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  1. Thanks for the link Gary..seems like the Glossmer silk is a little diffrent. I can also find marabu silk.. Have to do a little research. Roy
  2. As always Kudos to the webmaster on the hours of work being done on the website. Your efforts are most greatly appricated. cheers Roy
  3. Thanks Dennis, I may have to buy a personal copy as well Roy..
  4. Florin, Please order at least 2 copies, i know Dennis will be hogging the only copy ordered all winter. cheers, roy
  5. Hand on to these, great finds, the Doug Swisher i have came with a VHS video... great old reference material for a long cold winter. Roy
  6. I have consulted now 4 dozen or so books even going back to the original fly tying Hughes and Randall Kaufmann guides... some old goto's as some would say, these patterns are great but some are intense in materials and time to time, if i have to use three or more materials in a pattern, it will not meet the criteria. The research out of G.M Skews, Halford is heading too far back, but are the very best of the old school english staples, got to take into account evolution and the changing species of insects looks like I am finding the basic pattern for each class of insect that fish seem to forage on .... so, 2 boxes for the goto's and a third for the ones that should work in the area fished. Roy.. Roy..
  7. Vince a great easy tie and a good fish catcher in sizes 14 and 16 that covers all the emergers in the Mayfly category. I rarely see seizes 12 and larger in our region but there are exceptions, green drakes on the Elk can reach this size. 18's and smaller covers the chironomids. A heavy scud hook works well for the emergers, and for late evening top film feeders if tied with a very light dry fly hook it will float to some degree depending on the amount of dubbing used in the thorax, and the length of you leader. I guess I should of place this in the pattern section sorry guys. Roy..
  8. In my quest and research for for eliminating those hundreds of flies from the fly box. I came across a an old article on a a lost hard drive sent to me in 2004 (published 2005)by Dave Sylstra of the California flytyers, a super effective pattern, super easy. Here you go Dennis this one is for you... please do not tie in your favourite colours to match the hatch in your favourite streams... The key to the success for this fly is the hook... roy... SimpleSoftHackle.pdf
  9. Michael, I think (we) may have an addiction, we may have to place ourselves in the program Fly Patterns Anonymous or (FPA). Where do we find the space to pack the lot. I revistied and refreshed alot this summer, most of us have been fishing for at least 15 years or so, we spend way too much money on unnecessary equiptment that we could truly do without, and every year we always seem to jump on the latest new trend, may it be new equiptment or new fly patterns, we sure keep the flyshops well stocked, I am bad for that. Taking into consideration that this once quiet sport of flyfishing is evolving rather rapidly, and affordably, there is way too much cool stuff out there, that we did not have a few years ago. Where am i going with this... well I sat on the riverbank one day this summer and was out fished by an old friend that I havn't fished with for years, I had a humbling lesson on emtomology and flyfishing that I just didn't regurgitate from years past my strategy changed his didn't. When i showed up dressed for battle all decked out in high tech gear, i saw a rising smile on his face. There are only rally two types of fly patterns - immitating naturals and attractor patterns, with many variations in the latter. I think I am returing to the older western patterns of the Dennis, Brooks, Hughs, hafele ara As Dennis puts it soft hackles is a must for the wet fly catageory. My thoughts are two regular adjustable12 compartment myron flyboxes (weight reduced) for the regulars Drys/Wets with another for the region fished, this is taking into account the insect hatches and river basin. Research continues.. Roy...
  10. Dennis, I thiink I am going to follow your lead and start over as well, getting too caught up on too many patterns. I am down to 5 books on flypatterns i am researching with the goal of 21/2 fly boxes for East Slope waters. One for dries/emergers/terrestrials one for flynymphs/nymphs/choronomids, and one for the region or body of water you intend to fish. I know it can be done. Three primary colours, 2 seizes 2 basic fly patterns. Will be interesting. Michael what do you think? Roy.
  11. Congrats on your new rod Vince, after casing Mike Dell's many years ago they are a fine instrument. Mr. Andersen is one of the best amoung the Bamboo Crafters, if I didn't have an Orvis I would be very tempted. Great photos Don
  12. Jim, I have seen that (cough, cough) 1980's vintage Canadian Tire yellow fibreglass rod.... looks like bamboo... Roy
  13. Excellent Greg, great production. Keep them comming.. Roy..
  14. I think from all the posts Gary we are back to 6 fly boxes...
  15. Bob Quigley was one of the greatest tiers of his generation. He refined and shared the techniques (and the flies) that are now standard on difficult waters such as Hat Creek, Hot Creek, and the Fall River. His patterns—or more accurately his style of patterns—are in widespread use across the world. The Quigley Cripple, Film Critic, and Hackle Stacker are just a few of the patterns that didn’t just find their way into thousands of fly boxes—they inspired thousands of fly tiers who used the techniques and materials to build their own creations. http://www.flyfisherman.com/2012/06/22/bob-quigley-passes/#axzz1z0qJuQZR
  16. Yes Dave, We should have a coffee scession where a few of the more interested members or all can meet for a gab secession, i find there isn't rally enought time at the meeting to see what everyone is up to and catch up on all the tricks. We have a great knowlegde base and a great bunch of members and non members alike. Roy...
  17. Thanks almighty Judo chop i have old numbers, here is the droid 940 - 6040, will try for coffee @ T's on 50th, will try to raise Ranger Bob. roy..
  18. I talked to the fishing hole today and they will order the tippet rings from Wapsi Fly, don't know when they will come in, If they take too long will place a personal order. http://www.wapsifly.com/acctpr.html Roy...
  19. Ya hoy mattie, How's the little trout maniacs... i see Lindsay passing me by on my runs, call sometime... roy..
  20. Thanks all, Will see first if i can source them locally, great way to use a dropper, save your leader, or use varing seizes of tippets for ever changing stream conditions. Roy..
  21. Happy belated Birthday Kristi, when you look across the room at meeting night next time, is what you have to look forward to in the far off future Roy..
  22. I just would like to thank Florin for a great presentation this week. This was a very, very good attempt at such short notice, as well as and very informative. Reminds me of some of the Club Tying Events years past. I think there will be two new patterns added to my test flybox this year. I am now informed on UV. Does anyone use the Nymphing rig in question, I am on the hunt for the tippet rings, or at least see one. I thought i could buy a few swivels and butcher them, but they are not the same. I may have to source them out of the states with a few furled leaders. Boy has the technique changed over the years..... when you think your seen everything? Thanks for a great presentation, job well done roy..
  23. Gary, I haven't done this a swap in years, but if i only have to tie 8 (9) or so, put me down. i will tie a Chelsea Callibaetis (nymph) Roy...
  24. Would Mr. Anderson care to share how its fishing in the last few days.... pretty please Don.. Roy
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