creek, the cottonwoods are the main forest in the riverbed and supply habitat for a variety of birds, snakes and a range of other wildlife. Damming along the Oldman River has reduced flooding in recent years and the trees have been struggling for survival, says Pharis.
  18. Interested in taking the family fishing? especially the wife so she can see that new pontoon cruise liner, she didn't know you bought? Selected weekend in July are FREE fishing weekend in Alberta. Alberta’s Licence Free Weekend July 9th – 10th, 2005 For more information call 780-944-0313
  19. Due to flooding in Southern Alberta, fisheries biologists’ are saying that new spawn for rainbows as well as browns are now lost on the Bow. There is also a very good chance that 1/2 yearlings did not survive as well. A few fish less in the future. On the pro side of things the river has regenerated itself naturally so the fishery should be enhanced for the future.
  20. Department Of Fisheries And Oceans Secretly Reducing Protection Of Fish Habitat Alberta Wilderness Association News Release: May 11, 2005 Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) has learned that Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has been secretly developing plans to reduce protection of the aquatic environment. Documents were sent anonymously to Martha Kostuch, Vice-President of the Friends of the Oldman River. "The Modernizing Compliance Initiative came as the result of an expenditure review exercise that was carried out in complete secrecy from staff, unions and the Canadian Public," notes Kostuch. "The department is still trying to quietly undertake this initiative, reducing both the level of service to Canadians and the level of protection of the aquatic environment. This becomes clearer when comparing the information available to staff on DFO's Intranet website to the information provided to the public on DFO's public website." Under the secretly-developed Modernizing Compliance Initiative, DFO is planning to cut 80 fishery officer positions and 42 habitat management positions. DFO plans to help offset the reductions of staff by the creation of 40 new habitat stewardship and monitoring officers' positions. The Fisheries Act has no provision for such positions and provides no authority for them to conduct inspections, to respond to complaints or to enforce the Fisheries Act. Fish habitat protection funding will be cut by $2.3 million in 2005 if the Federal budget is passed with further cuts to a total of $7 million a year by 2007. "It is no wonder that this is being done in secrecy-it is an affront to decades of hard work by Canadians who care about their waterways and good public process," says Cliff Wallis, AWA Past-President and President of Friends of the Oldman River, who is upset by the latest news. "We need to strengthen, not weaken, our enforcement capacity and funding for conserving fish habitat. This is the most important tool for protecting and improving the quality of our aquatic environment." The Standing Senate Committee on Fish Habitat has prepared an Interim Report which states: "It would be a serious mistake if the Department's fish habitat program were to be adversely affected by an internal reallocation. Moreover, the Committee strongly believes that the DFO needs additional funding." The 2002 Annual Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development which oversees the Auditor General's environmental petitions process noted that: protecting fish and fish habitat had been the most dominant concern of petitioners during the first five and a half of the petitions process-nearly half of environmental petitions touched on fish and fish habitat or related issues; and in 2002, the DFO continued to be one of the most petitioned federal departments. For more information contact: Martha Kostuch: 403.845.4667 or Cliff Wallis: 403.271.1408
  21. Those size 24 midges are getting a little harder to see. Happy B-day Topo..
  22. This is the greatest Dave I know...three cheers for Dave.
  23. A fly fishing doctor....Yea! congrats all around, I have a cousin who also graduated last week and will be doing her residency in obsetrics also at the U of A. I guess they are not full DR.'s untill they complete the residency...a few more years left she said.
  24. This sure puts a damper on fishing Rocky next weekend..
  25. So you boys are fishing not one but two flies, that should double your chances....no wonder you folks have high net counts. What ever happen to the one fly presentation. One fly one fish..as Roderick Haig Brown once said. I would bet 80% of the time fish is caught on the dropper and not the intended presentation. For the fish it must be like dining out at a buffet. Might as well fish a pickeral rig at the end of that flyrod. Jack Dennis introduced this in his seminars in the US after fishing NZ in the early 90's
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