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  1. Who is Dave Mc Phail? And where is he from. Is he a lake or stream fisherman Brian D
  2. Congratulations Rick and Jim,I know that with guidance both of you will do a great job. It is nice to see some younger blood getting involved with the exec. From down south where the temp is in the low 70s and the golfing is good. See you all mid April Brian D
  3. Thanks for the pictures Paul Great job. Brian D.
  4. We are not able to get any one for tonight so we will have a FREE TYE Tonight sorry for the late notice. See you tonight.
  5. Happy Birthday Dave and many more to come. Brian D.
  6. Garham I we are short on Sunday Mar 20 for the Edmonton Boat and Sportsman show either from 10:00 to 1:30 or 1:30 to 5:00Pm please send me an email my address is under Programs on the news letter. Thanks for your help. Brian D
  7. Paul I sure could use your help on Sunday Mar 20 Edmonton Boat and Sportsman Show from either 10:00 to 1:30 OR 1:30 TO 5:00pM Please send me an email which you can find under programs on the news letter. Thanks for your help.
  8. Dennis great pictures. How was the fishing at STAR on Sat Brian D.
  9. Is the club Charter on this web site Brian D.
  10. Happy Birthday Dave may you enjoy good luck in your fishing this year and many more years to come. Brian ED.
  11. Too all the members may I wish you a Happy New Year and more fishing in the new year. Brian D.
  12. To all club members and those that want to be a club member MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A SAFE NEW YEAR bRIAN d.
  13. Montrel did a great JOB of beating those Sask folks yes it was on the last play but don't forget that Sask had a 16 point lead going into the 3 quarter YEA MONTREAL BRIAN D
  14. bourbon


    Wolly give it to me I can make it a 10 piece rod that ( new creation)can work anywhere. Brian D.
  15. Tee the format for WED Sept 23 is a free tye night so bring your vice and tye up some flies. Assl please see me and I can get your membership cleared up Thanks Brian D
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