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  1. I went to the Clearwater on Friday and it is still low and very clear. I didn't hook any fish but did sight a few and had a great day. Went to North Raven on Saturday and got a few bites saw a few fish. I saw one fish about 2 feet lond with another fish in it's mouth side ways. I always thought that fish swallowed other fish down in one gulp so this was a strang sight.
  2. I am going to the Clearwarer tomorrow does any one know if it is flood at the moment. Unlike most on this site I will share my experience
  3. Thanks Rick, I have some flies that are very similar to what you are describing and will give then a shot this weekend. I hope the water is still a little murky. Thanks for sharing, it seems a little rare around here. Neil
  4. I'm glad you had a good day. Catching fish is always a bonus. I think that the run-off may have been a blessing as when I was there last week the water was so clear the fish saw me coming before I got out of the car. Care to share what your fly looked like? thanks Neil
  5. The ice was not off at 761 I don't know if there is open water below that or not. I fished up by the spring most of the day.
  6. No I forgot my camera. It was a beauful day but slogging through the snow was a real workout. I was trying out new sharkskin line, it casts nicely but sure is noisy. No fish caught but saw lots of 8 to 10 inch browns running around but very skitterish. I drifted everything I could think off right over their heads but they showed no interest and didn't appear to be feeding on anything. It was just great to get out and shake off the winter cobwebs.
  7. OK, so no one has been down to the North Raven yet. I went on Sunday and had a great day.
  8. Has anyone been to the North Raven yet this year? I was planning a trip there tomorrow and would like to know if the ice is off yet.
  9. Hi all. Do you have to be a club member to attend this conclave event? The reason I am not a member is that I work most evenings and can not attend meetings. I have been fly fishing for 5 years now and have never fished with anyone else in other words always alone. I don't even know if I am doing it the wright way. I have the clave weekend off and thought it might be a good chance to meet some other fishy folks. I enjoy this site and I am always looking for hints on what to use and where. thanks Neil Compton Edmonton
  10. Humming Bird is the place. Thanks for the info in a week or two I may have that all figured out. It is nice to have an expert on board to explain all this techno stuff to us mere mortals. Thanks Neil
  11. That is close but your not Humming yet.
  12. I started with a large picture but had to make is smaller to conform with the size of upload I am allowed. Cut is correct the river is near the FTR.
  13. Sorry I could not make the pictures larger. I don't know how some people seem to be able to post quite larges pictures.
  14. What is this fish and can you guess the river?
  15. I fished the North Raven last Sunday. I can't believe how many fish I saw swimming in large schools. All were swimming away from me at a quick rate. I am looking forward to a dry fly day it must be great. I took some pics how do I post them?
  16. Sounds like a great idea to go on Friday. Where on the Red Deer do you like to fish?
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