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  1. Hello Vince I just read through this information and found it very disturbing and an underhanded method to bring prosperity back to Alberta at the cost of parks and pristine wilderness .The UCP government are sneaky politicians Thanks for the info
  2. Good morning glad to see that the fishing went well, and fish were caught way to go volunteer fisher people thank you for the update
  3. There are otters there now seen three of them around the beginning of June so they could / will become an issue for the trout
  4. I can almost see my fly caught in the willows in a couple years time trying to fish that area lol.
  5. To a man of many talents congratulations Barry
  6. i thought he was trying to get his fly out of the tree squirell hunting / fishing
  7. Good morning , i will be able to help see you there
  8. hello Dan i can help out on the weekend we can go over details on wednesday see you then jp
  9. hello dan count me in not sure which pattern yet but i will give it a go jp
  10. h Hello Jim i went last year for the first time so i am interested will see about the timing closer to the date mentioned looking forward to it
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