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  1. I had the opportunity to fish the Freeman River this past week end for Grayling. I had never caught a Grayling before and was very excited to give it a go. I stayed at the campsite where highway 32 crosses the river. The fishing was fantastic, there were a few things that I learned that I had not read about relating to fishing for Grayling. Fist is that all the fish that I caught were in relatively slow moving water, second you have to set the hook immediately just like with Brown trout, third don’t let your leader get ahead of your fly on the drift. All fish were caught on #18 little black parachute fly I’m not sure what it was called. The fish were all around the 10” to 12” size and I landed over 50. A great weekend all around. Neil

  2. I find that when I post things on this site I seldom get any response. It seems that there is a select group of people who communicate with each other but not with others. I would suggest that it is only people who go to the club meetings that talk to each other. I on the other hand work until 9 every night and can’t come to meetings but still enjoy the camaraderie of my online people with similar interests. have a great day...Neil

  3. I am off to the Blackstone to try and reproduce the great results I had last time. Will be staying by the bridge in little trailer and blue dakota Thurs Fri and Sat nights. Stop and say hi if you are in the area. I'll take my camera this time and try and get some pictures of those 22 inch cuts. Neil

  4. I went to Dolberg lake on the weekend and it was good and very bad. The good was the fishing the bad was someone stole my float tube. Don't leave anything down by the water even in the middle of the day. Neil

  5. Not kidding in any way what-so-ever. I would check your stats on Vermont, I have and according to Vermont fish and wildlife fawn survival rates are up. I suppose if the survival was 0% there would be no deer at all in Vermont. I just don't see the killing of animals as justiable. Sorry that we disagree but I quess that is whole idea behind discussion.

  6. Well, I went to the Ram area on the weekend and had a great time. The water levels were nice for this time of year and the water was gin clear. I didn’t catch as many cuts as I normally do but did get some nice ones. I think the weather was to cool for hatching and had little luck on dries catching most on small leaches. I hiked in to the falls on Fall creek but had no luck. It is about a two hour hike in, what used to be nice natural meadows are now muddy ruts created by ATVs it is a crime what these off road vehicles are doing to our wilderness areas. Once they have dug done so deeply with their machines that they can longer get through they simply drive into the meadows to create new ruts until the same happens again. What to do?

  7. I am going for a 4 day trip to the North Ram and was wondering if anyone could tell me the state of the rivers at the moment. I checked the gov flow charts but I must admit they don't mean much to me. thanks in advance Neil

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