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  1. I figured there would be some great stories on here about Dolberg by now! How did it go? I went to Carson and had a great time for 10 days (snow and all) but I am dying to hear about your trip! I am on a new medication now and hoping to start tying again soon as I used up a lot of my flies on my trip but caught a lot of rainbow. Hope to see some pics of some big ones on here soon guys! Rena
  2. Stupid Mice...we have been trying to use those Victor Traps but we put peanut butter in them and they have figured out how to lick the peanut butter off of the trap and go on their merry way! I am thinking of trading my dog in for a cat...any takers?!
  3. So what else can I try...I have tried everything and it still keeps saying that this type of file cannot be uploaded ! Any ideas?????
  4. I would like to post a couple of pics but it keeps saying that I can't post a JPEG file...can someone explain how to do this please? It could be my computer I suppose but it always works on my girlfriend family website??? Thanks for any help! Rena
  5. I LOVE FISHING!!! Well we did our trip on the Forestry Trunk Road and had a BLAST!!! We started at Swan Lake, went to Pepper's Lake, went to Fish Lake, and ended up at Rock Lake and it was wonderful. I managed to outfish the old man and I have decided that there is nothing better than stream fishing in a pair of waders with a fly pole! The road to Rock Lake left a bit to be desired pulling a trailer but we managed it fine and the wildlife was unbelievable right down to the Grizzly that visited our campsite night before last! I would recommend that trip to anyone that loves our beautiful province and fly fishing!
  6. Thanks sooo much for all of your information! I think we have decided to check it out and I will let you know how it goes. We are going to check out some stream fishing as well starting at Swan Lake and working our way up the Trunk. I am really looking forward to it and keeping my fingers crossed that I can catch that elusive BIG one! As I said I will let you know how it goes and here's wishing all of you GREAT fishing! Rena
  7. Hey guys...how is everyone? I am alive and kicking but life has been a challenge lately but now that my life is all straightened out I am GOIN FISHIN! We are going to be heading out to the Trunk Road on Sunday for 3 weeks of sun and troutin' and I have a question. Has anyone ever fished Rock Lake just off of highway 40, northwest of Hinton? I looks like it would be a great place to go but as of yet I haven't found anyone that has been there and have no idea what the fishing is really like. We are going to be haulin the trailer too so I am wondering if anyone knows what the road up there is like. Any information would be much appreciated and it would be nice to hear from someone even though I have been the one sooo unsociable. I apologize for not showing up at the meetings but the fall holds bigger and better things for me so I will be there! Looking forward to hearing a response from someone! Talk to ya soon! Rena
  8. My 12 year old nephew went to Dolberg this last Saturday and he was very proud to report that he caught a 4 1/2 pound trout which of course was bigger that his aunties 3 pounder she caught in Carson this spring! Geez...it only takes him 12 years to get one that size and it took me 43 years to get a 3 pounder...there is definitely something wrong with this picture! :lol: Looks good on him though and he said that they were biting pretty good! Rena
  9. Hey guys...looks like I have missed out on all the fun lately! Unfortunately we had to put our puppy dog to sleep a couple of weeks ago and it has been pretty rough without her. We miss her terribly! I am hoping to come to the meeting this coming week and try to catch up but I haven't tied in weeks. Hopefully I haven't forgotten everything you have taught me! Anyway, hope to see you all soon!
  10. Thank you so much for all your kind words. We have decided to wait and see how she does over the weekend but I had to force feed her tonight although her blood sugar is good. She really is not herself at all and I have to give her painkillers 4 times a day. I think that we just need a few days to get our heads around this whole thing before we make the final decision. I can't imagine what it must be like for people with kids when they get sick...I am not sure I could take although I guess it's true that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Thanks again fellas and I will update when I can.
  11. Sorry guys...won't be gettin there tonight...my dog was diagnosed with liver cancer last night andwe are just in the middle of the despair of having to put our dog to sleep and I don't think I would be very good company. Hope you have a good meeting and I will try to get to another meeting soon...she's been a good fishin buddy and we are going to miss her terribly Hope to see you all soon.
  12. So how was the party people!?!?!? What did I miss? When in January is the next meeting? I am going to be raring to go by then!
  13. Hey guys...just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to make it to the Christmas get together tomorrow night either. Just found out today that my puppy dog is an insulin dependent diabetic so my life is pretty crazy trying to draw blood to test and give needles ...the toughest thing I have had to do! At least people can tell you when it hurts but she can't tell me anything and it's heartbreaking! I hope you all have fun though and I would like to wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A GREAT NEW YEAR with many sunny days and lots of FISH CAUGHT!!! I will see you all in the New Year and I hope that my life will slow down so I can actually tie some flies dammit!!! So best wishes to all and have one for me will ya!
  14. Yep...that's the place! Thanks a lot! I will be checking it out before the meeting on Wednesday since I live in Millwoods and can't thing of any other reason to go ALLLLLLthe way over there otherwise! Guess I will have to pack a lunch eh?! Thanks again!
  15. Hey there...just a quick question...what is the name of that store on the north side that sells fishing/camping supplies??? I thought it was Outdoor Outfitters or something like that but I can't remember the name of it and where it is! I need to do some Christmas shopping and I would like to try somewhere other than the fishing hole...Sorry Doc !!! Anyway...and help would be much appreciated! Thanks guys! Rena
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