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  1. What flies do you guys use for whitefish and more specifically to this time of year. What hatching right now?
  2. I want to hear the story about that big fish that kids got on. Where did you get such big bags of Marabou. Do you buy from the wholesalers?
  3. Just think what it would be with the wind in your face. Why would you have to spray your can into a skunks eyes?
  4. It a 2 WT he was probally fishing for goldfish in his tank at home. Poor Goldfish.
  5. Anyone know of lower price 10 foot rods in 6 or 7 wt?
  6. Thank you for the awesome directions. See you out at Muir.
  7. Can someone give me directions to Muir lake? Should I bring some type of float or boat out or can I shore fish it? Any restrictions on boats?
  8. How is good is Chickcakoo fishing wise. It looks like a nice lake. Is there only Trout in it or is it a mix? Where is it located?
  9. I am wondering what time of year the ice is still breaking up on cold lake? One of my dreams is to catch a laker on a fly rod. I was wondering if they are still shallow up at Cold Lake when the season opens?
  10. Anyone "legal ways" of fly fishing there in the winter?
  11. You could always tell your girlfriend or wife that you did it for her. She will let you go fishing more often then. Any takers? Note: I am in no way shape or form saying women are controlling. One of the best times fishing was with my girlfriend.
  12. Any one fish Wabamun lake this winter for pike? I was thinking of giving it a try for the first time. Also directions to where the water open would also be great.
  13. I was fishing Cardiff pond. There was a hatch on but the bugs were too far out for me to get a good look at them. How do I go about matching the hatch when this happens? What another good way to fish Cardiff?
  14. I would like to fish for some Lake Whitefish around Calgary. I prefer clear water lakes or rivers don't matter. Any suggestions?
  15. Why don't we make it a requirment for first names that they be the nickname used on the forum or in the signature?
  16. Looks like I will be making this one. Matters the status of the river.
  17. If you can please keep us updated on the outcome.
  18. I made a mistake and can't make the meeting on Wednesday or tell the last week of June or the start of July at best. Any one up for showing me the Firehole or any other part of the river and doing a little fishing? Edit: On a side note would anyone be willing to teach me some basics of fly tying? I would prefer to start tying my own flies. I do have the basic gear.
  19. What area of Alberta are you talking about? I do regularly fish the North Saskatchewan river though I have never caught any fish in it. It and the pot hole lakes are where I have practiced most of my skills. I am going to try to get to the meeting this Wednesday. I would like to fish with some other fly fisherman so I can learn and improve on skills. I should mention that my all time count of trout on a fly rod at the pot hole is only four fish after a season of fishing.
  20. Where is this lodge and what type of fishing is it?
  21. I am looking to do some stream or river fishing. I am looking for a place that I can hopefully use my wader, which has a good fish population and doesn’t get that much pressure. Basically someplace where I can learn and hopefully catch some fish. I have no problem walking in and pitching a tent. I was reading of one stream to the south of Edson about 60 km started with a T if I am not mistaken. I also have a canoe that I can use if I need to cross and lakes or something along those lines. I also have fishing licenses for B.C. and Sask. I would prefer to stay around Edmonton and make it a weekend trip. Sometime this month I will be heading down to Calgary so any suggestion on how and where to fish the Bow River would also be great.
  22. What kind of fly fishing will most likely be used at that time? What flies should I stock my box with?
  23. I am looking to do some fishing with someone that I can learn from. My fly fishing skills are very basic and I would like to learn as much as possibly. I mostly fish from shore but I do have a canoe I can use, I should be doing a lot of fishing from it this year. I am up for fishing anywhere in around an hour and half from Edmonton maybe more on some days. Anyone will to take me under their wing? I will be at the meeting on Wednesday.
  24. Does anyone have any links to step by step guide to tying some pike flys. What catching fish at the moment?
  25. Where are north Raven and Prairie creek? What kind of fish are in them?
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