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  1. We just need an organizer guy. I’ll support any effort to make things easier.
  2. I read it this morning. It’s more than sad. I hope the bsatards get caught. I’d like to help him get back on his feet or on the water. Any suggestions? Maybe some sort of a fly swap only going in one direction.
  3. Where in the mountains you headed? We’re going to be in Jasper until next Thursday. With any luck I’ll have a report to post when I get back
  4. Three of us fished Shemeluk yesterday. In total we got 4 about 17” and 4 about 12”. And a whole bunch of this year’s plants. We got together on the lake about 4:00 and decided to take a look at Brodrick Lake. It’s a few hundred yards from Shemeluk though a gated pasture. This was not to be because some a$$ parked his car in front of the gate. He was either stupid or thoughtless; maybe he was both.
  5. A good site: http://forum.fishbc.com/
  6. Happy Birthday Doc, get yourself some new toys.
  7. I was just told Mitchell’s Guide says it winterkills every year. If that’s the case I guess I won’t be going there after all. Maybe Millar's Lake then. I have to wet a line some place.
  8. Thanks dipperdan. Just might give it a try tomorrow. I’ll report when I get back.
  9. Has anyone information about the Ashland Reservoir near Warburg? I know its been stocked but I’ve never been there.
  10. Looks like we're going to try Muskiki tomorrow. Never been there so it should be interesting. I talked with F&W this morning and the lady said most of the foothill lakes are ice free. If Muskiki isn't okay we'll head down to Goldeye.
  11. Thanks Rockyman. I presume ice out will be near the end of May, I’m going to give it a try.
  12. Is this a hike in lake? I located it on Map Source but it does not show any roads.
  13. don't know how come my post ended up twice. Yep, sure do.
  14. Talk about a hijacked thread, not that I mind. I’d sure like to get to the meeting tonight to buy a membership. I got to buy a bunch of stuff but I’m putting it off so I can get the discount. Darn I won’t be able to make it; I have to wet a few flies and stretch a line. I’ll let you know how cooperative the rainbows were tomorrow.
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