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  1. We have started up "Flytie Tuesdays" in the Rose & c Crown in Calgary and these are the flies we will be tying. The "Bow River Bugger" will be the Fly taught on the night. The "CDC Loop Wing Biot Emerger" and the "Biot Midge Emerger" will be demonstrations, to be tied on another night. For more info visit "Flyfish Calgary" or get on our mailing list. Big Al (flytietuesday@hotmail.com)
  2. Check this link for pics and report on "Wild Thing" http://flyfishcalgary.com/wildthing.html
  3. HI,Everyone, We are holding a special "FTT" night in "The Rose & Crown" Thursday 2nd Feb 7-30pm when we are having most or all of the "Expos"guests down for a "Meet and Greet" We had it last year and it was great. We will also be tying The "Turks Tarantula" for those of you who would like to know how to tie it. Bring down your gear and show these guys some of your own creations, maybe they will learn something,I will try and get some Pics posted so check back. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Big Al & Sean!!!
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