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  1. I second Vince's comment.. great photos, thanks for sharing.. Roy..
  2. Happy Canada Day - Our home and native land! Roy..
  3. Can one of you old guys take me fishing... About 30 years ago all lakes in the surrounding area were called "put and take lakes". The province stocked, we took, beacuse fisheries knew they wouldn't reproduce or survive for any long period of time, they invented a stocking program. We even suggested placing un natural creeks in lakes like Hasse and Star, so we could trying spawing. Most took fish home, but with the establishment of organizations like the FFF and Trout Unlimited and others, we learned about Fisheries enhancement, and fish handling. Mostly beacuse of provincial budgets and the exponential growth of the sport, we are learning about conservation. Any fish Battling an angler is strenuous exercise for a hooked fish. The battle includes heavy pulling by all involved, plus acrobatic leaps and endurance swimming for the fish. Once the oxygen supplied to the blood from breathing through the gills runs short, the fish has to tap into the energy reserves found in the muscles to fuel the fight. This disrupts internal electrolyte and acid-base balance, builds up lactic acid in the muscles, and dumps lactate into the blood--consequences that could affect the health and survival of a fish after release. or so the biologist says.... happy eating. cheers Roy..
  4. Dennis many thanks for the report. Almost seems like one fish too many for the river reports. The Clearwater is registering a soild peak greater than 30 m3/s dischange for pre-runoff, which is very high for this time. Looks like a good time for the streamer fishermen or bait/weight fishermen, nice to hear bull trout is on someones menu. We may get a few days in May before water flows starts its steady increase ( run-off ). Lots of water as well around Stauffer, Parire Creek is high as well. Folks are still skidooing and sking far west of Nordegg, lots of late snowfalls in the mountains. Wading could be dangerous this time of year, watch the waterflows. It will be an interesting fishing season this year. Maybe I should tye a few flies since i don't have any. :-( Cheers Roy..
  5. Another great info scession by the Master of Stillwater Presentations. An all information packed scession of the how, why and when it comes to using strike indicators. Roy..
  6. Yes no mud.. Gee the snow is almost gone.. i better get tying.. Dennis can i borrow a few klinks and softee's.. Stauffer should be primp and propper, no reports, might be good this weekend. Roy..
  7. Thanks for posting an excellent list Neil Roy..
  8. Ken, I see that mark is recommending the Type ll good choice but for the same price, same specs and a slightly better action the Type l looks interesting, just a thought. roy..
  9. Yes! I am hoping I will get very lucky and catch at least one, then check it off on the bucket list... Roy..
  10. I know a nice pool on that grayling river.. i might come pick you up Jim to resolve the cabin fever.. if it stops snowing... Roy.
  11. I guess i will have to start taking my rod to bed...
  12. At least the bears and wildlife will head further west, and there are a few rally large big black bears in the area. Roy..
  13. flyfish

    Checking In

    Welcome Chad, Catching fish is only part of the experience, its a great past time away from that day timer, and scheduled meetings. My best days are fishless days with great company. The club has a lot to offer, welcome. Cheers Roy..
  14. May be we should join the ranks of major manufactures like SIMM's and others with a very attractive yet small 3" emblem or logo. It seems to work for them, and as informed the quality of our Tee's are very good, which is a selling point. It's been my experience that a small very bright, distracting logo gets a second look, if adverstising we are after. Vince, agreed with your statemant and personal view, lets keep it low key, artsy and have a very good deep colour selection. We are already being bombarded by the blaring camouflaged Duck Dynasty hysterior, with those make no sence sayings... but we do live in beautiful Alberta.. "that's right Jack... Hope the membership comes to a great decision, Cheers Roy..
  15. The Alberta Claves... Jim it would be great to do this one at Barnaby Ridge, hopfully we will get some warm weather that late in the high mountains, if we are looking at late August. There are a few measly insect hatches mid july early august in past years. Its a good hike, so the lead time will help getting the cardio and leg muscles up. We promise not to have any so called discussions on world politics, and surly climate change over light sips of single malt. :-0 Roy..
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