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  1. Well I thought this muddy situation would be quiet history, but someone wasn't as tight lipped as i though... with pictures to boot. Yes i am very happy that i was not alone on this trip, in years past i wouldn't give it a second though to venture down the river for miles, down unexplored parths and even the great bear trail at mile 14 on the North Ram. I have gone as far as night fishing for big browns on stauffer. In our conversation later it was agreed that this was a great lesson experienced by all of us. Safety planning and eyes and mind on task should be good pratice. A great time had by the three musketeers. As Dennis commented, my two friendly flyfishing friends decided to HOG the pool, leaving me to fish the slack water.. i had to make a 100ft plus cast with a three wt. rod above the tailout, beacuse that was where majority of the large fish were. We were treated with an all day drizzle of rain and cold weather only to have very short periods of sunshine that activated hatches of midges, pale evening duns and march browns. In the heat of the moment (Mud Sticking) i had a chance to test a few spider patterns tied from a few old books, fished with a lestering lift i found these to be deadly, what was more interesting is using a few flymph patterns subsurface. I watched Dave take numerous hammering hits on his red humpy commenting on the red silk that it was tied with and it didn't change colour when it was wet. I then recalled a passage from Sylvester Nemes book tiny soft hackles where there was a pattern i tied a red silk and snipe, that had the same effect subsurface. We caught a few fish a good estimation would be 50 to 60 each with seizes from 7 to 14 inches. I did have a good take that broke of right away on a streamer, it had to be a bull trout, by the way it took and headed out of the pool. A great day that ended with a very good and safe story to tell. Will be doing it again soon. I have attached a picture of the pool hoggers...
  2. If you are looking to tighten up that loop and get more accuracy on your basic roll cast, check out this lesson given by Yakima River Guide Joe Rotter from Red's in Washington. I tried it and work great even on large rivers. Note the lenght of rod Joe is using. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LTK8i0WMuE&feature=share&list=UUYCS7rft1xY6wvONblIpYdA Cheers Roy....
  3. Grayling in Nordegg. That's a funny one! Roy
  4. Thanks for sharing Gary, I downloaded all three episodes last month and complied them together. Helps to pass the long winter months ahead. Here's a real interesting one. I made it into a loop screensaver. http://youtu.be/D3Bb6LvP2-U
  5. Thanks for the update Kristi.. Cheers Roy
  6. A real interesting piece of history Gary. Very enjoyable, thanks for sharing.
  7. What we have been yearning and longing for is finally here. Salmo Trutta and distant cousin Oncorhynchus Mykiss wants to see the prize. Show them your fine English feathers bound by pure silk upon a partridge hook. Too bad my funbuster has the smell of summer so here comes the pruning, sprucing and flower planting... Heres wishing all a great Season filled with fine catches, and memories to last a lifetime. Those of us who will not in any circumstances cast except over rising fish are sometimes called ultra purists and those who occasionally will try to tempt a fish in position but not actually rising are termed purists... and I would urge every dry fly fisher to follow the example of these purists and ultra purists. --------- Frederic M. Halford Roy
  8. That's a great sign of progress, years back the volunteers to this gig were served sandwiches etc which we though were cool beacuse we got to eat with the models hired for the auction (flyfishing or tying wasn't the subject of conversation). Great to see the volunteers were well recognised and well rewarded for their time. A 5 piece Winston... or as its know "The Joan Wulff Special" Jim you are now better outfitted for that little creek north of David Thompson, the brookies are calling us once more. Roy..
  9. Great presentation Jim, now that the first one is past history... we would like to see a few more. Roy..
  10. No ice fishing against... the code, Walton would be turning in his grave, if we didn't give the fish a rest. Nose to the grindstone.. finishing a few patterns from Edmonds & Lee. I had completed orange & partridge, but they look a bit darker than translated, so have to make my own wax for pearsall's silk. As you know Sylvester Nemes is rally know for his midge pattern syl's midge. I have started tying from his instructions from his book Soft Hackle Fly Imitations.
  11. This would be considered winter (ice fishing)... I just can't do it. R.
  12. Turn the car around and head south.... There is trout down in those parts.... another dreaded stocking carfuffel ....
  13. Just a few more patterns a warmer temps.. R.
  14. It was a real fun event, thanks to all that participated, and to all that dug deep into their pockets. There are going to be a few new faces, that will now take up The Art Of Flytying. regards Roy...
  15. Great presentation, well done Rick. Its is very much worth it, the experience of a life time to catch a permit/bone/travelly/baracuda or even a dolphin (mahi-mahi) on a christmas island special or deceiver. I rally get a kick out of folks when they get all excited about fishing for large pike on a fly... wait till you hook up on jack crevalle and it burns up the drag on your reel. Roy..
  16. Don't forget to bring lots of cash as well.. there may be a few items someone wants to sell. Yes Dan I already have a box filled and a few Rods, i will be bringing with me.. For the old timers, this reminds me of the auctions we had at the Edmonton Trout Club. Its a great way to pass on good new/used stuff to the new members. It will be a fun time for all. Roy..
  17. I always wanted the club to have one of these.. thought it was this week but looks like next week... hoping i can make it.... off to the Hot Rod shop and swap in Vegas this weekend. Let's empty the closets of stuff you may never use in the future... go through those boxes that you haven't open in a few years. After reading Dave's post let's not just limit it to fly tying materials, but everything fly-fishing or if you are not a purest... bring along the course fishing stuff as well. Here are some ideas:- Fly tying materials ... any thing fly tying, from furs feathers threads beads tools to finishing cement. Even flies books, videos, photo's.. fly Fishing art. Rods and Reels.. lines Clothing, boots, packs, Belly boats.. drift boat.... Just a few ideas... stop being a hoarder Looking forward to our first great event Roy
  18. Lets change it to the Northern Lights Fly Tying and Fly Photography Club.... Roy..
  19. cane rod...cane rod..hmmmm. not to worry Jim as we get older some of us usually will have to own a cane.
  20. A real hearty thank you to the old exective and a grand hello and warm welcome to the carriers of the goldern torch for 2013. It takes a lot of work to run our little organization, most of it goes unrecognised. We may no say it enough, but thanks for being there. I am very proud to be a little part of somthing that has nurtured and has overgrown. Thanks to all. Cheers Roy
  21. Great pictures quentin, Looks like Jim the mastermind was putting his student to sleep
  22. A great presentation by Stewart. Now who will be the first to tie trout tube flies ? Roy..
  23. A one in a life time opportunity to meet the world of fly fishers and fly tyers Roy
  24. Merry Christmas to all as well. I have met many old friend and made a mant new ones. Everything Has Its Season Born in late winter and populated with fingers of trees still naked and grasping for the dull tin pie plate that passes for the sun in that cold country, the season begins. It begins with fly boxes fattened with speculation, cabin fever and hope, books with folded corners, maps torn with folding and re-folding, the click of a reel in the basement. And then somehow the season ends with a last trip, a last fish. And with fly boxes thin and gaunt and in need of filling. Here wishing all a great new year, and as Jack Dennis would say "May the spirit of FlyFishing be always with you" Cheers Roy..
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