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  1. Catatonic Leech: Hook: Streamer #10-14 Tail: Olive marabou Body: Olive marabou dubbed onto thread Comments: Have seen Don's, not sure if he ties it the same. I use light olive, gets darker when wet. Killer in Black as well. Very easy fly to tie, very effective. Simply tie in the tail, as wooly bugger style, put some dubbing wax onto the thread and dub a body of marabou. Fish it "chironomid style". Put an indicator on about 6-10 feet above the fly and let it sit there. Keep a tight line, and give it a twitch every few minutes, but no more than that. This fly seems to work really well in the early spring.
  2. Looks like it was a great trip QT. Sometimes its not only about catching fish, a goldern trout is a lifetime achivement for some. That lake looks huge :-) Cheers Roy
  3. Just wanted to praise the webmasters and helpers for maintaining this great site. Kudos for maintaining a website of this calibre, it's alot of work, and a labour of love as it were. As most of us move to smart phones and tablets, the RSS feeds are a quick informative feature that's great. Keep up the good work, your hours of devotion is appricated. Roy..
  4. Here is an interview with master rod builder/designer Gary Loomis. Gary now owns North Fork Composites located in Woodland, Washington. Gary is a pioneer in the fishing rod industry and this video is very informative to say the least. If you are thinking a building a rod, he shares a few tips. I have know Gary for about 20 years visited the factory a few weeks ago. Gary has a business venture with Texas based Temple Fork Outfitters and creates the signature series rods for Temple fork. We discussed the new BVK series rods. http://www.steelheadstalkers.com/title_spo...gary-loomis.htm
  5. Hi Quentin, I fished for goldern's in the High Serrias in California. Never fished for them in Southern Alberta.These species of trout mostly live in high altitude lakes and small creeks. It was a three mile hike to the lake in question, so I had to pack light. Carry a full selection of your favorite dries and nymphs and fish them as you would normally. As with most most high altitude lakes and it's getting late in the season, it will depend on temperature, which drives bug activity. In saying that the most productive patterns for dries for me were attractor patterns royal trudes, wulff's and caddis in seize 16 to 14. And nymphs seizes 10 to 16 medium weighted - I had bead heads, prince, gold ribbed hare's ear and pheasants. These trout are not too picky. Hope you are very successful. Great meeting you tonight, pleasure hearing reports from the group. Roy
  6. Well persistence pays off. went back to visit my friends, the 4 were still sitting in the pool, big browns don't move around too much, photo of only 3, (lower left) spooked the largest estimated to be 24+ inches, he headed to his spot in the weeds. Caught a 12". Will try for the bigger tomorrow.
  7. Thanks Vince, No one yet, i know Dennis has fished it, but he's off for a week, hopfully fishing. Its been a few years, I have a few ideas, where to go. I am trying to map all the holes by GPS. It's hot again out here and can see a couple of stoneflies. Will try the upper forks. Cheers roy...
  8. Just looking for information on fishing Prairie Creek. Explored the North, South and Centre Forks. Anyone willing to give info on the best streach or any info would be appricated. Prairie looks like its also accessable from Secondary 752 and Range Road 390 heading east as it comes back to meet the Cline, any info on the fishing there as well, or any where in the area. Too lazy to sit in a belly boat, from the locals they say Struble is fishing O.k -Thanks in advance for any information shared. The rest of the North Sasketchewan drainage is fishing well, fished most of the tributaries on the forestery trunk, Shunda, Joice, Cripple, Onion, Hummingbird, Easy, Nice, Philip, Elk after the South Ram, good numbers of fish, up to 12 inches in the smaller creeks. The North/South and main Ram River is fishing well, bigger fish after mile 14 on the North Ram, the river has changed since the flooding, Friday was a 40+ day with most fish taken upstream of the Ram River Bridge. Fish are starting to pool for winter. First time a cutt has refused my trusty Nymph pattern for a dry. I experienced about 4 blue winged olive hatches on diffrent parts of the river, and of course they are always about a seize 24, they rally key in on the seize and colour, which was a very pale olive/yellow. I can never match the hatch, so i watch them chase to the end of the pool to feast. Fished the North Raven River and its tributaries yesterday, I saw four 18" to 24" browns for the first time laying in one pool, slurping PMD's in the early AM. Was on the river at the second bridge (Buck for Wildlife)....it's the big hole at the end of the fence as it makes the bend. Tread lightly, they know you are comming. As Dave Robinson say's he seen a lot of after they take off downstream, I saw the same, difficult fishing, the willows are raly starting to overgrow the banks, and the weeds have taken over, but i am sure the browns like the cover. Did not catch any fish, I am totally out of tuned to Barry Mitchell and Don Anderson's waters, determined to head back on Friday for more discouragment. Must of lost a flybox of files in the willows, got to carry more tippet material, rally out of tuned to the creek. Caught brookies at the headwaters and the springs. Saw some nice large signs, at each bridge, good conservation work. Cheers Roy...
  9. Just thought i would post a report on the Beaumont Pond. Spent the last couple of days out at Beaumont Pond teaching a young one how to flyfish, great experience. Could find any reports, so though i would try it out. Fishing is very tough, not many risers at late evening, but seen a few big fish gulping chironomids just below the surface. This pond has an abundance of food and forage fish. One evening i spent time watching the insects hatch, as Ranger Bob would say I gave up about two pints of fresh blood for the experience, between sporadic rain showers and sunshine you could actually match the chrono/mosquito hatch for about 1/2 an hour then it was all over. I did see two ducks fishing for minnows, and one actually came up with what i though was a crayfish, anyone seen them in this pond? I was amazed by the seize, this one was about 4 inches long. I have seen them at the man made pond in Morinville. Cheers Roy...
  10. I had the opportunity to pick up this book by Dave Hughes after Dennis introduced it to me yesterday. Going through my library, the information that lies within the pages comes from almost five great books done by the likes of Rick Hafele, Jim Schollmeyer and Bob Scammell. If you are a beginner fly tyer, or fairly new to the quiet sport of fly fishing i would definitely recommend reading the tying the simple very effective proven eastern slope patterns. Thanks Dennis, now i have to buy more stuff.. Roy..
  11. More for the purest of trout anglers, The Complete Angler is a film by James Prosek (artist/writer), Fritz Mitchell (producer/editor) and Peter Franchella (cinematographer). It documents Prosek's travels as he walks in the footsteps of the 17th century English writer, Izaak Walton—"research" for his senior thesis at Yale. The film focuses on Walton's book, The Compleat Angler, a book that many have heard of but few have actually read. I did try reading this book many years ago, but never finished it. It did add to the understanding of the pleasures of the trout and fly fishing from other books by G.M Skews, Halford and Francis Francis. and creators of the Nymph and the dry fly. The film is at :- The Compleat Angler was first published in 1653, but Walton continued to add to it for a quarter of a century. It is a celebration of the art and spirit of fishing in prose and verse; 6 verses were quoted from John Dennys's 1613 work Secrets of Angling. It was dedicated to John Offley, his most honored friend. There was a second edition in 1655, a third in 1661 (identical with that of 1664), a fourth in 1668 and a fifth in 1676. In this last edition the thirteen chapters of the original have grown to twenty-one, and a second part was added by his friend and brother angler Charles Cotton, who took up Venator where Walton had left him and completed his instruction in fly fishing and the making of flies. Clear skies and rising trout Roy...
  12. -Just passing this along, please disregard if its old news New electronic magazine, if flytying is your thing Hooked Now - done by Dave Hughes, Skip Morris, Rick Hafele The first edition is free - http://hookednow.com/
  13. I tried remembering th last time i fished a Stone Fly Hatch, after the last post, I am busy blowing the dust off my fishing gear. By the looks of it, there is a lot of new cool stuff out there, just had a chance to visit Wholesale Sports in South Common, got lost in the flyshop, i want one of everything :-) . Looks like i will be spending a few bucks at the outdoor show next week. I thought i would go through a fishing journal i keep way back in the days. To add to the excitement just read a piece in the Edmonton Sun. http://www.edmontonsun.com/life/columnists...8/17672686.html Here is a page from that fishing log, if you are chasing the hatch, we have a lot more snow this year, and its going to be a late spring with huge run-offs. I plan on hitting Stauffer in the next 2-3 weeks, weather permitting. North Raven River (Stauffer) March 27th 1987 Fish time – 10:00 – 17:00 Hrs Fishing with Lloyd Shea and Bill Miller Fishing Township 372A and Range 53 upstream Total fish 51 largest 24” German Brown Skwala stones – similar to little yellow stoneflies Tiny Winter Black (Nemoura spp) North Ram River June 11th 1987 Fish time – 07:30 – 22:00 Hrs. Fishing with Brian Dygdala (fishin hole) Roman Scharabun Fished the honey hole at the first bend to mile 6, Fished Hummingbird, Philip and cripple creek Total fish 283 largest fish at 22” at mile 6 BlackStone hatch Crowsnest River August 26th 1987 Fish time – 06:00 – 22:00 Hrs. Fishing with Roman Scharabun Fished Hillcrest and Lumbreck Falls Most fish taken at the falls Total fish 604 fish, 22 Bull Trout largest fish 25” bull Golden Stone Fly Hatch ( Acroneuria pacifica)
  14. Haven't chased any stonefly hatches for what seems like ages. But rememder vividly chasing the golden stones on the Crowsnest. Black stones in March on the North Raven and April/May on the Bow. Roy..
  15. Okay, had a great time at the show last night, good to see old faces and a privilege to meet new ones. In conversation about what else but fly gear. The norm these days seem towards faster line speeds and stiffer rods. We all want to throw out 150 feet plus line out there in one cast, and it works well for lakes, but line control and presentation not to mention accuracy becomes an issue. I really wanted to play with the now old Sage launch series rods, being an old Sage and Orvis fan I own a few of the older models. When I fist looked at these rods at the Shops, the first attraction was the price, and the color of the blank. The champagne color was very close to the new Orvis CFO reels, you don’t want to be caught dead on the creek, and not color coordinated, don’t want to get caught by the fashion police like that TV show on TLC. I had in the past acquired a 2wt.TFO series one, and was paying attention to the TiCr. Having recently come to be in the market for a new three weight (yeah, like when are we NOT in the market for a new rod?) So I laid out the arsenal on the back lawn this morning, followed by a light flurry shower, whatever happened to global warming? Sage, Orvis, Hardy, G-Loomis, Powell, Winston, TFO, were test subjects Reading reviews on the web everyone seems impressed with its performance and hated the color of the blank. The test was to be able to throw big bugs with the Launch three weight (376), keeping in mind not to lose accuracy and be in control of the cast. A 3wt. rod is not meant for chucking wooly buggers, but there are instances, where you wish it could. The launch was very light in the hand, mated with a Hardy Marquis#2. Almost like it was not even there. Very comfortable grip with the typical primo SAGE cork that is not too narrow or fat, just the right cigar shape grip that fit the inside of the hand. Well, it was loading beautiful with about five feet of line out and then casting into about 50 feet of line like it was the same five. The rod is a medium fast action but VERY sensitive. You could feel every move you made with it. Accuracy is within limits, I was in the bulleyes every time even with a medium wind, this would account for the longer rod length for the launch 3 wt. at 7’6” a lot longer than the other 3wt. in its class. Rod cosmetics were superior as well, as compared to the more expensive rods, very impressed with the fit and finish its almost matched to the Winston and Powell. Great nickel silver hardware top off a very functional piece of wood for a spacer. Guides are all stiff snake and the wraps are as good as on the Winston. No sloppiness here. And in this day and age of rods not having a tube with them, this one goes beyond with a very attractive green cordura tube with partition on the inner sock. In a two piece the blanks never rub against each other. The disturbing part of his test is I liked casting the 2 piece over the 4 piece. The 2 piece seemed more sensitive, but would only be able to justify this while casting in water. Bottom line if you are new to the quite sport of flyfishing and looking for primo gear without the primo price tag look at the Sage launch. The temple fork series is a good alternative, but I am leary with the assembly, fit and finish. I had to take back my series one twice back to the flyshop because of flaws in the rod. The Sage rods all have serial numbers on them where as the TFO’s don’t that tells me that they are mass produced with little quality or no quality control in the actual making of the rod. At $219:00 with 10% off ( $197.00 plus tax ) at the show it’s an incredible value compared to the big players. With that said, and this is just my two bits I like casting well made flyrods, I am not a rod builder and would never attempt to build a rod. Rod building is an art and should be left to master rod builders with years of experience. Must say, if you are in the market for a new rod and don't want to spend the kids inheritance or if you do but want money for the fishing trip, check into the Launch series. You cannot go wrong. Roy...
  16. This sounds like a another trout hunt, remember the pool and the fly, would you be able to loan a poor troutie a few more of these precious gems... Roy..
  17. Large schools of educated trout, now I am going to have a sleepless night....pictures please... Roy...
  18. Welcome John, I have always wanted to turn of the main highway before Kamloops and head up the hill to Tunkwa, but it never materialized. Instead the main stop was at Douglas lake Ranch. You must miss those Gerard strain fighting rainbows from the Kootenay's! Roy..
  19. Thanks for the reply Vince, glad to see that you are happy with it, you must have the 379. The Launch is getting rave reviews at its price point which is now 219:00 for the 2piece. I talked to a fly fishing school and they are switching to this series, because of quality of the rod, for beginning casters. Where I was going with the post was the new patented process they have come up in stripping out unneeded weight, making the rods lighter, so you can feel the action and loading characteristics. In theory If you can feel the dynamics of the rod, you can better control your cast, with better loop control. To me it simply means you can come close to the technology of a $600.00 rod at a bargain price. I have order 3 to 6 wts., will put them to the test. Roy...
  20. I was looking at good cheap flyrods and had a chance to look at the the Sage Launch Series Rods. They feel impressive, will not know till I can cast one. They may be a few out there, can someone provide some feed back on these rods and the story behind the new technology. Through Sages exclusive G5 process, they were able to remove every gram of unnecessary material from each rod blank and replace traditional glass hoop fibers with lighter, more responsive graphite. In fishing terms, this means these rods provide anglers with an incredibly high line feel and response, resulting in intuitively better casting. This would leave my old G2 and G3 heavier in weight, by a few ounces but no one is counting. It would also lead to a rod with a lower breaking strength since low modulus tend to break easily??? Don't want to bore you, but it helps to know why you paying $600.00 for that 4wt. rod. I will keep it shorter than Mr. Robinson explanations, sorry dynamic Dave . Simply put, graphite is a carbon fiber material containing micro graphite crystals. When these are combined with certain resins and textile materials, they produce the graphite filaments that are used in rod blank production. Modulus/IM and Ton Rating is the term referring to the elasticity of the graphite. It is the relationship between stress (the applied force per square inch) and strain (the amount of deformation that the force causes per square inch). You can think of modulus as stiffness. The IM and/or Ton rating refers to the overall modulus of the material. Some Rod builders we use a unique blend of high tensile strength AGC (Aerospace Grade Carbon) fibers which give your rods a super strong backbone with added sensitivity. You will also notice the light weight that allows for effortless casting and all day fishing comfort. Rating Chart used by rod manufactures IM-6 Graphite = 30+ Ton Material (Standard Modulus) IM-7 Graphite = 35+ Ton Material (Intermediate Modulus) IM-8 Graphite = 40+ Ton Material (Intermediate/High Modulus) IM-10 Graphite = 54+ Ton Material (High Modulus) While most high end rods fall into the IM7 and IM8 graphite categories, the unique blending of intermediate and high modulus materials create Multi Modulus Graphite. This gives high end rods one-of-a-kind actions and superior sensitivity and durability. Resin is an adhesive that is combined with graphite fiber to create the material that is used for graphite rod production. high end rods uses P.E. (Polymeric Elastomer) Resin System which is a combination of rubber materials and thermoplastics. This combination allows for greater bonding power of the graphite fibers and also aids in the overall flex, hoop strength and impact resistance of the rod blank. This may not seem like a big deal, but casting into the wind chucking a size 6 woolly bugger on the Bow all day, ends up in a very sore shoulder the following day.... Roy..
  21. I have no issues with sharing this kind of info lance, as Mitchell would say "I hate secrets". There is alot of variations to this pattern as much as any pattern with the evolution of materials. I am rally impressed with the free application FlySource http://flysource.net/. I plan to add a few older patterns, and in time build an electronic fly library with photos and fishing notes. This would be a great digital logbook. Roy..
  22. This is on my list of events this year, we should take it in... Roy.
  23. Cost of the first was app. $27.00, with inflation maybe $30 - 35.00 by todays cost. Roy.. The book is out available at the Fishing Hole for $35.00, can't see any new material, but I just had a quick brouse... they had a few Jack Dennis videos on sale for $14.00 as well. Roy..
  24. Just though I would share. Just getting ready for the season and came across a mount of the mid 80's. This was a 24" brown taken on Stouffer in spring late evening. It was cool in those days to mount the catch. Here is the fish story in a nut shell. I was at the north side fishing hole in the afternoon late April, just dropped in to see the crew. Roman Scharabun walks in, and we start talking about fishing and other things. We usually try to hit Shunda Creek at ice off, and started planning for the following weeks for FTR, but there were no reports, and no one would tell, hate to drive to Rocky and visit a frozen river. We usually had a travel rod in the car year round, he looked at me and said lets do Stouffer, be there by evening, he smiled and said I'll meet you at the second bridge, got to get coffee at 7 eleven, we fished till dark, caught 19 fish between us, and finally caught back up at the bridge around 11:00. He asked what the hell is in the back of your vest, I pulled out Henry ( henry because he was so grand, like henry the eight, not to mention heavy) wrapped in wet grass. We had a good laugh and thought we got to do more night fishing. The offspring's of Henry live there today, so thread lightly, peek around bends and do allot of observing, they are there, but don't want to be seen. Henry was caught on the Stouffer Creek Special as tied by LLoyd Schea. Roy..
  25. I know all yours are empty.. will loan you some this year. Do you even remember how to tye anymore Roy Boy? I's got fur and feathers and gots lots of crazy glue, but the crazy glue keeps melting my chenille, there must be a trick to this, and now all the feathers are stuck to my fingers, where's scratch when you need him? Roy
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