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  1. We just need an organizer guy. I’ll support any effort to make things easier.
  2. I read it this morning. It’s more than sad. I hope the bsatards get caught. I’d like to help him get back on his feet or on the water. Any suggestions? Maybe some sort of a fly swap only going in one direction.
  3. Where in the mountains you headed? We’re going to be in Jasper until next Thursday. With any luck I’ll have a report to post when I get back
  4. Three of us fished Shemeluk yesterday. In total we got 4 about 17” and 4 about 12”. And a whole bunch of this year’s plants. We got together on the lake about 4:00 and decided to take a look at Brodrick Lake. It’s a few hundred yards from Shemeluk though a gated pasture. This was not to be because some a$$ parked his car in front of the gate. He was either stupid or thoughtless; maybe he was both.
  5. A good site: http://forum.fishbc.com/
  6. Happy Birthday Doc, get yourself some new toys.
  7. I was just told Mitchell’s Guide says it winterkills every year. If that’s the case I guess I won’t be going there after all. Maybe Millar's Lake then. I have to wet a line some place.
  8. Thanks dipperdan. Just might give it a try tomorrow. I’ll report when I get back.
  9. Has anyone information about the Ashland Reservoir near Warburg? I know its been stocked but I’ve never been there.
  10. Looks like we're going to try Muskiki tomorrow. Never been there so it should be interesting. I talked with F&W this morning and the lady said most of the foothill lakes are ice free. If Muskiki isn't okay we'll head down to Goldeye.
  11. Thanks Rockyman. I presume ice out will be near the end of May, I’m going to give it a try.
  12. Is this a hike in lake? I located it on Map Source but it does not show any roads.
  13. don't know how come my post ended up twice. Yep, sure do.
  14. Talk about a hijacked thread, not that I mind. I’d sure like to get to the meeting tonight to buy a membership. I got to buy a bunch of stuff but I’m putting it off so I can get the discount. Darn I won’t be able to make it; I have to wet a few flies and stretch a line. I’ll let you know how cooperative the rainbows were tomorrow.
  15. I haven’t been out to Pheasant Tree for a couple of years. We started going to Wessex a couple of years ago and found the cover is better and there is a pond there where the dogs can cool off.
  16. Sorry Richard, we’re full this trip. We’re going to Wessex Game Birds, just north of Calgary. I’ll keep you in mind for the next time, but it may not be until next fall. What kind of dogs have you got?
  17. I’m going to shoot a few birds on Saturday. Usually I just breast them and maybe take a few saddle hackles. If anybody needs some feathers please let me know. I should have both hens and roosters.
  18. We managed to make it to the meeting last night; unfortunately the membership guy was not there so we couldn’t purchase our memberships, next time. The fly tying demonstration was enjoyable and not surprising, I learned a couple of things. We’ll be back.
  19. The last time I fished Muir was on a rainy day, early June, in 1960. I remember that day well because it was the day I got a ‘Dear John’ phone call from my girlfriend. She told me to go fly a kite; I went fishing instead. The fish were far more cooperative than my girlfriend. From the sounds of things here, I think I’ll drop by on opening day not to fish, but to witness the event. I think it will be a hoot.
  20. Meetings are every Wednesday, right? I’m thinking about bringing my son-in-law. He’s just started tying flies and I think he’ll learn more from you guys in one night than he will from me in a year. I presume memberships are available tomorrow. I’ll recoup the membership fee from the Fishin’ Hole in no time. I look forward to meeting some of you fine folk.
  21. I spent many enjoyable hours talking with Mr. Turnbull when he looked after the fly fishing department at Edmonton Tire. It was his influence on my father that got me my first glass rod, an Eagle Claw 8’6” and my first dry line. I had no idea he was connected to Turnbull Motors; you can tell where my mind was back then.
  22. Thank you for the welcome. Dragon Troller, if you father is Reg then yes I have met him but never really became acquainted. From everything I know it is my loss really. I think Fred was one of the founding members along with Doug Kilburn, Andy McNally and a few others whose names escape me right now. Flywing; Wow that’s a big order. I tie a Carey that seems to work and a double shrimp and a sort of a Tom Thumb that Fred Turnbull taught me, and a grey nymph and, well, there are just too many to list, it mostly depends on the water I am fishing and what I am going for. I guess I love dry fly fishing most but don’t get the chance much. I fish in Jasper National Park: Maligne, Medicine, Moab, Pyramid, and Horse Shoe. When ever I can I fish a few lakes on Vancouver Island. I’ve started to make an annual pilgrimage to the San Juan River in New Mexico. This was my second trip and found it to be a real HOOT. Oh, and just one question. How many posts do I have to make to get rid of that maggot thing attached to my name?
  23. Hi, I’m new here and already I’ve learned a lot, thanks. I’m not new to tying flies though; I started tying about 50 years ago. And I’ve been fly fishing that long as well. For those that are older than dirt like I am, the name Fred Turnbull may ring a bell. It was Fred that taught me a lot about fly tying and gave me one-on-one fly casting instructions at what was called Edmonton Beach on Cottage lake back then, Spring Lake to all you younguns. I’ll lurk for a while and won’t interrupt unless I feel I can add to the topic.
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